The Apocalypse Horde

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Dawn dead.gif The Apocalypse Horde
"Claws and teeth don't need reloading, and you can always find them when you get up."

The Apocalypse Horde
Abbreviation: ApocLot
Group Numbers: 50+
Leadership: Mister Stay Puft, Defcon Puta, Herr Trigger, Mr Boomhauer
Goals: To eat chunks of warm flesh and keep them going down until they start coming up
Recruitment Policy: Anyone can join in. We're currently ruling Hildebrand Mall with an iron fist and rampaging freely though Rotwood. Just type 'the Apocalypse Horde' in your group profile
Contact: email here or here

Our Zombie Anthem [1]

The History of the Horde

After having filled their brains to capacity with the skills of the living, a small group of survivors started to become greatly frustrated by the stagnation in which they found themselves. They would head out from their location, install cranial sunroofs in every zombie they found, then spend many an hour rummaging around in malls for ammunition that more often than not, never found its mark despite them having reached the limits of firearm training.

Soon, they decided that perhaps this reservoir of unspendable knowledge would better serve another purpose. Living was hard, and annoying. Manufacturing syringes was becoming very time consuming, as was using them. Other survivors kept killing each other, destroying generators, and breaking down barricades, making life even more difficult.

The zombies however, did not require ammunition, rarely had to seek shelter, and it took only minimal effort for them to get up, even after a headshot, and also, they were back on full health.

In short, the zombies seemed to be having all the fun. So they threw themselves to the first horde they encountered, and began a new unlife free of their old burdens.

Joining Up

Anyone, whether a die-hard zombie, or a former survivor, so long as you’re ready to slaughter the living without relent, you’re okay by us.

What then?

Unclog your earholes and just listen for familiar feeding groans, but get there quick, because once the Apocalypse Horde gets moving, all survivors of the targeted building will quickly be torn apart.

Look for graffiti proclaiming a recent purge of a building and chances are, we’re in the vicinity.

You Have A Problem With That?


Headshoot us all you want. Keep blasting away with the ammo you spent so much time gathering. Lurk behind your barricades. Squander your first aid kits. Manufacture and deploy syringes until your fingers fall off. We’ll just get back up and keep on coming.

Where Is The Horde?

Currently, We currently rule Hildebrand Mall in Rotwood. Current activities can be found on our site

The Horde

Current Dismembership

If you are not present, and wish to be, just drop us an email. If you want a picture, send us an attachment (jpeg or gif only), or a zombie description if you want us to try and rustle one up.

Puke.jpg << WARNING >>
The following images are graphic
and may be disturbing to some.

Click on the link to see these zombie members whose zombie image is not allowed to be seen in a zombie apocalypse game because it depicts a zombie (sigh).

Recent Kills...Is your survivor character on this list?


Historical Significance Section

October, 2006

November 4th Woodroffe Mall FALLS TO THE ZOMBIE HORDES ("Blood 'n Brains Beano!" cut down survivor numbers significantly, helping to ultimately secure the mall.. and/or chase away several survivors!)

November 3rd 12 x generators, Jan Arrah, James McDaniel, Guilex, Lockand1oad, Bobbafett2006, Stan Manslaw, Blazefire, Semierectmohawk, Havey, pieee, Ed Asner. Shortshorts, Rae Kitsune, Jon Dooley

November 1st 8 x generators, James McDaniel, Eat Shells, Blazefire, BobbaFett2006, Lt MSU, lord monty, MrFredSmith, Kurgan666, Llothor, Chineselegolas, newbee, silverstring, Guilex, Pete’s Dragon, Derill Jackson Meek, Vincent Nialo, Dunzo

October 27thThe Tollyton "Blood 'n Brains Beano!" Day 2.

Al Iverdad, Frank Stoffer, Queltor, I Am Batman, LugNut, Terner, Keyth Moon, the wiz, Mike Hollyfield, Joshua Norton I, kaiulani, WolframStick, forgasmos, MiffedLapsang, Dolph Hassler, Budgie Smuggler, Kevin O’Malley, yehrite69, Rich Butler, Clothesline, Jeffy912, Scott Segal, SalPeppy

October 26th The Tollyton "Blood 'n Brains Beano!" Day 1.

ScumbagSteve, River Tamm, MegStokes, Bob Z Moose, Paco,, Wade Wilson III, Sgt MSU, firefighterbob, SmartyCookie, Carpe Noctum, Orgiastic, CollateralZZ, Mikenmke, Jake Cowan, The Kavorka, Pescadilla, the regulator, Nuevo. SERGEANT McMurphy, Hcallahan, saredies, Jack Foster, Chardun, JacinB, Brad Braddock, trescothick, Michael123, Alex Edmunds, Billums, EdwardNorton, Glacial, dandy motha, FloppyNihilist, Doc Baxter, Sagebrush, rozman, Shetland, Hsu Tei, Rabbi Bob, Xbow, The SH4DOW, sirkilla, the original simon, Ching Yao Chang, Jack Burns, Charles Darwin, smack3, sarah tonin, murphy0, Fat Fred, Danger Dave, Trong Tran

October 25th Squidgey, old dread, Luke’s Bitch, Arconos, The Anticorpse, Keichix, not the new guy, medicmeister, I Am Batman, Su madre, SweetIrony, a child is here, shortshorts, darwins beagle, jay5ive, Varez, wyred, Scott Segal, SWAT01, az9, thefamily, Doctor Fallout, Zombiesnacks, Sarah Tonin, seq, AlottaFachina, CD Bales , Mack11, Trebek’s Mother, Teksura, Sir Fred of Etruria, Detective Sex Pants, Nobody1979, DavidXBrunt, Buffybot, Denny T Crane, Sagebrush

October 24th Khuna Maglas, Keicomb, Val Ann2, CharlesBrown, Tommuist, Deadly Lampshade, shany, MrFredSmith, John McSilly, Sir Fred of Etruria, Darwins Beagle, Boise, Sarah Tonin, Szacharias, boydz

October 23rd Drazghul, Sean Dilllon, DavidXBrunt, I Am Batman, ihunger4, fryday, Kenneth L Lay Czibo, Jeffy912, Rankun Fhile, Fallstar, Blackbird, Tristan Culpepper, spoonlove, rockie, GabrielMarquez, BOYD Smith

October 20th TripperJack, Joe Depps, tokoyami, Darth Vilhelm, Fang Teng, Nonadad , Arthas764, Mas Namerif, Varez, Scott Segal, Darth Malak, RajahLor, SCOOPERHANDS, dayday8

October 19th Princess Leia, Mr Rev, 1 zomble, ArealSmartAss, Thaumaturge, MegStokes, Feral Emu, Deadly Lampshade, Fester Vengabean, Hatchetsmile, Leibnitz, EsQuatro, Halling, Nordog, Dr Fillmore, Nex Pacisor, Enormous Fro, Reddogg, Guardsman, Trong Tran, Hadrada, vinnienfg, Joshua Gawain, JC Crippin, Jack Patient, Shrimper, Derivator, Jeffy912, Duke Ulrich.

