The Alner Household

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The Alner Household
The Alner Household
Group Numbers: 12
Leadership: Paul Derleth
Goals: to maintain The Alner Mansion from ruin and zombies
Recruitment Policy: change your group ID to The Alner Household and head to Roachtown

When the outbreak first occurred, the Alners--like most residents of Malton--fled the city. Their household staff, however, was not so lucky. They attempted to continue their duties, maintaining the mansion, but eventually the barricades broke and the household was dispersed throughout Malton.

But now, after years of the mansion periodically falling into ruin thanks to the ever-present zombie threat in Roachtown, a new hope has emerged. It is time for the Alner Mansion to be restored to its former grandeur. Granted, the mansion has a bit of a spotty history, thanks to the odd tastes of Lord Peter Alner and his descendants, but time washes away all spots, doesn't it?

Through a four-phase operation, The Alner Household will restore the Alner Mansion, and develop the surrounding blocks of Roachtown, for the benefit of all.

Public Efforts

The Alner Household is devoted to the good of all of Roachtown, not just the mansion. As a result, we have two public efforts to help our neighbors in need:

Revive request The Alner Household maintains a revive point at Townsend Walk . There is a space on our forum for revive requests, at either Townsend Walk or other surrounding areas. Any survivor who finds him or herself a zombie near the Alner Mansion can always reach out for help.

Repair/Clearing/Barricading Request Sometimes it's hard to get that last zombie out of your safehouse, repair it and get it barricaded up to EHB. If you find yourself in this situation in Roachtown, leave a request and we will do what we can.

Public Safety Broadcasts The Alner Household broadcasts information updates on 28.50. Tune in for information.


Paul Derleth grew up in the ghettoes of Roachtown, dreaming of one day living in the Alner Mansion he passed every day but never entered. After the outbreak, he wandered Malton, avoiding zombie attacks. Despairing of all hope, he found himself back home in Roachtown, outside the then-ruined Alner Mansion. He dedicated himself that day to restoring the mansion to the status it rightly deserves.

In early 2013, Paul began repairing the mansion. Hiding out in nearby buildings, he slowly cleared it of zombies, repaired the damage, and barricaded it. By spring of 2013, he had spread out to the surrounding area, repairing the free-running lanes to Cyril General Hospital to the northeast and Stickling Mall to the north, as well as installing a few decorations from the museums in Randallbank.

Since then, the mansion has experienced waves of survivors seeking its shelter, a brief period of stability as they repair the mansion and the surrounding area, and then destruction as zombies discover this haven and swoop in. But with each wave, a few survivors stick around and join the group, helping to fight off zombie hordes, stabilize Roachtown, and help other survivors. Now, the Alner Households is one of the most active groups in Malton.

Phase 1: Repair and Barricade

A ransacked mansion is an unhappy mansion. The first phase of the renewal is therefore to repair any building damage. And because damage is unavoidable without barricades, it also requires barricading the mansion to EHB, with surrounding buildings kept as EPs.

Status: Completed/Ongoing- because of the frequent zombie attacks, repairing and barricading the mansion is never fully completed.

Phase 2: Restore the Mansion

A repaired, but empty and lifeless mansion is still a sad one. Thus, the second phase is securing decorations for the mansion from surrounding museums. With artwork, the mansion will feel a little more like home.

Update: Because a lit mansion is nice, but seems to attract unwanted zombie attention, I have decided to no longer install generators in the mansion. The shadows are a bit creepy, but less so than a horde of zombies wandering the rooms...

Status: In progress. As soon as decorations get installed, zombies destroy them, so this is ongoing.

Phase 3: Restore Surrounding area

The spirit of the Alner family is best served by paying attention to the surrounding area. This includes repairing the buildings around the mansion and barricading them to either EHB or VSB++ (for EPs).

Bold text: Ongoing. Because of frequent zombie attacks, and the darkness in several surrounding buildings, this is a continuing trouble.

Phase 4: Operate Revive Point

Roachtown has several revive points, one of which is adjacent to the Alner Mansion. The Alner household demonstrates its dedication to Roachtown by running an active revive point at Townsend Walk to aid all survivors.

Status: Ongoing.

Join us

Anyone interested in maintaining The Alner Mansion should set their group name to The Alner Household and make their way to Roachtown.