The 51 Drunkards

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The 51 Drunkards
Abbreviation: 51D
Group Numbers: 51 drunkards
Leadership: Prince Luís of Orléans-Braganza
Goals: To drink, to kill, and die for the New Brazilian Empire
Recruitment Policy: Brazilian players only
Contact: orkut

This is a group formed by Brazilian players. Not organized at first, this group is still gathering it's members. This group is still not aligned as a Survivor group, a Zombie group, or a PKer group.


The 51 Drunkards was created in 27 August, 1896, formed by veteran soldiers from the Brazilian army. Their goal was to defend the Brazilian Imperial Family from the Undead Army of the Apocalypse in the event of the passage of the century. Since said army of the undead never appeared, the 51 Drunkards kept securing the safety of the Imperial Family, investigating and destroying anything supernatural that could pose a threat for the future emperor of the New Brazilian Empire.

On the event of the zombie outbreak in Malton, the 51 Drunkards were sent to investigate and gather any material they could salvage, in an ambitious attempt to create the perfect soldier to defend the Imperial Family.


The current goal (Operation Anta) of this group is to gather as much intel as possible, with it's members scattered all around Malton whitout some kind of central leadership. The following goal of this group (Operation Besta) is to gather its members in the same building to exchange intel and coordinate future actions.

The default goal (Operation Pinga) of this group is to drink as much beer as possible, and enjoy what Malton has to offer of entertainment.

List of Drunkards in Malton

The 51 Drunkards are scattered all around the globe, investigating obscure secrets hidden to mankind. In the event of the Zombie Outbreak, the following Drunkards were sent to Malton.

  1. Giraffas
  2. Heitoor
  3. Jeff Roark
  4. KillBoneBR
  5. R. Rogel
  6. SuiN0
  7. Rafael P.
  8. Raymaker
  9. Tales
  10. Tanenbaum
  11. Capitain Cruch

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This user is Brazilian.
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