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Text Rape is the process of players in game graphically describing the rape of other characters. It is considered by many to be highly offensive and the most disgusting thing a character can do in Urban Dead. As new characters are incredibly cheap to make a user can persistently harass another user by using an army of alts. Wiki-users created a petition in 2006 in an attempt to get Kevan to do something about the problem, his response to the issue which can be viewed here explains that while he agrees that textrape is a problem, without altering the nature of the game it would be effectively impossible to ban it. He also released a game update that allowed users to ignore certain users speech in game that could potential be offensive towards them or others.

Some groups have created their own ignore lists that users wishing to avoid text rape can add to their in game contacts and by selecting the 'ignore' option will not be subjected to reading anything those characters may say. One such list can be found at FANNY/Ignore List.

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