The "Alamo"

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The Alamo
"Operations Outpost"
Abbreviation: T.A.
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Major Thomas Rodgers
Alamo Operations Commander
Goals: To enforce the safety of Malton
Protect all Citizens from danger
Provide a safe haven for any survivors
Recruitment Policy: Post name and profile on member list located below on this page. Also add Tactical Assault Containment Service to your profile under group.Join Forums
Contact: Radio Frequencie: 26.60
Tune in to contact or listen for updates

Welcome to The "Alamo", the main operations command center for the Tactical Assault Containment Service. This facilities location is classified. The alamo is not an actually building in Malton but a nickname given to the Ops Command for TACS to hide its true location. No other information will be given on this building, only members of TACS know of its location, allies are even restricted from any infromation on this building...


Tactical Assault Containment Service

This is a building now controlled and operated by the Tactical Assault Containment Service. This is currently the Operations Command Center for the Lukinswood Suburb Area.


Recent News

January 30th, 2007

The alam is now been assigned and from its location all operations in Lukinswood, as well as surrounding suburbs will be controlled. The building has been deemed classified and only TACS personnel know of its location, any further infromation on this facility will not be displayed on niether the wiki, or the TACS forums...

Suburb Map

The Suburb of Lukinswood
the Edson Building Jensen Boulevard Police Department Rousel Road a carpark Somerville Cinema Wayper Library the Shea Arms Brooke Drive the Tonkin Monument the Cake Building
wasteland Shuffery Street a junkyard Garton Library the George Arms the Checketts Arms Caller Way Martindale Park a warehouse Withyman Street Police Department
Wadman Bank Pearcey Street School the Mester Arms Lacey Walk a carpark Dales Boulevard Fire Station the Melhuish Monument Collinns Park St. Elisabeth's Hospital Lukins Auto Repair
the Brailey Building a carpark the Coram Building wasteland Piele Alley a warehouse a carpark Shadwick Walk Warburton Crescent Binney Lane
Cunningham Towers wasteland Dickinson Square School Watson Boulevard the Madill Museum Lasbury Auto Repair Houghton Street Doyne Street Rayner Crescent Terry Place
Gower Auto Repair Judd Crescent St. Perpetua's Church Withnail Road Fone Drive Chick Street the Shortman Building St. Swithun's Church the Goodland Monument Bennet Row Railway Station
Silwood Walk Railway Station Ormrod Drive a cemetery a junkyard Wasson Auto Repair the Galavin Museum Whittle Place Woodthorpe Plaza the Probert Building Latham Cinema
Chaffe Bank Ackerman Towers the Banbury Monument Burchill Drive Kelher Park Satherley Road the Stagg Building Hemborrow Walk Angerstein Alley Kenward Towers
Burdwood Bank Bown Crescent St. Theophan's Church Massey Lane Fire Station Nossiter Place Channing Square How Lane Boon Boulevard the Cull Monument Club Hill
a cemetery the McMullen Museum a carpark Shalle Place Ledger Row Hinchly Avenue Stanbury Lane Seviour Crescent the Huttenbach Arms Shelper Park
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