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November 2005

Early November

The Abandoned prepared early for a massive Zombie attack force coming from the east toward Yagoton. Little did they know at that time that it was in fact the deadly horde of the Minions of the Apocalypse coming their way. After a few days of fighting, the horde of Zombies first took over Newbould Place Police Dept and The Serrell Building before advancing slowly but surely until they met heavy resistance from both The Abandoned and the numerous survivors gathered around Hinks Crescent Police Dept. Day after day, the death toll began to rise in the favor of the Minions of the Apocalypse until the odds were too great and the barricades fell to pieces as the remaining survivors fled elsewhere for their lives. At the worse of the fight, ~200+ Zombies in total could easily be sighted at different locations, including the nearby Yagoton Revivification Clinic.

Later seen as a "tougher fight than most" by some Zombie players, The Abandoned members could do little more than clean up and rebuild after the wave of Zombies left a path of death and destruction in what was left of Yagoton.

30th November

As The Abandoned is gaining in popularity and prestige, the group seems to be attracting the attention of scum who are editing this page and overall trying to be a pain to its members. Vandalism from Reavance has to be reverted twice already. Let it be known here that The Abandoned is a team with honour and respect, something others seem to be lacking greatly. The Abandoned is NOT a PKer group.

December 2005

Early December

The Abandoned initiated the Yagoton Optimal Defense Plan to protect the suburb from a future horde attack. As the suburb been extremely quiet after the attack of the Minions of the Apocalypse, this plan been executed easily and quite fast without much trouble.

The Abandoned also been target of several other, let's say, "jalous" players who tryied either to vandalise this page (again, but not by the same users. Reavance did not try to annoy us again and seems to be a nice guy after all) or counter the effictivity of the Yagoton Optimal Defense Plan by either unbarricading buildings or by barricading important buildings up to extremely heavy, buildings such as St. Swithun's Church or PD's and Fire Station. A minor annoyance tough and in the end everything worked out well.

25th December

The Abandoned held what is believed to be the only Christmas party in Malton, at Club McLean (47,18) in Yagoton. Everyone was invited. There was much laughter, drinking, merriment , drinking, carolling, and drinking. Everyone was having a good time until a horde of PK'ers descended upon the club, killing most of those who were too tired or drunk to run.

Most of the PK'ers been reported to be low level players, and sadly Zerging is heavily suspected in this case. We Abandoned expected and secretly hoped to be attacked by a group of Zombies sometime in the night, mostly because Yagoton been really quiet lately and this would probably have been fun for both sides. I personally find this sadenly stupid, as I loathe cheating in any game, multiplayer or not. --Eagle of Fire