October 17th Katie Cries, Nukepig,,Hubert the Audacious, mynamehasbeentaken, Tommunist, Valis77, a severed hand, sarah tonin, bubonic plague, a used condom, housecall

October 16th


DA PETE, dnbytheschoolyrd, Lt Maggi

October 15th SweetIrony, Sir Fred of Etruria, Lutrine4, Gobbledigook, bundor, Spooky McAnderson, crossbow babe, brain freeze, MeStokes, Von Choltitz, Cyrus Rex, QuiZZer, Shackleville Jones, ScumbagSteve, Lord Monty, Scott Segal, T ZAN, Chichonuke, Pn Doubledown, Zecrodus, A small feral cat

October 13th


8 x generators, MiffedLapsang, Indricotherium, Muecke, Peter Marlowe, Lex Steele, WolframStick, Alexi Lukin, Bix Winslow, comfortaddict, DaBandit, Masshu, Stella Artois, ajforget, Nighthunter, Judge Jones, Sai of the Shadow, SWAT01, DoctorMyEyes, Bubba Shaft, Keichix, csf, Deadly Lampshade, Scott Segal, Yummy Treat

October 12th 15 x generators, Feral Emu, cokedup, megacruz, Kabrazas, Captain Seaweed, Melmite, help1, boydz, Sardough, Rockie, YouBeDead, tristan culpepper, Woody Stroebel, SgtD, mrpropos, Lt David Caruso, Arthas764, Zecrodus, Varez.

October 11th 10 x generators, Butterdink, John Q Langley, greenpatch, Waethervane, MegStrokes, Thaumaturge, Jonatan, Dominus Mortis, Spooky McAnderson, John Girva, 3rdpvte, macdok, Cody Lerch, pzykotikjp, pzzanator, Gurge, Cliff Granite

October 10th 14 x generators, 3 x radios, Zulliun, Mort Sacsum, bailiss, Supersong, Corporal Fodder, LittlestPurple, john pitts, Lord Harpuia, Horseblind, Montolio, The Pharmacist, Doctor Myeyes, Formyle, drno, mezola, joe brain, Mattstone, colinbeal86, hinrichsam1, Nighthunter, Canuhearmenow, Lazarius, Budgie Smuggler, Jack Well, Darth Malak

October 9th 23 x generators, Bodicea, Deadly Lampshade, Keyita, Ibn Otorongo, Tommunist, Sgt McKenzie, Sarah tonin, Scheffler, Dark Lord of Mordor, Gervaise Hampster, Pfc Crud, MayorDan, Generator, Gobbledigook, Bloodyblue, KC Flash, Kenziezombie, Adrain Moon, Gunnar Kolsen, Cpl Sanderson, Kerjel, N0tAZ0mbie, wy1dchy1d7, Nistwon, Serra Prophet, Sandmancody, Daeldra, Admamage, Nukepig, Nosferatus9, PrivateAzn654

October 7th 3 x generators, Me and my MSG, Scoutin’ Stu, Honey Strikewell, Yosemite Sam, Dark Lord of Mordor, Extorsion, Vinnie X, Lex Steele, Varez, Adbax, RatNinja, nnnnnnnnn, Fluffy Pinkerson, Butch Scott

October 6th 12 x generators, 1 x radio, P4x639, MegStokes, Lt David Caruso, Thaumaturge, Peter Marlowe, TastesGreat, Little Mouse, Captured Princess, Doctor Myeyes, Deadly Lampshade, Duke Ralos, DocZaius, sweitzen5, Karen Huntingdon, Abianshati, Chineselegolas, Brew McHeiniken, Melody Moonchild, Dyrak, Alice Eric, Paramedica, Eutychus, Dyrak

October 5th 15 x generators, WolframStick, The Ambulator, bigsteve1, Tonyay163, SWAT01, ScumbagSteve, Kurgan666, Transmutor, Canuhearmenow, Scudo, Antius Invictus, Ibn Otorongo, Sgt Stedenko, Woody Stroebel, Answin, Mekare, Mora Davis, Farside, Nautill, Prodaea, Arthas764, Ricky Martin, Balinore, megacruz, Dominsky, Keichix, Spooky McAnderson, Danger Dave, Beefbuckethead, Elmio

October 4th 15 x generators, 3 x radio, Dick H Morris, Yosha, fazed mojolater, Tripper Jack, Hunter Royle, Dr Scrambo, Victor Contreras, getawesome, Pop Joe, Hans Solo, Richard Burton, Princess Leia, herodt, Bitsy Harriman, Stella Artois, Richard Aulis, Bababab, Jill Redfield, MegStokes, buick61, QuiZZer, Formyle, Tommunist, Erzabet, Rahh, Paramedica.Mort Macsum, blackdragonzero, Moira Mactaggart

October 3rd 14 x generators, FloppyNihilist, MiffedLapsang, Dale McGillicuddy, darwins beagle, dj science, Quiet Hand, Alys Romonov, p4x639, sam disasterous, Darth malak, Jack Well, doobieduck, Zullin, Acidreflux, Ulysses Nash owen, Logan’s Runny

October 2nd 18 x generators, Cpl Sanderson, 1 zomble, Leon Claire, Doctor Fallout, Mora Davis, p4x639, killerbase, Shackleville Jones, Bubba Shaft, Tsaka H, PrivDeadbolt, Joe Funklefinger, Jynxxfire, voices 24, Onan, a neraby wall, James Joe Bob, Mezola, BCRane, STREET HAWK, Feldrance, Dan Dannell, Lovely Rita

October 1st 20 x generators, 5 x radios, Von Dole, Akito, FennisHopperman, Pain Easer, Sir Ingist, Teslar Trooper, the key, Buddy Love, Zullin, Harry Townsend, Smoke Park, Von Dole, Wharf Rat, SWAT 01, Keichix, p4x639, The Night Owl, Geese Maxwell

September, 2006

September 29th 14 x generators, 3 x radios, Innomen, Brughmungler, DreaMz, Vuko, metroid master, 157mm, Zorinix, greenpatch, don diego, alley cat, Hubert the Audacious, Suck it trebek, undead baby, mr muuurgh, fred chopin, clothesline, O’Day, Hauclir,Jerusalem Steel, dnh7722, Milo Jargon, Von Doom, chrustanthemum, Kurgan666, heckkk p4x639, Lt Zambo, Kovax

September 27th 29 x generators, Tripper Jack, Calvin Rogers, prodaea, Alys Romonov, Formyle, Banksy CoB, Wes Lott, Senses, Jake717, Pain Easer, TsakaH, Brew McHeineken, blakewhiplash, Jefft912, Bellis, Vigo Mortis, Chow Timer, ColonelBooterCooter, AllOne, Axel of RenaTamer, Sgt Lazlow, Nosferatu9, Dale McGillicuddy, 1 zombie, mekare, Shackleville Jones.

