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! This page's instructions have gotten out of date. If you really want to make a game and need help, ask me. !

See UDGame2 for a version with an additional variable.

I have also created Kevan's 2009 April Fool's here: UDGrey (example).

Read the guide

(You don't have to.)


! Copying this ↓ is a bad idea, and the other, coloured example below. Best idea is copying from some random, already working, game page, like this one, and then going from there. DON'T USE CUSTOM TITLE. Fill in the header with the "header" parameter–e.g. header=The Game World. Defaults to "Ingame". !

NW_location={{UDBox|Linking to|location}} |NW_color= locationtype |
N_location={{UDBox|Linking to|location}}  |N_color= locationtype |
NE_location= {{UDBox|Linking to|location}}  |NE_color= locationtype |
W_location={{UDBox|Linking to|location}}  |W_color= locationtype |
This_location= {{UDBox2|location}}  |location_color= locationtype |
E_location= {{UDBox|Linking to|location}}  |E_color= locationtype |
SW_location={{UDBox|Linking to|location}}  |SW_color= locationtype |
S_location= {{UDBox|Linking to|location}}  |S_color= locationtype |
SE_location={{UDBox|Linking to|location}} |SE_color=locationtype|
location=Description of location|
profile=You are X. You have 50 Hit Points and 30 Experience...|
inventory=Defaults to nude if parameter deleted|
navigation=Defaults to normal if parameter deleted|
{{UDAct|Your actions resulted in}}

{{UDTurn|What happened|when}}

::{{UDAction|an action|page to be linked}}
{{Custom Title|left|Insert Main Pagename}}

Possible Inputs for Locationtype



Auto Repair










Fire Station












Police Dept

Power Station

Railway Station








Car Park


Police Station

Field (multiple types)


Unique Monroeville locations

Unique Borehamwood locations

These are the "colors." They correspond to the actual locations in Urban Dead.


Tikhon General Hospital
1 zombie
You are an Outsider. You have 60 Hit Points and 0 Experience Points. You have ? Action Points remaining.

Buy skills Contacts Settings Log out

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You are standing inside Tikhon General Hospital, its emergency room in disarray. Also here is a Gnome.

There is a generator here. It is running.

Somebody has spraypainted Tikhon Medical - Helping you feel better onto a wall.

There is a lone zombie here.

You skip around in glee.

Since your last turn:
Bob runs around in circles. (1 minute ago)
the Gnome follows. (now)
Possible actions:
Run away! Laugh boisterously!
You carry nothing. You are also quite nude.

Example Code


top=Ruddlebank |

NW_location={{UDBox|NW1|Greenleaves Alley}} | NW_color=Street|

N_location={{UDBox|N1|Cosens Auto Repair}} | N_color=Auto Repair|

NE_location={{UDBox|NE1|the Honeybone Museum}} | NE_color=Museum|

W_location={{UDBox|W1|Wellington Way}} | W_color=Street|

This_location={{UDZH2|Tikhon General Hospital|1|zombie|light}} |location_color=Hospital|

E_location={{UDBox|E1|Club Rodham|ruin}} | E_color=Club|

SW_location={{UDBox|SW1|Wasteland}} | SW_color=Wasteland|

S_location={{UDBox|S1|Loweth Alley}} | S_color=Street|

SE_location={{UDBox|SE1|Cheesy Poof Factory|light}} | SE_color=Factory|

location=You are standing inside '''Tikhon General Hospital''', its emergency room in disarray. Also here is {{UDLink|a Gnome}}.<br>

There is a generator here. It is running.<br>

Somebody has spraypainted ''Tikhon Medical - Helping you feel better'' onto a wall.<br>

There is a lone zombie here.|

profile=You are [[User:A Helpful Little Gnome/Profile|{{UDLink|an Outsider}}]]. You have 60 Hit Points and 0 Experience Points. You have ? Action Points remaining. |




{{UDAct|You skip around in glee.}}


{{UDTurn|'''Bob''' runs around in circles.|1 minute ago}}

{{UDTurn|'''the Gnome''' follows.|now}}


::{{UDAction|Run away!|here}} {{UDAction|Laugh boisterously!|here}}


{{Custom Title|left|User:A Helpful Little Gnome}}

Top headerThis is the top header on the minimap. You can change it to whatever you like.

MinimapThe minimap will automatically link to whatever the full pagename is (prefix and all), so all you need to do is enter the location in the template {{UDBox}} which is the 'button' , ex: {{UDBox|Location|Loweth Alley}} where location can be the page name to be linked and Loweth Alley could be the block name. Color is the block color, in this case a Street color. You can remove {{UDBox}} and leave the color blank to create a black, empty block (see here). {{UDBox2}} will remove the link, which I use for death and the center block.

