The Alcock Building

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The Alcock Building
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the Alcock Building

Dentonside [99, 56]

Deny Street the Silcock Building Border
Martine Avenue the Alcock Building Border
the Bransom Building Tolman Power Station Border

Basic Info:

The Alcock Building



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The Silcock and Alcock Buildings were once awe-inspiring office blocks, rapidly erected out of glass and steel in the 1970s building boom, when obscure suburbs like Dentonside,were considered likely centres of urban renewal. Sylvester Silcock and Algernon Alcock were rival entrepreneurs whose ambitions are now carved into the Malton skyline as a lasting memorial to their vanity and avarice. The two businessmen are thought to have been lost to the early outbreaks, as neither has been seen since the quarantine was imposed.

Both buildings proved too much of a strain on the soft clay on which they were hurriedly built, and suffered significant subsidence. As a result, they have taken on a somewhat detumescent air, exacerbated by the looming presence of Tolman Power Station with its six iconic red chimneys.

Barricade Policy

According to the current Dentonside Barricade Plan this building is to be kept at EHB levels!

Current Status

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