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Example.jpg {{{headertext}}}



This template is the mother of all user box templates. You need only define a few variables to get it to function. But you can adjust others for fine tuning of the result.

You must define:

  • image: image filename
  • headertext: text in the header
  • maintext: text in the main body

You should probably define:

  • bordercolor: color of the border
  • headerbackground: color of the header
  • headercolor: color of the header text

The defaults are:

  • margintopbottom: auto
  • marginleftright: 0
  • borderwidth: 2px
  • borderstyle: solid
  • bordercolor: black
  • width: 250px
  • padding: 0
  • background: white
  • fontsize: medium
  • imagepadding: 0
  • imagewidth: 60px
  • headerbackground: black
  • headercolor: white
  • headerfontsize: small
  • headerlineheight: 1.5
  • headeralign: center
  • headerheight: auto
  • mainfontsize: xx-small
  • mainalign: center
  • mainlineheight: 2
  • mainbackground: transparent
  • maincolor: black
  • mainpadding: 0


To create

Dead.gif My First Template
This is my first template!

just type

{{UserTemplate|headertext='''My First Template'''|maintext=This is my first template!|image=Dead.gif}}