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– Other Groups –


— Historic Groups —


Usage Guide


*[[File:SurvivorGroupIcon.jpg]] [[Survivor Group Name]]
*[[File:ZombieGroupIcon.jpg]] [[Zombie Group Name]]
*[[File:HostileGroupIcon.jpg]] [[Hostile Group Name]]
*[[File:OtherGroupIcon.jpg]] [[Other Group Name]]


If these are no historic groups within a suburb, this section will not appear.

Formatting Guidelines

  1. Each group category is its own list, and each list of groups should be sorted in alphabetical order.
  2. Group names must be links to the wiki pages for those groups. They shouldn't link to other articles (e.g. buildings or other locations), nor should they just be plain text.
  3. When "a", "an", or "the" are at the start of a group name, ignore them for purposes of alphabetization. E.g. "The Burchell Arms Regulars" would come before "Malton Police Department" since "B" comes before "M".
  4. Always include a group icon. If the group currently does not have a group icon, use the [[File:NoGroupIcon.jpg|25px]] icon instead. It looks like this: NoGroupIcon.jpg
  5. The group icon should always be scaled to 25x25 or smaller. In the case that an image is larger include the |25px]] to scale it down to a reasonable size (its height must still be 25px or less).
  6. If the group name is too long (i.e. wraps below the group icon) consider using an acronym (e.g. "Dunell Hills Police Department" = "DHPD")
  7. Organizations of groups (e.g. DEM, South West Alliance, Dulston Alliance) should not be added to the listing.

Listing Guidelines

  1. Only group members should update or add their group name to Suburb group listings.
  2. Group members are responsible for listing themselves in a category which they feel best describes their style of play.
  3. If no classification can easily describe the group, the group should be listed in the Other category.
  4. Groups may list themselves in multiple categories if they are dual-natured or if they switch play styles often.