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January 2006

4th January

Please note, the player name Danny252 has been comprimised. The password appears to have been stolen. Danny will now continue as Danev252, his spare character. Don't take anything that Danny252 says as the Abandoned's word.

6th January

Due to the leader of the Abandoned going absent, an election has been held in the group and Doubler was proclaimed the new leader.

8th January

Welcome back, OlSheep!

We have decided to change our stance towards the BME back to neutral.

10th January

Large numbers of zombies have been seen attacking the suburb of Yagoton. The Abandoned members, with help from the survivors which did not flee before the attack, are trying to save important buildings from being occupied by the zombie scourge.

27th January

With Bale Mall fallen, Abandoned members start reviving their fallen brothers to commence the hard work of fully rebuilding the suburb.

February 2006

11th February

Another vandalism attempt, another revert. Let it be known to whomever is reading this; The Abandoned currently have peacefull contacts with the Amish Liberation Front and have currently no intention to switch their stance agaisnt that group unless provocated.

28th February

The Abandoned mission in the suburb of Millen Hills is in full swing. Currently Abandoned members are trying to secure the western half of the suburb, and plans are underway for a revivication clinic and a barricade plan.

March 2006

===1st March=== Tragedy has fallen upon us all. It seems that Eagle_of_Fire has fallen to the atrocities of the undead horde. It is indeed a sad day, when valiant giants no longer walk amongst us... May God have mercy upon us all...

6th March

And more sad news. Treason within our inner ranks as Chezzard left the Abandoned to join the Neon Knights. Let it be known that this person is in no way associated to the Abandoned. Greet him at gunpoint.

But the group goes on, stronger than ever. Our ranks swell with new members, and we are currently engaging in diplomacy with various Millen Hills groups. To cope with all the new activity Valaraukar has been officially appointed as an Abandoned diplomat.

17th March

The Abandoned officially announce their alliance with Biogen, Inc! We hope for a long and fruitful collaboration.

Also, long time member Redcoat Mic has decided to leave the Abandoned to find personal enlightenment. Best of luck!

Thanks =D - Redcoat Mic

19th March

The Abandoned board is down, I am working on it. I have no idea when it will be back up, please use this discussion page if you wish to contact us in the meantime. -Eagle of Fire

Our old leader, Olsheep, came to the rescue. Not only did he bring back everything together, but he gave us a whole new shiny forum to play with. You are all welcome to come visit and tell us what you think about it. :) -Eagle of Fire

April 2006

1st April

Bale Mall was nearly destroyed by The Shining Ones, and we found out that they are just about to start a rampage through Yagoton and are ready to hit the revive clinic. -WiredDeath (modified by Abi2)

4th April

The revive clinic maintained by the YRC, the Whatmore NT building north of it and the Hinks Crescent PD have been hit by the zombies. Survivors are advised not to sleep in any of the buildings or streets around the infestation area.

May 2006

12th May

The Abandoned completed a purge of their trusted membership and flagged a number of members as inactive.

22d May

The forums are currently unavailable. Please hold on untill they're back online. OlSheep has been contacted. In the meantime the Deadline set us up an emergency forum at Note that at this time this forum isn´t secure, though.

25th May

It seems that one of our members, Eric Wolton, went out of control. There is proof of him committing at least three unprovoked murders to date.

We are currently attempting to contact this member, but so far did not succeed. If you witness him committing further cases of PKing, please take a screenshot and post it on our talk page.

June 2006

3rd June

The Abandoned official forums remain down, and the emergency forums are being readied for extended use. Also, after numerous attempts of communication Eric Wolton has been stripped of his position in the group. Eric Wolton is not a member of the Abandoned, and is considered a threat by this group.

14th June

One of our members, The Fifth Horseman, has recently become the target of heavy impersonation. Characters as The Sixth Horseman and The Fifth Horsemen are falsely claiming membership to the Abandoned and should be considered a threat to the general security of the suburb of Yagoton. These characters do not operate with the Abandoned, and elimination of them would be greatly appreciated.

July 2006

18th July

Doubler steps down as leader of The Abandoned. Elections commence shortly.

23rd July

We have received reports that a person named No Soap No Radio has started killing YRC members and telling them not to mess with The Abandoned. Note that No Soap No Radio is not member of The Abandoned, and that we are not responsible for anything he does. Thank you.

August 2006

30 August

As the Cannibal Corps continue to harass our members, we have been left no choice but to fight back against what we believe to have been a wrong decision by their commanding officers, taken after they were given misleading information about the actions of our membership. Our response is not taken lightly, but we can't, in good conscience, allow our members to be picked off by what we assume to be well-intentioned, but ultimately misguided, group of marines.

September 2006

12 September

A general ceasefire has been declared between the Abandoned and the Cannibal Corps. Would all members of The Abandoned please cease fire against the Cannibal Corps, effective immediately.

October 2006

18 October

Yagoton has been declared by DORIS as the rightful home of Steve Irwin. Because of this, it seems they are attempting to evict everyone from Yagoton. What exactly their motives are for this, no-one knows.

The Abandoned leadership believes that a diplomatic solution to the DORIS assertion is much better than a military one. However, it is up to DORIS to formally approach the Abandoned to work out an agreeable solution to the problem. Without diplomatic contact from DORIS, any military action is unfounded and indefensible on their part.


1 December

The Abandoned are preparing for a big Christmas party. More details soon.

24 December

The Christmas party is just about to start. Any and everyone breathing in Malton, come down to Club McLean, Yagoton! We have beer, wine, FAK's, a Christmas tree and distorted Christmas carols blasting out of nightclub speakers!

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