The Amis Building

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The Amis Building
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the Amis Building

Roftwood [61, 55]

Vere Cinema Lovebridge Way Joyner Boulevard Police Department
Hunn Avenue the Amis Building Cake Walk
a carpark The Sage Building Mayo Row Police Department

Basic Info:

The Amis Building


"Poured concrete walls, hard tile floors. No sunlight. No laughter." And that was a description before the plague arrived in Malton. One of the many industrial buildings built by the infamous gangster's Sage and Amis Hainsley throughout the 1900's, The Amis building was one of great importance. Named after the elder brother it lies one block North of it's younger equivalent (The Sage Building (Roftwood)). Although many of the brother's sweatshops were ripped down during the pre-war industrialization, this pair of buildings stand as a lasting monument to their cruel regime. However- instead of the illegal factories they once were, they now join the ranks of the rarely-used, rarely-needed buildings that are scattered throughout the city.

"RCC EP" is spray painted on the outside of the building in red tells you this is an official Roftwood Coordination Center entry point and that the building is further regulated by them.


During mid-December 2005, when the massive zombie attack on Roftwood began, The Amis Building was used as a rallying point for survivors cut off from the mall by the fall of both the Joyner Boulevard Police Department and the Mayo Row Police Department (1 NE and 1 SE respectively). The Joyner Boulevard Police Department- a main target for the attacking hordes due to its proximity to the center of Roftwood, was taken back after several days of heavy fighting, mainly guerilla type sorties based from The Amis Building. Due to the resiliance and determination of the survivors in The Amis Building both Police Departments were taken back before the fall of Hildebrand Mall and then went on to become assembly points for those retreating from the Mall. The Amis Building is truly the unsung hero of the Dec2005/Jan2006 survival of Roftwood.

In spring of year 13 ATA (after the beginning of the apocalypse) the Roftwood Coordination Center implemented a new policy for this building which determined this building to be an entry point as it would allow for survivors to access this building and then into the Mayo Row Police Department , the so called bastion of Roftwood's south west, but also to the Joyner Boulevard Police Department.

Barricade Policy

According to the Roftwood barricade plan, this building should be left at EHB. However, due to its lack of worth to survivors and it being on the periphery of Roftwood it is often used as an entry point and is often left between SB and VSB+2.

Under Roftwood Coordination Center policy the building is to be VSB due to this building being used as the entry point for access to both the PD to the south east and the office building to the south.

Controlling Faction(s)

Roftwood Coordination Center and its affiliates.

Current Status


Additional Information

Searchable Items

No items of value can be found when searching this building.


Tagging this building grants no XP.

Entry Point

Official RCC entry point.

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