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Friends and Enemies of the Urban Guerillas


The group is not large enough yet, in the leader's opinion, thefore has no formal allies. However, it has some sympathisers and has collected support from a vast number of groups. The goal of this group is to rally the weak and poor under a single banner and free them from opression, therefore very few groups would oppose us.

Though we have no formal allies, we sure have friends.

  • I.U.S.S. - Socialist counterparts, we are eager to work alongsides with you.
  • M(A)F - The initiative of these leftists is admirable.
  • GBP - They do a damn good job, the nucleus of the UG enjoyed living along with them in the early days. We'll help you rebuild Scarletwood in any way you need it.
  • B.A.C.H.Z. - Willing to cooperate to coordinate the locals of Kinch Heights in order to defend them from the various zombie mobs. Damn good people.

this is tarrok, formerly of the DEA. I worked with page a lot. I am looking for information of the northern burbs, numbers, safehouses, groups, anything i can get. Thank you, --tarrok 23:38, 24 August 2007 (BST)


Already this group has many enemies, however, it is the Urban Guerillas who declares it, usually without the enemies knowing it. All GK, PK, and Zombie groups are considered enemies, for the most part. However, simply being part of a zombie group does not warrent execution, for everybody is cursed by this plague and they can be forced to act against their will, and the Urban Guerillas understand that. However, it has been brought to our attention in the last raid we repelled that zombie spies are way too common. For that, we strongly advise revived zombies, especially low-level characters, or those that have mainly zombie skills, to stay away from our suburbs while we are defending it against a mob.

Groups that have declared hostilities to us:
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