September 26th 17 x generators, Robin Ood, Indyshark8, Henry Towshend, a lot of zombies, Tricksy D, iamnotz0mbie, Alzuun, Kevin o’malley, Smoke Park, LePaige, Cliff Granite, Dale McGillicuddy, Harry Balzac, BigJobber, JuddTheMutter, Scheffler, TripperJack, Vicsen, Skrink, Randy Shaftmeister, KC Flash, Bensonson, BanksyCoB, Tressym, Brian D Eaton, ERIIX

September 22nd 18 x generators, Feral Emu, Sir Ingist, balckdragonzero, keefer218, Noah C, theStreetMime, Nurse Nightingale, Jack burns, Robin Ood, Crash Marson, Xice, John Q Langley, Canuhearmenow, prof semaj, SWAT01, Sprawwl, Scudo, Adamage, Aruiz, Jarl Clarky, Kurgan666, Generator, Spooky McAnderson, Keicomb, Kieth Richards

September 21st 21 x generators, 3 x radios, Blazefire, Leather uk, David Mills, Tripper Jack, Esdfksdfd, Brizth, Alzuun, Aogden Nut, ball hair3, Spooky McAnderson, Tommunist Pain Easer, Mil Mascaras, Akito, Corporal Fodder, BobbaFett2006, Gift, Shackleville Jones, TsakaH, Mates Masat, Frinkenstein, Katura, ERIIX

September 19th 16 x generators, Rockie7, Taas, chini winibobo, sirkilla, Gervaise Hampster, brunobalo, Adamage, strobefire, Icabob, Reyval, P4x639, Samyoureye, Boydz, Tom Askey, Axel of RenaTamer, fortysixandtwo, gillmore, iamnotaz0mbie, Letum Angelus, Nintendo is life, MrBlargin, Holly Thorne, EdwardNorton, The moping emo, Captain Axl, Nighthunter, Komiku, Canyouhearmenow

September 18th 22 x generators, Taottj, Assdorf, Floppynihilist, SirDodger, WolframStick, TeslaTrooper, Michael Blackstone, Gervaise Hampster, Brizth, Ricky Martin, Itime, Kranky Klaus Kolsch, Johnny Dead, ken75113, loopsgald, flasegod, Dirk Thompson, Fordham, Garth Crooks, Metroid master, Wolfowitch, Artaxeres, Corporal Fodder, Mates Masat, Kurgan666, Jack Well, brunobalo, SWAT01, Castra Noor, Nighthunter, tonyauyeung, prof semaj, Chineselegolas, Sprawwl, Canuhearmenow, ScumbagSteve, Atila the hun, Jameths, dozy

Septermber 16th 14 x generators,Taottj, Assdorf, Floppynihilist, SirDodger, WolframStick, TeslaTrooper, Michael Blackstone, Gervaise Hampster, Brizth, Ricky Martin.

September 15th 17 x generators, TsakaH, chrysanthemum, Adamage, SWAT01, FFMarcus, prof semaj, EdwardNorton, canugearmenow, Merlynn, Father Janus, Selen Allendi, howie0, Pumpkinpie, Zog al Qoi, Raenir Blaine, Spooky McAnderson., Donharrington, Fighter22, Dan Dannell, MoDoKo, Streethobo, zeckosso01, Anomanus

September 14th 12 x generators, 1 x radio, Crazy Hand, James Hemphill, ScumbagSteve, Shaster, Rilvan, blazefire, Courtney Kersley, Chris Time, 1337 n1nj4, MiniGemmel, Sgt Bannon, Frinkenstein, Tripper Jack, Ichimama, Gabrelle, Lazarius, Shubeck, .Doc Happiness, Akito, Lazarius, DA PETE, yardos, Brat Johnson, Luke’s Bitch, Dale McGillicuddy, SWCS9, Lineazy89, MR Reddy, Jane, Dr Tail, Dvm, Konstantin K, Ragnar Lothbrok,

September 13th 11 x generators, Leoliu, Tviruszombiedog, HouseFly, Spooky McAnderson, Scheffler, Hovi, Bushmill, Mark Thompson, chrysanthemum, Lord Kelvin, dozy, SWAT 01, TsakaH, Banksy CoB, Nora Nerdlinger, Officer Fatworthy, Zaik’tar, Doublemint.

September 12th 12 x generators, 2 x radio, Dirty Hipster, Dark Lord of Mordor, Daniel Woods, mindfullofnuthin, Wolfowitch, p4x639, Nighthunter, Sprawwl, Draak Shengar, sarkylosa, blakewhiplash, Jack Well, 1337 n1nj4, Imra Ardeen, Gordon Afro, Dr rob hudson MD, Chineselegolas, Noah C, Longstreet, Kurgan666, MC Lars, Sister Zero, prof semaj, TSQ, SWAT01, Scudo, Adamage, dozy, MetalJaws, DrMlieko, Laorfeo

September 11th 13 x generators, 1 x radio, Kipy55, Harold Gains, Akito, Darklside, John Q Langley, Tripper Jack, dnh7722, Formyle, Xervis, Jarl Clarky, Admiral Akbar, DrBoyer, Gunny Sully, Nosferatu9, Distinction, Benito71, NeverThat, QueenD. Motor On, Agent Ryan, Some Rabid Dogs, Doc Know,TheStrategyWarrior, mandelbrot78, runner76, Shin Kang.

September 10th 26 x generators, Koaf, Dr Strafer, Dr Willy Light, csf, TI45, Wharfrat, QuiZZer, ArealSmartAss, Flak Fire, Mack11, dr clarke, Chese Chames, Fennis Zotorman, Quincy Adams, Maxine Chase, Robin Ood, Brizth, michael Blackstone, Dan Dannell, 1 zomble, Don Diego, Budgie Smuggler, dunhere.

