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TheBrainfriendlies have decided to set up our HQ in Etheldreda Hospital in the southwestern corner of Foulkes Villiage.


TheBrainFriendlies came to be as a result of a handful of co-workers being shown this interesting little electronic universe known as Malton, as well as the battle that was raging within. We decided one by one to join up and see if we could make a difference in the goings on here.


Our Mission is to defend Etheldreda General Hospital from zombies at all costs, while maintaining and upkeeping the hospital's medical services towards survivors in Foulkes Villiage and the surrounding suburbs.

Current Goals

1. Defend Etheldreda General Hospital.

2. Establishing a working hospital with full security for survivors.

3. Kill any zombie standing within eyesight, with the notable exception of those standing at the carpark 1 block west of the hospital @ 0,88

4. Securing known entry points in the surounding area.

5. Revive those who wish to rejoin the living and are located at the Carpark/RP


We DO NOT support PKer's, Gker's, Rker's, Griefers, Spies, Zombies or anyone trying to cause harm to survivors either directly or indirectly. Etheldreda General Hospital and it's Emergency Medical Response respect other survivor groups and are willing to work in conjunction with these groups to ensure a safer Malton.

Conduct We Encourage:

Healing the injured
Tagging over Zombie or Anti-Survivor group tags with a Brainfriendly tag
Slaying Zombies without mercy
Taking Screenshots of PKer's in action and reporting them
Helping fellow survivors
Aiding new players

Conduct We Discourage:

Player Killing anyone who is not a proven PKer or egregious oaf
Generator Killing
Revive Point Killings
Any form of spying
Vandalism(ie: lowering barricades/tagging over other Pro-Survivor groups tags)


We are a group united and are very willing to aid all friendly human groups especialy those in the Foulkes Viliage, New Arkham, and Nixbank areas, especially the CAPD

Radio and Phone

Radio - All members should carry a radio tuned to 26.58 at all times for communication purposes and coordination with CAPD.

TheBrainfriendlies radio frequency should be used for the following:

Notices and updates from Leadership

PK/RK/GK sightings

Danger Levels

Distress Calls



Doctor Stock -Founder

Doc Stock - Co-founder and younger brother




Rebzed - Once was lost, but now he serves a higher purpose

Barricade Plan

We like to keep the barricades at VSB++ unless under siege at which time we will bring them up to EHB.

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