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|style="width:72px; height:72px; font-size:90%; color:black;background:#EEE"|Heckworthy Towers (MPM)

Inside: 0
Outside: 0



<!-- Use the following codes:
None - For No Barricades Present
QSB - For Loosely to Quiet Strongly Barricaded
VSB - For Very Strongly Barricaded
VHB - For Heavily to Very Heavily Barricaded
EHB - For Extremely Heavily Barricaded     -->

To update Barricade levels:
{{Fort_Status_{{{barricades_HeckworthyTowers|??}}}}} - Change ?? to level
To update zombie levels:
{{{inside_HeckworthyTowers|??}}} - Change ?? to number of standing zeds
{{{outside_HeckworthyTowers|??}}} - Change ?? to number of standing zeds

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