September 8th 19 x generators, Jack Well, Legacy10, Jeckon Fayad, budhapest, Tricksy D, Axel of RenaTamer, Nighthunter, Tressym, 1337 n1nj4, Hicks Hudson, Samyoureye, Omega Fox, Darth Malak, Dohlyak, Sam Dunken, Kurgan666, SWAT01, Lsarklosa, p4x639. Dinny Ganiel, Carrll, Franklin Bluth, zyllou, NoMrh, Nando, Michael Dell

September 7th ArealSmartAss, Wharfrat, Princess Leia, Loopsgald, Yosha, Victor Contreras, Davenport Spiff Jr, 18 x generators, chrysanthemum, YDG, hereticsgod, Sergeant Aldus, Brad Braddock, Kridos Bellcry, rching23, Suck It Trebek, Miguel san chez, Lord Kelvin, Billiums, StevenClark, Merlynn, A Velociraptor, EdwardNorton, FrennisZotorman, Zecrodus, Tainer, Capt Orson, Kontautas, Tharivol

September 6th 21 x generators, WetWorksOne, Mr Duzombie, Jane, Chineselegolas, blazefire, lord monty, clowns8me, Mikeinmke, chimera7, Pre Ronald Reagan, BobbaFett2006, Marcu Creapus, AgentScully, KCRobin, Dark Lord of Mordor, Mort MacSum, Hampswitch, Life’s a bitch, chevy chase’s career, Deputy Collins, amazingind.

September 5th 15 x generators, 1 x radio, Longstreet, Raini Frase, Ghost OP 21, tonyay163, Nighthunter, Canuhearmenow, LinaSassafrass, Merry Kaos, ScumbagSteve, Moira Mactaggart, Scudo, Kurgan666, prof semaj, Spudd, Sprawwl, Dr Van Glucklich, Adamage, Chade Farseer, Fear Mcfearson, SWAT01, the passenger, Dutapin, Dark lord of Mordor, Damon Hunt, ArealSmartAss, Ugolino, Wharfrat, Princess Leia,, Dick H Morris, Fishbulb NoV, Hauclir, Jtico, Feral Emu, Cognito.

September 4th 16 x generators, 7 x radios, Lhellhammer, heckkk, Liberty Drake, Tom Walker, lord monty, James Mcdaniel, Leslie Mortis, Joe Gipp, Chineselegolas, LLuthor, RichRider, Axel the Bum, blazefire, Eat Shells, Shadow Mage, Paintbox, robnsher, thelastspanard, BobbaFett2006, Beirut Bob.

September 2nd Hildebrand Mall remains ours. 10 x generators, Shortshorts, Robin Ood, Shandil, Dr Van Glucklich, pyro circus gut, chrysanthemum, Sergeant Aldus, Alex Edmunbds, Jack burns, Crazy Hand, DaBandit, Charles Darwin, Achnaeteon, Brad Braddock, EdwardNorton, A Velociraptor, Merlynn, FennisZotorman, Fred The Hamster, Budgie Smuggler, topquark, Gabriel the Priest, Doctor Myeyes, the key, Ricky Martin, Jarl Darkwolf, Brizth, Shwantz, Docnuke, Peter Brain, hugahuga, Cheapass26, pfox, Svaedu, 123zombie, tonyay163,

September 1st 4 x generators, 2 x radios, Princess Leia, Walegrin, olclugnut, serra prophet, alien queen, Sammy Tate, dunhere, Atrophied, clasher, penchant, axel of RenaTamer, Lyle Norg, MiffedLapsang, go venture, Doctor Fallout, Nicole Apple, Pope Corpse XVIII, Gorkamorka, SWAT01, Axel the Bum, Isis, Rhett Miller, a terrible infection, Nistwon, Longstreet, Chequevaravenom, Escabeitor, Rip Tide, Rovan, WolframStick, Innomen, Forerver Kid, Xap, Moira McTaggart, EggAdvent, Mr Duzombie, p4x639, DDB, McNally86, Romero6000, Christel Richter, Meggs, Lockand1oad, xxxprin, sarah tonin, Roddy C, Dale McGillicuddy, killerbase, Alpha Seal, Victor Tooms, Ashuram, Furious George.

August, 2006

August 31st Hildebrand is again OURS!!!! 9 x generators, Seymour Bones, MR Reddy, Axel the Bum, ThomasLapsensee, militarymonkey, Darth Malak, Wolfram Stick, Rikke, MiffedLapsang, fagga, Haren Shaw, Vassili Zeitsev, at0423, Crackshot, Roghan, Adamage, Nathan Wild, Lt Zambo, I Idiot, Dan O’Bannon, Lovat, The Real Big Bob, Dash Masters, Purelove, Tymrek, Ceph CoB, don diego, Kayzar, foundme.

August 30th 7 x generators, Lesser Mook, Darkholm, TechnoTim000, Sir Fred of Etruria, DrHobbo, Tucker1Mark, Magnolia White, Katura, BlueMary, OnlyMatt, Hec Shrievner, Yola, tuliman, Jarper

August 26th 1 x generators, a severed hand, Sit Ingist, Chese Chames, Mack11, Maxine Chase, some rabid dogs, blancmanche, FloppyNihilist, Michael Blackstone Alien Queen, Augustine01, magda, Iris Anne, Vortex, l2k0lhado, McMuffin, the key, Lyle Norg, Longstreet, devee8, Dark Lord of Mordor.Ashuram,

August 25th Herbert Necrotech Building

Hildebrand mall was empty of survivors, but we were still peckish. A quick visit next door offered a wide variety of scientist brains that while swollen with self importance, were obviously kinda empty. Ahem, just because the tag says 'Keep at EHB' doesn't mean it will do so all by itself. You have to barricade it yourself. Sigh, and they call us zombies the dummies.

3 x generators, scootmando, crosbye, Jan Arrah, Luke’s Bitch, Richard Pricks, President Nixon, Toturi 1, Maxine Chase, Chese Chames, Budgie Smuggler, sedde3, Mack11, Axel of RenaTamer, syzteck, FloppyNihilist, Moira Mactaggart, Gonad X, Mr Revolution3, SkankerX, Jack Slade, Hatchetjob, Dick H Morris, Lance Maddison, Motor On, Harold Ramis.

August 24th Hildebrand Mall IS OURS!!!!

The feeding groans end and are replaced by the sound of contented moans and the munching of sundered flesh.

16 x generators, 1 x radio, Ph34’r, ScottMed, Oldoxide, Chief Wiggums, Strangie, Foobarosa, Heathen555, Waester, Bubbly Sam, Professor Stense, Wolf8667, Romolo Mampieri, Rossum, Flak Fire, James0042, babyaga, Brain Shephard, Harmund, Bushmill, Ceph CoB, specialtia, yusoundead, Hunter Razor, Nut Shot, hekky, Achnaeteon, Bastar, Nicolae A B DeLarge, fighter 22, blahblah1234, Belfegor, Dark Lord of Mordor, WolframStick, Lock carter, deadliku, Brizth, Quincy Abrams, Mr Echo, Michael Blacks, Mr Duzombie, ERIIX.

