The Abandoned Warriors

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The Abandoned Warriors
Abbreviation: TAW
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: We are a family, we all take care of each other. No leaders are needed, we just ask if we'd like something
Goals: To protect Mornington & surrounding communities & to get our life as back to "normal" as possible
Recruitment Policy: Anyone apart from PKers and GKers welcome.
No Level Restriction
Contact: In game & discussion page


Who are we? We are victims of fate, we are alive in desperate times, we are survivors of an apocalypse, we are warriors. When the first of the dead started to rise in the neighborhood we were the ones who grabbed anything we could and save our friends, our families and our loved ones.

We remain here in Mornington to fight for our homes, to remember those who are no longer with us and because if we don't, than who will? We lived free once, free of tyranny, free of oppression and free of fear. Those who take refuge in forts and malls are cowards. They gladly give up their homes to take the easy way out, leaving all they knew behind. We are warriors, we remain and we continue to fight.

Why should you join us, because you are a warrior. Years ago the government abandoned you here. You had two choices, to live or die. You chose life, which makes you one of us; a warrior.

Along with the other survivors of Mornington, we have taken the suburb back! Now we just need recruits to join our family and keep our home secure. It certainly is a full time job! There are always zombies and P'kers coming around to test us!

To the Abandoned Warriors loyalty and "family" are #1. Just because our families were killed in the outbreaks, doesn't mean we can't become a new one. Watching each others' backs and kicking zombie tail side by side! We WILL become the strongest suburb on the map, we just need a handful of loyal, hardworking men & or women who want to ban together with and keep our home under survivor control!! We already have the game plan, now we just need some family. When we are not protecting Mornington, we can decide what else to do with our time, whether it be goof off, help nearby suburbs take their buildings back from zombie hordes, or whatever suites us, we are sure to have a great time. The reason the zombie hordes are so strong is because they ban together and stick together, and that's what we're looking for. People we can depend on who are looking for acceptance and a place they feel they belong. All are welcome and all will be family, protected and watched over.



Lisey: Delamont, Leay, Bulford, Priscott, Hope & Pring

Pandora: Club, Catcott, Noakes, Chidley, Woodyatt & Junkyard 18

M2: (is not an alt) Hagger, Buck, Merewether, Mainstone, Question

Totallyfubar: Curme, Dye, Davies, Cooksley, Colerage, Tsarevna's.

Mourning13: Pyle, Shepard, Pincher, Warehouse 13, Pullman, Ripley, Edgecombe & Ashenden

Drop Dead Fred 13: Perratt, Megamax, Millington, Sixtus, Andrew's.

Myself: Olding, Rodman, Basil, Plummer, Warehouse 12, Factory & Warehouse 10

Filthnails: goes around and takes care of things as he sees fit. Keeps important buildings under a watchful eye.

anthonwy: Combat

Gibbsey16: Combat

f8l3rr0r: Combat

vetoria: Medic

abidon: Combat


Lurchy McGee

Those Dudes


Joe McO'Robertson


Lockettside Boys

Lizard Wizard

Josephine's Generals

Malton Necrotech Engineers

Malton Emergency Medical Service

Olney Militia

Order of the Black Rose

Jay johnson

Too those not on the list - our apologies, this is still a work in progress!

If anyone would like to add their profiles or contact info next to their name, feel free to do so!



Virginia Creeper :

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