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Dist Suburb Building Coords Last Update
NW5: Olivey Library [45,44] {{{barrville_update}}}
NW3: the Norvell Building [45,27] {{{brookehills_update}}}
SW2: the Estlin Building [36,63] {{{brooksville_update}}}
SW5: a warehouse [44,95] {{{buttonville_update}}}
NE2: Kempe Way School [63,6] {{{chancelwood_update}}}
NW1: the Donovan Building [14,27] {{{chudleyton_update}}}
SW1: the Theobald Building [4,64] {{{crooketon_update}}}
SE3: Exon Alley Railway Station [76,64] {{{crowbank_update}}}
NW2: the Buttle Building [4,5] {{{dakerstown_update}}}
SE5: the Barrow Building [73,95] {{{danversbank_update}}}
SW5: Samborne Towers [36,84] {{{dartside_update}}}
NW1: the Herman Building [24,26] {{{darvallheights_update}}}
SE2: Denner Towers [94,53] {{{dentonside_update}}}
NE3: Parrott Towers [94,4] {{{dulston_update}}}
NW4: Ostrehan Towers [2,36] {{{dunellhills_update}}}
NE3: the Halliday Building [96,25] {{{dunningwood_update}}}
NE2: the Flowar Building [74,4] {{{earletown_update}}}
NW1: the Percival Building [25,35] {{{eastbecktown_update}}}
NW3: the Digby Building [44,6] {{{eastboundwood_update}}}
SE4: Cousins Towers [66,82] {{{eastgrayside_update}}}
NW1: the Hosken Building [34,25] {{{eastonwood_update}}}
SE1: a warehouse [74,54] {{{edgecombe_update}}}
SW4: the Freeguard Building [5,84] {{{foulkesvillage_update}}}
SE5: the Underdown Building [95,85] {{{fryerbank_update}}}
SW2: the Singer Building [45,55] {{{galbraithhills_update}}}
NW1: St. Maximillian's Church [24,16] {{{gatcombeton_update}}}
NE1: Yeatman Library [86,24] {{{gibsonton_update}}}
SW3: Lerwill Towers [34,74] {{{greentown_update}}}
SW1: the Ashwin Building [3,56] {{{griggheights_update}}}
SE3: the Gollop Building [73,74] {{{gulsonside_update}}}
NW5: NE Ackland Mall [33,44] {{{havercroft_update}}}
NE1: the Self Hotel [76,34] {{{heytown_update}}}
SE4: the Roddoway Building [64,94] {{{hollomstown_update}}}
SE2: the Meacham Motel [94,65] {{{houldenbank_update}}}
NE1: the Amos Building [65,24] {{{huntleyheights_update}}}
NW2: the MacVicar Building [14,7] {{{jensentown_update}}}
NW2: the MacCarthy Building [13,14] {{{judgewood_update}}}
SE4: McNeil Towers [53,73] {{{kempsterbank_update}}}
NW5: a factory [43,35] {{{ketchelbank_update}}}
SW5: the Eden Museum [43,86] {{{kinchheights_update}}}
NE2: the Braddick Building [55,4] {{{lamporthills_update}}}
SW1: the Hayler Building [25,56] {{{lerwillheights_update}}}
SW3: Lindsey Towers [25,84] {{{lockettside_update}}}
NW5: the Shortman Building [26,45] {{{lukinswood_update}}}
NE2: Smith Towers [55,16] {{{millenhills_update}}}
SE5: a factory [94,95] {{{miltown_update}}}
SW2: Strutt Towers [43,65] {{{mockridgeheights_update}}}
NW4: a factory [13,46] {{{molebank_update}}}
SW1: Millington Towers [15,63] {{{mornington_update}}}
SW4: the Parr Building [4,95] {{{newarkham_update}}}
SW4: Club Staley [4,74] {{{nixbank_update}}}
SW3: Gatford Towers [23,64] {{{northblythville_update}}}
SW4: the Flambert Motel [16,95] {{{oldarkham_update}}}
SE3: Doveton Towers [86,73] {{{osmondville_update}}}
NW4: Dobin Auto Repair [3,44] {{{owsleybank_update}}}
NE1: the Carew Museum [74,13] {{{pashenton_update}}}
NE5: the Smither Building [93,35] {{{paynterton_update}}}
NW4: Houghton Towers [4,24] {{{peddlesdenvillage_update}}}
SE2: the Bennett Building [85,54] {{{pegton_update}}}
SE5: St Gall's Church [85,85] {{{pennville_update}}}
SE2: the Tomkyns Building [94,74] {{{pennyheights_update}}}
NE5: Stirling Towers [74,44] {{{peppardville_update}}}
NE3: the Farbrother Building [93,13] {{{pescodside_update}}}
NE4: the Brittan Building [63,44] {{{pimbank_update}}}
NE5: Howland Street School [86,46] {{{pitneybank_update}}}
NW2: the Elson Building [25,3] {{{quarlesbank_update}}}
NE2: St Romuald's Church [65,15] {{{raineshills_update}}}
NE4: Woolsett Way Railway Station [63,36] {{{randallbank_update}}}
SW1: the Lantrowe Building [15,55] {{{reganbank_update}}}
NE3: the Anstruther Building [85,6] {{{rhodenbank_update}}}
NW5: Club Beastall [33,33] {{{richmondhills_update}}}
NE4: a warehouse [54,44] {{{ridleybank_update}}}
NE4: St. Dymphna's Church [55,35] {{{roachtown_update}}}
SE1: the Summer Building [64,55] {{{roftwood_update}}}
NE3: Mare Towers [85,15] {{{roltheights_update}}}
NW2: Garson Towers [4,14] {{{roywood_update}}}
SW4: the Furzer Building [16,84] {{{ruddlebank_update}}}
NE1: Heckworthy Towers [77,25] {{{santlerville_update}}}
SE3: the Bentley Hotel [74,85] {{{scarletwood_update}}}
SE1: Grey Library [55,63] {{{shackleville_update}}}
NE4: Keedwell Plaza School [56,24] {{{shearbank_update}}}
SW2: the Barwood Building [35,54] {{{shorehills_update}}}
NW3: the Buckrell Building [35,16] {{{shuttlebank_update}}}
SW3: Isgar Towers [26,75] {{{southblythville_update}}}
SW5: the Waters Building [25,95] {{{spicerhills_update}}}
NE5: the Dobson Motel [86,34] {{{spracklingbank_update}}}
SE1: the Sertin Building [55,56] {{{stanburyvillage_update}}}
NE5: Veazey Towers [95,46] {{{starlingtown_update}}}
SW2: the Crang Building [43,75] {{{tapton_update}}}
SE1: the Sherren Building [64,65] {{{tollyton_update}}}
SE2: Bubcar Towers [83,64] {{{vinetown_update}}}
NW4: the Gotch Museum [14,35] {{{westbecktown_update}}}
NW3: the Lapley Building [35,6] {{{westboundwood_update}}}
SE4: Statham Auto Repair [54,85] {{{westgrayside_update}}}
SE5: the Sherwel Building [84,94] {{{whittenside_update}}}
SW5: the Clayton Building [35,93] {{{williamsville_update}}}
SE3: Silvey Towers [63,75] {{{wrayheights_update}}}
SE4: Hitchens Towers [55,93] {{{wykehills_update}}}
SW3: the Skilliter Motel [14,75] {{{wykewood_update}}}
NW3: Workman Towers [46,13] {{{yagoton_update}}}
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