August 23nd 15 x generators, Katie Cries, Dr Price, rath 111, black candle, Necrolancer, Palkki, Ringseed, Fingers Muldoon, someotherguy24, Super Tzar, Dutaupin, dofus24, KC Flash, Kuppakaali, Jeblock, Batigol, Ceph CoB, matty broon, Lovat, Zullin, Iris Anne, Pvt Bloodpact, Purelove, Bucky Gunt, Adolph Vulva Hitler, George Tarlington, Crazy Hand, Boom Mike, Mr Fred Smith, Bart West, Ching Yao Chang.

August 22nd 18 x generators, Brat Johnson, p4x639, Varez, p4x639, Stuart Abadon, machupichu, Matachombis, Slither, clothesline, Rani Zinger, Reymando, James0042, Strangie, Mad Frank, Zedkillerz, Hsu Tei, Purelove, Kenj, Jack Slade, MiffedLapsang, Peter Saarsgard, mekare, Matsu Tsuko, Ruinator, mattao, M’baso, medicmiester, Zippy da Pinhead, Ruskin, Riverside, mrseasterhouse, Zedkillerz, Derek Steel, Arthur Tsui.

August 21st 11 x generators, Danilo R, Hector Alterio, Gregor RoeMoe, St Croix, Emio, Blueskull, BuddyHolyIsLife, The Grey Man, Motor On, machopichu, Abattur, Eddie Bautista, Hubba Fett, Omahdon, Bokmeow, specialtia, gr15hnak4, austinco, sam dunken, taffette, Disobedient, BennnHISBADGER, Formyle, Oldoxide, Gift, Wolframstick, MiffedLapsang, Palkki, Dutaupin, the original simon, Eugene Barrett, RemmyTwoShoes, harryh, docdeath.

August 19th 11 x generators, p4x639, Darryl Musashi, clowns8me, Rossum, CharlotnUK, Jcy6, Benn, ScottMed..

August 18th 12 x generators, Katie Cries, The Probe, Captain Ahab, Corpse Cody, DTAvenger, Hoobajube, easma, GroovyAsh, Ash Graham, HereticsGod, Senator Edwards, BoyScoutR, National Acrobat, Brian D Eaten, Griffin Cabot, Transmuter,Greenrook, Maverick Hunter, Katie Cries, Ponczo.

August 17th 15 x generators, machupichu, Matsu Tsuko, Dark Lord of Mordor, Penchant, Onojin, Yola, depaerno, Wester, Ezekiel Mongoose, bjt, Sir Ingist, Garth Rannz, Sgt Beebus, sibon, Mad Old Ladies, thegoat, Abbatur, hicup, Jack Blackwood, Abbatur, Ro Gan, Harvey Wrench, austinco, Shel, Lazy Wombat, Floppy Nihilist, Shel, MiffedLapsang, Cap’n Kirk, p4x639.

August 16th The attack on Hildebrand Mall in Roftwood begins. 18 x generators, 1 x radio, Marcus McAllen, Sainte, Dracul Rhashyyl, Mizumiku, Corporal Benson, sig4, Andrew Ridgely, ventji, Shock Man X, Taffette, med school dropout, Jadus, Will Keller, Daeldra, VonDole, Rocket, Jack Quire, Brat Johnson, dotdsg, Iris Anne, p4x639, medicmiester, Chipok, Priestfan, Motor On, The Nemesiss, Neville Sei, MikoMiko Nurse, Dczski, Matsu Tsuko, Shel, Hurz, Mizuniko. Hubbub, clashy, Austin Storm, Sgt Slaughterhouse, KayTK.

August 13th Joachim Mall...IS OURS!!!

The mall falls to the might of the Apocalypse Horde.

August 12th 13 x generators, Boomgaarden, asheets, Debora Kelly, Ninyo, Otto mesch, Shigaika, Bumble Zombie, Jack Lyons, timewisz, Mr Echo, Jenny Archer, Hra Virtanen, Doorjam, Johnny Cage, Muckraker, JakeHoyt, KazuoKiriyama, louche, Justic Wyndham, DrWoobie, Banksy CoB, sloany84, Skiba D, Priest Apostate, Deihamo.

August 11th 17 x generators, 1 x radio, Murdoc Star, Hunter H Helmsley, jeremia, Edgar Whorfin, ChainLink, Kanae, 1nsane, Ge0ff, Ernesbitt, Priest Apostate, kardon14, Suifi Nightwish, urbaner, ElSargono, ChrisKnight, Bid Daddy Bambi1, Bryce K, hunter55, Dracul Ahriman, Daryk, Newfy, Matt Fuller.

August 10th 21 x generators, 2 x Radios, Azubel, Keiolyn, Eliteice, Glindark, Xylitol, Cutlass, Psicon, OJSimpsonsHeisman, Grand Pappy Nurgle, R Badillo, SpeedyWeedy, Kino, Gigadestroyer, Onel, smack2, Lester Giovanni, Commander ‘Mirage, Rincey.

August 9th 9 x generators, Lord Mulholland, Blaz Fargo, Dr Munoz, The New Original, empty orchestra, Dylan McKay, Keyita, Nightborn, ImtheJuggernaughtBtch, Lt AntiZed, Caffienaholic, KaiBloodOmen, ibndole, GWARRRRR, D3NL, BumbleB, TankmanCR, Operative I, Yamaimo, toolsv, Saltheart, Thora Taggert, George Osbourne, Dmitrij Kovaljov, ElSargono, ElderG, Carl Stiner, codex.

August 8th 8 x generators, 2 x radios, Sue White, Newfy, Skiba D, Bystander Bill, Eniarch, UrbanDFan, redstripe, Tinymogul, cobalt09, Zack Burbon, Phantom Harlequin, laazmonster, Aim6, Zed Not Dead, Julianlesk, smo ker, Luis Bubba, Mr Sandmans Revenge, Milla Quandra, Bubba Smith, Lord Mullholland, Draven Adante, Logan Five, ihunger11, KayDarkS, bubonic plague, Bojangles352, Spencer Quartermann, Jesse DeFury, quarentine, aCREECH, Saltheart, Sailor Bob, Ge0ff, to talk, bu11etmagnet, JohnTha1337, Nathan Silvermaster, Berdyne Hardrock.

August 7th The tactic so nice, we used it twice.

Once again, we sought revives, got them, stocked up on ammo, and despite Open Sore's warnings and tagging that revealed names, profiles, and everything else, no survivors acted. The attack on Joachim Mall resulted in the destruction of 15 x generators, 7 x radios, and the following kills...

