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Date Range Events Game Updates
November, 2005 First Siege of Caiger Mall (1) Generators and Profiles added.
December, 2005 On Strike (2) Headshot takes AP instead of XP. Air drops are first observed.
(3) Groans implemented.
January, 2006 Mall Tour '06
February, 2006 Second Siege of Caiger Mall (4) Tangling Grasp added.
March, 2006 (5) Syringe nerf.
April, 2006 (6) Ransack is added, and powered buildings increase search rates.
June, 2006 (7) Zombies can now drag critically-wounded survivors. Scent Fear tweaked and ransacked buildings must be cleared before being barricaded.
August to November, 2006 Battle of Blackmore, Third Siege of Caiger Mall (8) Scenth Death buffed and flailing gestures added; binoculars added and knives buffed.
(9) Malton's first fog. Adjacent powered buildings highlighted, billboards added, bodies must be dumped individually.
(10) Forts are now functioning.
December, 2006 to February, 2007 The Big Bash, Mall Tour '07 (11) Zombies gain XP for destroying barricades and machinery, and for ransacking buildings.
March, 2007 (12) Museums have lootable decorations. Large items take more inventory space.
April to May, 2007 Battle of Santlerville (13) Clothes added.
June, 2007 Yahoomas
July to August, 2007 Battle of SantLUEville (14) Zombies can ruin buildings, which interferes with freerunning. Survivors need toolboxes to repair ruins.
December, 2007 to January, 2008 Battle of Pitneybank (15) Barricade interference added.
February, 2008 Monroeville introduced
March, 2008 March of the Dead, Big Bash 2
May, 2008 (16) Decay and darkness implemented.
October, 2008 Borehamwood introduced (17) Flesh rot added. Zombies can eat dead bodies. Battles are bloodier and Mall FAK rates drop.
February, 2009 Mall Tour '09
July, 2009 (18) Feeding groans buffed. The dark is darker. Emergency broadcast system added.
July to September, 2010 Escape, Big Bash 3 (19) Last game mechanic update. Bellow added, and survivors can scout safehoues.
April to July, 2011 The Dead 2.0
October to December, 2011 Mall Tour '11
May to October, 2013 Big Bash 4
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