LocationThis is the location, or where your protagonist is standing. Be creative!

ProfileYou are Bob. You have 60 Hit Points... I add a profile link for the character, you can find the template here.

InventoryThe protagonist's inventory. If you delete the parameter, it will default to nude. You can type whatever you want, use these template: nude, clothes, knife, clothes & knife and clothes, knife & FAK or copy Urban Dead and use 'buttons' {{UDAction}} (link) {{UDAction2}} (no link).

NavigationThe little boxes containing links below the minimap. Deleting the paramater will default it to obvious links. Log out will bring you back to Template:UDGame.

MiddleThis is the middle section where your actions, what happened recently and what you do are contained. You can add or delete this at your discretion. The {{UDTemplateH}} are the headers, ex: Possible actions: , Since your last turn:.

{{UDAct}} is what happened as a result of your actions. ex: You shoot the zombie in the head and kill it, spraying blood and brain matter all over the room.

{{UDTurn}} is what happened on your last 'turn.' ex: Bub brought down the last of the barricades.

{{UDAction}} is the protagonist's possible actions, you need the colons (::) to bump the 'buttons' into place. ex: Leave the building or Attack the zombie with your knife.

Lastly, remember your custom title. You don't want to expose the full page name, it's unprofessional!

For a full example, see my user page.


Learn more

{{UDDeath}} is the death template, although you can do death however you like (if at all). {{UDDeath | the death | informational comment | link=subpage}}. The first part is the same as {{UDAct}}. The second part you don't need at all, but if you want you can do whatever you like. It defaults to: You're dead. Completely dead. No, not even a zombie. Just dead. To get revived, use this door. Alternatively, you could hit the "back" button on your browser if you feel like cheating. The word door will link to a subpage called Death in your userspace by default (you can change where with the "link" variable). Additionally, remember to change {{UDBox}} to {{UDBox2}} in the minimap and remove the first variable (the link) leaving only the location name. You can also add some flavour to the location description if you want. Lastly, add {{UDDead | who | profile link | EXP | AP }} to the profile section. EXP and AP default to 0 Experience Points and no Action Points respectively.

Remember to clear all other templates in the middle= section, leaving only the death template.

Example: {{UDDeath | The zombie clamps its jaws onto your neck and rips your jugular. Blood gushes from the wound and you slump to the floor dead.}}


The death template 'door' link will only work if the start of your game isn't a subpage, since I haven't found a good enough magic or combination of words to do the job. Use only one subpage space for your game, ie: User:Bob (starting point) -> User:Bob/S1 -> User:Bob/Hospital1 -> User:Bob/Hospital1Inside etc... if you don't, breaky breaky.

I'd recommend not using the main namespace, as page names can become a clutter. Also, it won't work.

Relevant templates

I'm working to shave down the # of templates, some may become obsolete at one point but you can still use them for now.

An ark page for these is at Template:UDGame/Ark
{{UDAct}} – What your actions resulted in, ex: you attack the zombie and kill it

{{UDTurnH}} – The header for your last turn.

{{UDTurn}} – What happened since your last turn, ex: a zombie broke down the door

{{UDTurn2}} – Same as the above, but adds the pink text for names. {{UDTurn2 | charactername | what happened | time | link to character profile }}. The last variable, if left not included, will default to the same page (so no link, just the pink text only).

{{UDActionH}} – The header for possible actions.

{{UDAction}} – Possible actions for the character to take, ex: attack the zombie with a rusty shovel

{{UDAction2}} – Same as above, except without a link.

{{UDBox}} – The 'button' on the minimap, you can remove this and leave the color spot blank to create an empty block. Adding light or ruin as another input will make the block lit or ruined, type: {{UDBox | location | light/ruin}}.

{{UDBox2}} – Same as above, except without a link.

{{UDZH}} – You can create zombies or humans on the block, type: {{UDZH | location | number | zombie(s)/human(s) | light/ruin}}.

{{UDZH2}} – Same as above, except without a link.

{{UDZHmulti}} – For humans & zombies in the same square.

{{UDZHmulti2}} – Same as above, except without a link.

{{UDProfile}} – Makes a profile for a character.

{{UDProfile2}} – Same as above, but with all text definable by variables.
{{UDProfile3}} – Expanded version of the UDProfile.
{{UDProfile4}} – Trivia-inspired UDProfile.

{{UDHarman}} – For easily creating human characters in the location spot, ex: {{UDHarman | character profile page | person | health }}.