Open Sore, Solar Rhino, Bubba Smith, Socinus, Cynthia Cross, x3n0g3ai2s, Operations, Heretyk, Clay Riddle, angelknight0, Slither, Cletus88, Noobest, Stri, Bane Alkovik, Zomkiller, I Idiot, Scorpio32, JohnnyCage, Rathias, Jack Patient, Cry Darkday, Cesspool, Damien Foresster, Cambell, Delilah Kincaid, Ranma Saotome, Azubel, DocPegg, Termite, Zed Not Dead, Marco Cazador, Bellows77, Rachel Rex, powerhouse18, Kami Gonong, AyzhuuR, Mika Bondarik, madmaxer, Mister Bubbles, eshaggy66, Bcrane, Jin Ryusaki, Raf Woo, fooly, Granadino, Czerina Summers, Salad, FleshStreudel, Lila Fleur, Ash Wood.

August 4th Lumber Mall…IS OURS!!!

It’s Veeh Zeeh day for the Apocalypse Horde. The mall is once again the private property of the undead and so we can have some fun. We can now watch all our favourite zombie flicks, boo the heroes, and cheer our idols. Wipe zombie bogies in all the sleeping bags. Put grenades in the first aid kits. Dribble in the toothpaste tubes. Pour glue down all the gun barrels and into the magazines. And just kick back and nosh on all the cool bits and pieces we tore off of the defenders.

Aaaah, unlife is good.

7 x generators, techienaster, piush, Daryk, Eatums, Corporal Germain, Kylera Rhea, comrade corpsekiller, Mister Fun, Dragon Buster, Ferelle, Vaya, Open Sore, Zeratem, Solar Rhino, Johan Silverfox, Corporal Marten, Nuke Texas, Tompika12, Cvex, twitch262, teenage heart throb, masterofthecats, Ethan Ambrose, Oliveri, Fary Torero, Yewkong.

August 3rd 13 x generators, 2 x radios, Terry214, BiterBait, Norel, Zoxander Jr, Octbane2, VanDole, William Johansen, Jagman, St Ross, Jigou, ally cat, Ren Stimpy, Anubis86, Astul, gxBlitzKrieG,UrbanDFan, Running Man5, Thai Hunter, OrYp, Draven Adante, Priv Joker, DataSlave, Sam Mael, Chris Knight, z156, Laura Morden, Rogued, maxice, doctorthinker, 3Angel, Ankarlo, Capt Pyro, Tushka, Resident Macevil, Ken Ohbee, Spyke900, Mr Pig.

August 2nd For several days now, the Horde used a combination of assaults into the Rothwell NT building to prompt combat revives, and connections to traitor Necrotech staff in various local survivor groups to revive a large potion of our more EP heavy brainrotted members. The survivors thought we had moved on, and remained utterly oblivious to the twenty Apocalypse Horde members lurking in their midst, gathering ammo. A lightning assault of living and undead members killed sixty survivors and proves exactly why the Horde was created in the first place.

After all that gathering time, all that preparation, with 65% chance to hit with shotgun and pistol, with no need to break down barricades and no 6AP to just stand up…THAT’S IT!!!! IF WE’D STAYED ZOMBIES WE’D ALL STAYED ZOMBIES WE’D HAVE KILLED TWICE THAT!!!!

Being alive stinks. The creed of the Horde is once again proven and the fight for Lumber Mall continues with renewed intensity.

This is roughly what we got...

2 x generators, walts0001, Roland69, FoodMels, Capse, JohnDeere, Roin B, Deadman0, BillyBT, Choad Ranger, HarryHill, Gruopetk, RotGutGary,Will Keller, Maxice, HerotheZero, Hovi, HarryHill, Eternia, SargentD, Rick Wilcox, Ponczo, DocZoc, Para Fool, Watnip, Careful, Dr Noisewater, Devo from Akron, Judas Maccabeus, Operative II, RogueD, Goldstep1, Tatiana Zelenaia, JennyJean2, tag your it, jack911, Loanne, Blood Calls to Blood, z8000, peppie, Gerlad King, KyleraRhea, Karry Kreogh, Crash Test Dummy, Desty Nova, Stillborn One, ceregon, Meg griffen, holycrow, senob, techiemaster, fortunato, Runcible Spoon, Roy Black, Ben laden, Dennis Creevey.

July, 2006

July 28th: 5 x generators, Medic8er, Kevin Rian, Roysiv, brada890, Runcible Spoon, Vixus, Eternia, Misakichi, Bull Kathos, Roin B, eric lindros, battle angel alita, pumpkinpie, lila fleur, kaiser33, inferno jones, OrYp, Just David, BiterBait, RogueD

July 27th 3 x generators, Tacitus Jackson, Sam Mael, Thomas Thope, Tushka, Robert Knox, Jambit, Darkwell, awaken363, Otto Dealer, Newfy, Bomberdo, mr john smith1, Zalman, Trevor M Jaical, Gias , Mapster, Sir Ludwig Grun, Le Stray, Careful, Fire10, Bollinbrook, Killmatic, Sinnik

July 26th Mitchem Mall…Is Ours! 2 x generators, Ashe Dusklight, Animefanatic, katyeightythree, Jibbage, Jdobbs, Paul Furio,

July 25th North East and both Southern Corners of Mitchem mall ransacked! 3 x Generators, Nathan Frost, Gener Days, CD Bales, Moses Letterman, Invisibility, Edward Davers, sp0ck, ninjaXT2, Brandon Vette, Snappanzoa, yusoundead, Drake Fielding, DSP Mitch, FengShoe, Briiian, Blood Letter, Rincey, Bucky Gunt, john w howard, JesustheTiger, Tajirisan, Buckeye Bill Jr, Bob764255, Hayatte Blake, Arthur Brown, morbid X, Tex Callahan, Dindan, Voormas, tigerfzr, KXT, Mark Frost, Bowch, The Probe, No Truth, deviltjen2

July 24th South east corner ransacked again. 4 x Generators, Cristoph Carrion, John Mathers, Ace101, BumbleB, Monkeynose, Aidhe, floppit, elsebells, Mopsiness, Private12345, newathan, Fundah, Sharkiee, Ellvar Lupan, John W Howard, Razormw, Calico Cat, Kyran Nahari, Animachine, EffYouUp, OwlishNecro, Scathein, ColdDuck, Muxxuss, QpX, The Happy Shopper, LowlyCameraman, CORPSEFISTER, RepublicA, Bob the Beast,

July 22nd 3 x Generators, Shiaz, colt459n6, Cecilie Volfing, Sgt Grizzly, Staff Sergeant Fox, ash williams xv, Eddie Bautista, TrueVCU, Moses Letterman, Ravenhill,

July 21st The south east corner of Mitchem Mall is ransacked. 3 x Generators,EMT4LIFE, combatsak, I Idiot, krowbar, maryellen, smooticus2, Gaebril Dovomar, Terrilyn, Gromtas, vivins, Priv Joker, Vincent Havrice, ArchangelY, Van Daleh, Sweitzen, andrusha45, Rolando G, omegapeter, Tank R24, deviltjen2, John Conan, Josh101, Midnght, Goryion, HeroofCanton, royteh3rd, Xnives, The Grand Nagus, Tar, Sharkiee, Morbid X, Skullboy

