The 3rd Waye

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The 3rd Waye
Abbreviation: None needed
Group Numbers: Around 15
Leadership: Ashneko, Mick Pompeii, and Ken Ohbee
Goals: Protect the pub and on occasion each other
Recruitment Policy: Open to anyone who can make us laugh
Contact: Come find us at our pub in Buttonville

The Origins of the 3rd Waye

It was a cold day in the city of Malton. One survivor was wandering the streets and another was hidden inside the ruins of a fire department. Little did they know that they were destined for greater things. An as yet unknown purpose loomed over their heads. When these two finally collided all hell broke lose. There was a battle of epic proportions, one like none in Malton had seen before. There was fire, brimstone, and a whole lot of lighter fluid. Even the undead perked up and took notice as these two battled.

Mick Pompeii and Clem Merino’s epic carnage almost razed Malton to the ground. Until, that is, a ray of hope arrived in the form of Roberto Mortis. He was a simple scientist who somehow, some way, managed to tear the two apart.

And as the light shone down on them from above they decided there was another way… The 3rd Waye.

First they claimed a school as their stomping grounds but after a time they migrated to a pub and claimed that as their own. Over time more and more survivors arrived at this pub and found their Waye.

About us

Our goal is to protect the pub right down to the last bottle of dodgy gin. We enjoy having a good time and a laugh so if thats what you are looking for feel free to stop by.

As a group we do not have one defined rule about PKing. Many of our members feel that if you PK one of us then they will PK you. In the past The 3rd Waye has been known to forgive PKers who have reformed and want to hang out in the pub. This does not make us a hiding place or a haven for PKers.

Special Note: As with some other groups in Buttonville at the moment there are some PKers running around masquerading as members of our group. None of our members PK for fun so if some one with a "The 3rd Waye" tag PKed you for no reason it probably wasn't one of us.


Mick Pompeii
Ken Ohbee
Seifer Coleridge
All Three Waddells
Angel Death Carlson
Angel Death Carlson
Blink Martindale
Harkin Banks
Hou Streighter
Jason Sparks
Jovie Anne
Professor Wernstrom
Ello Guvner

Retired Members:
Clem Merino
Roberto Mortis
Blake Thorn
Jack Human

Friends of the Waye

Group Allies
The Randoms
Fear of Fridays Street Team

People who are not members but who are friends of the Waye
John Lennon Live
Malibu Stacy

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