July 20th 3 x Generators, Michael Madson, qda, Von Stengl, hailtothekingbaby, CORPSEFISTER, Jeff Farley, Dr James Darius, lostme, bigbadbyte, Aurelius Verissimus, Dookyhead, Swamplight, Bob the Beast, deviltjen2, Jack Brannigan, Lawnmower Man, Ghost Monkey, Skarlet, Vashka, Gorka, PVT Azland, bioweapon, E Nameless, Murda Da Killa, Peter Logan, Kuldain, Alexandra Frigaro, slayer6669, Athena Wilde, Stephen Harding, Coccoo,

July 19th The attack on Mitchem mall begins: affran, Midnght, Jakked, Bob the Beast, tboneless, 3Angel, darknightmm

July 18th 5 x generators, bassic, tom aunders, Disturbed Child, Malum In Se, Reala, DarkFlounderX, LE’ON, Dan Hessel, bigdaddy2, Frank Marsters, Turtleraven, Mjork, Decus, ass pain 2, SuperTsar

July 14th The generator, Yukio Mishima, Dan Dark, Swordbeast, hk’h8, Roo7, Stillman, thegoat, Skyflowers, Rhyssa, Ogden Nut, Wank Engine, BengtBobby, Arthur Philip Dent, dazedandconfused, Poutybrit, Roydal, MoveZig, Paulie Gatto, Salvatore Leone, Melcadrien, 1xp, MrBaja, Alan Shore, ki!!ler mckoy, Tommy Bersotto, Spy1, Evaw, DuncanM, E Humperdinck, Trenchcoat

July 13th Tynte Mall is OURS!!!! 2 x generators, bombero pocero, patwesty, predater, zedhawk, Terry Merric, Smoking Ghost, CK Shrike, Meleone, artofescape’, sarge pawn, IanB, SnakePliskin, Big Boobs McGee, Crawford Tillingast, quadalpha, Drevin, Philip Uston, Couture, CowBie, Bobby Rae, doctor butcher MD, Miasmar, LostPhrack, NeblQ, Cutty Axe McFace, daishii, squibbs, UrgentSnail, Master Unit, PvtBlubberButt, Kampela, nebelmauer, Fatty McButterpants, 833FY, Kevin Fowler, Psycho Mantis, Smitri Drankovicg, Dan Greyman,

July 12th 4 x generators, Scared Poopless, SolylentSub, Swordbeast, Koroshiya1, Officer Kahn, roo7, Sven Sturgstrom, Blue Loonie, KarmicDragon, PFC Lockwood, Dan Dark, Kloo Shanko, Saikoro, Sgt Cannonfodder, DJSkunkmeister, Snackwell, trevor fletcher, Aellaris, earque, hackitup, Eddie Tempest, Doctor Daring, Ichi Matzu, Phoenex, Abnormalia, Alien Queen, agustina000, NotMyBrain, Philton, Gervaise Hampster, Eric Hoffman, Digesting you, Johnny Goodspeed, Bishop A., Major Astroman, Damon Finch, saikoro

July 11th Doctor Dooom, Doc Alex, Edragon, Genetric Wireless, Darth Randel, VoidProphecy, Skyflowers, Durtboy, Deep Thought, aaron siskind, cindy anthrope, roo7, maiden2,Matt Spencer, Jane Austen

July 8th Ramen Cup, Mr Dangerous, E Nameless, JonK, Dr Matthew Kilroy, Aplha Bear, T Givons, Joey Joejojoeyjojo, Area42, Vash Reddington, Luther Hawkins, NoBananas, QueenD, Private Ryan6, emuwrangler, chompyer, incubicles, Generator, Croxis, TheGoat, Dr Niku, Mas Namerif, Torch boy, Stan Longton, Mimigemmel, Darkslide

July 7th Count dorukula, Kovax, Officer Baptiste, Stupid Bitch, Fayst, Coltonto, Evan Kale Smith, TheBlackGecko, Zeb Sites, Nightnibbler, flies, The OneOnTheLeft, McCrane, BurkyB, Draugwynn, lloll, Eleondria Saranus, timtimtim, yokiyoki, Trevor Blackwell, Gorrest Fump, JonnyJonJons, Lord of the Pies, Dooga, Mad Trotsky, St Michael, Jay Hop, Hwang Sun, T Givons, Dr James Darius, Mariska, Warbaby, Doctor Raw, Life Junky, BloodyHarry, the omnipresence, czech3, Generator, Kampela, Harvey Wrench, Dr Niku, Generator, Chris Stone, Matt Spencer

July 5th 4 x generators, The Last Human, Lord of the Pies, Von Stengl, Gill Grandt, Growlf, Popular Lawyer, Worldcup06, Crazy doctor, ButtSezk4U, perigee, Dr Hunter, Lars Lindh, Cyrus Rex, Squeegy, Phoque, Killimall, Drunkenstupor3, sringe’em, TheSmiler, Swami Guru, Lungdigger, Amazing Individual, Vry, Generator, radio, Kinpatsu, Blair Monster, rockie7, Raah raah Blaah

July 3rd Steban Philomeno, I smell something, Some Goth Kds, The Toadie, Clawbear, Nico gladwin, Zato Ichi, Begnigo, DemmyGod, Taphs, RayGunn, Karnevil, Nimel, Gilby21, Mr Lonely Bassic, Daniel Dore, MrBiBY

June, 2006

June 30th Dean Moore, Pirate Diego, Mammonn, McKain, Zero Ex, Moriya, Arget, Sabercat, Bountyhunter2000, HolyLarry, Sylvester Newell, Molly P, Soulio

June 29th: Betty Blaze, Anazagoras, Niels Istovick, PACarMANd, Alucard1515, Zommbunist, Slanch, Edrich, Plague Girl, Tony Blaaaa, Doctor VanNostro, Lanadian, Achnaeteon, p4x639, Ra Z or, Strangie, Seth Gray, bennieh, TsakaH, Batzorig, Magicspoon, Careful, Vanima, Har4, Kammie, LadyOphy, Phophito, potentiallydead

June 2nd: Brigitte, Rahn Gray, Private Powler, Zaruck, Laura Mansion, Semper Foo, Jill James, Sergeant Aldus, Sebularity, Moneyforthepoor, Garrax

June 1st: JackJekyl, Iamasheep, ElBarto761, Kaier Bannon, Patrick Hammond, Psycho Fireman, Miss Piggy, DrClot, Zekez, Chicho, Too Cold, Misspiggsyhealer, Mon94key, Titin Galit, YumYumBurp, RatNinja, Necram, Horseblind, Bubbatoast, KillYouToo, Full Moon Tryst, Narcon

May, 2006

May 31st: El Wad, BABarracus, Zmoby, Hixx, Herr Himmler, Armold Riker, Psycho Fireman, Simon Wales, The Ubershroom, Tuck23, DrRosen, Ryan Rightous, Daylynne, Havelock Veterani, Chuchni, Grettir Sterki, Cutlass911, Mikhail Korenshekov, DrStabsalot, William L., Nate Q, Zombielsayer11, Ben Kenobi, Wooferi

May 30th: Dr Danger, RobertBruce, Nacho Martin Die, Termite, Grampy, Briam Bosworth, Alien, Isorox, Mike Madman Calwert, Harry Shipman, Fire Marshal Bob, Yusodead

May 29th: Karem Huntington, Singh Long, EPPO 111, Julia Abatemarco, Deadliku, Vini Alonso, Rig R Mortis, Falai, OnelEss, Igmar, Bananatyke, Aidhe, Cyka, Jugggernaut, Experimentalkiller, Leyiab leahchim, Soladao, Dr Test, MadEon

May 28th: Omnivaliant, Dr Leslie Morris, Huroha, Doc Brannigan, Some Random Person, Miek Lekern, Necrocarcass, Phat Shu, Clayton Forresstor, Rias Nightshade, James Flames, Gorkamorka, Sparzclart, Seargant Polerm, Romark, Aypok, Bugsdrew

May 27th: Danus, Buttbag, Chucksies, Aaron Smurf Murphy, Muppetlord, Ressurection Clam, Jugggernaut, Beaque, Acetylene Black, Benedictonius, Jesus the Squirrel

May 26th: Grampy, RobertBruce, Seiker, Krazy King, Franny Grass, Rubygrail, Fireman Kanzi, Braindead’s Doom, David Mankomann, Yamiko, McClown, Armadae500, Yukio Mishama, Hunter Razor

May 25th: Private Lessons, KillYouToo, Jason Cole, Steve the Axe, NCR Ranger Baum Bank: Yumyumburp, Flint Toughguy, Itsatrap, David Suzuki, Trenchcoat, Rescue Disc, Black Scotty, Gingerfury, Joechip, Noah the Tweeker

May 24th: Pope Gordy, Triple six, STARS Nemesis, Karama62, Project Annihilation, FieryMan, Sgt Gimenez, TehPeach, Steve Dean, Doctor Mczeddy, Xie Xie, Verzombinator, Frag99mented, le champion, Zentax, DiGiral SyZteck X, Paddyodoors, intooblv, frogamn2, Budhapest, Igon Fortuna, Gas Fairy, Head Knight of Ni, Man Boobs, Heckkk, EQ, Mikeinmke

May 23nd: Amano Jako, Jerry000, Dave Ridge, Lydia Schumane, Doncroce, Ben Laden, Zruda, Buzzlightyear07, Dog Deever, Ressurection Clam, Mungmung, Nebulous, Trashbat, Captain Pegleg, The Gray Man, Jonny Rocketfingers

May 22nd: Shiba chua, Mexicandrummer, Ace Vendetta, JoTune, WearWhiteForMe, Toturi I, Seargent Polerm, Testara, Tarrent, Doctor Casper, Papa Schultz, Cpt Prophet, Glorfingle, Erin22, Kai Antilles, Matt Skystalker, Stormchild, TeadDeadMan, Exile the Ember, Bullgod,TheManTheyCallJayne, Sei Pistole

May 21st: Ian Chesterton, Doc Morbid, Barbrady, Edgeworth, Deadcutter, Secan, Artemis Clyde, Guavamoment, MFDhunk, DrV4mp, Luke’s Bitch, Ventje, Singh Long, Snakepliskin

May 20th: Konohamarukun, Red Firefly, Bunny X, Marcusgipps, sargento tejero, Art Doyle, havelok vetinari, Raziael, Saqui, Donny Dead, Drewsilla, die die die 11

May 19th: Einsen, FEAR Point Man, Thanover, Papa Shultz, Yaka852, Lemmz, Smoking Ghost, Kiddvicc, Zrruul, Nacholibre

May 18th: Ogmern I Wulfsail, lp692, Great Greatznor, Toris Gret, StevenC2, Valstaz29, Kyle Terada, Barry Naylor, Astorath, Tripper Jack, BurkyB, Wojciech, Zelenka, All Hail CLWG, Sbluen, GiveItToMe, Mister Cadabra, Kei Makino, Rubia

May 17th: Beast of Death, Elysiun , Syringetank, Varni, HolyLarry, Slcamar, Dr Strangelust, Sei Pistole, RedFirefly, H G Monash, Friendly scientist, Mooeymessiah

May 16th:Cedr, Haki23, Full Moon Tryst, Billy Joel, Officer Betty, Darth Sidious, Hanshe, Jonathon Crow, Judd the Mutter, Thebestophist, Evaw, Bufford T Justice, Pope Phred, Iseros, Beast of Death

May 15th: Cedric Barca, Joe Lewis, Tuffcunz, Steron, Max Orlov, Joan de Lusignan, Coolbob2, Dudemiester, Pashaw, Luke Bear, Mmmmm Humans

May 14th: Agent Cool, Luis617, Colonel Bishop, Odb, DrVanNostron, Nancy Sanchez, Lagdalen, William Edgars, Claudia 1HCAT, Rufus 1HCAT, tigro830, Kurits DOE, arfmeorarf, ZiggyStarbury, Jerry000

May 13th: Floyd Greco, DanWeinrich, Rzor and then to Nuttal Museum for some some nice Holy Larry, Japo15, Nexusvt100, tigro830, a large jellyfish

The Eternal Undead Night

Welcome to Rotwood!

Currently, the Horde and many other undead are busy relaxing in Rotwood. It's a great place. We hang out at Hildebrand mall, don't have to spend any Action Points standing up, and just wander out, rip down barricades, and eat the handful of wounded, recently revivified, or otherwise depleted meatsacks inside. Yum yum. The whole area resounds with feeding groans and the shuffle of cadaverous feet.

However, we do have Tynte mall to the north, and Nichols mall to the west where survivors can readily acquire lots of ammo and other goodies with ‘bargain hunter’ before heading into our territory to hassle us for no good reason.

Therefore, several horde members have alts or characters that have been revivified. They enter these malls and destroy generators. This will at least hinder ammo gathering and help preserve the glory of an undead-only Rotwood because AP spent on searching are AP unspent on travelling and installing cranial sunroofs in our zombies.

Currently, our traitor Necrotech agents will merrily emerge from the mall and cram a needle into you if they have seen you destroy generators in that place. Just stand at…

Bradbury Library, Pimbank (changed for easier access to a VS building)


Maxwell Walk, Stanbury Village (56,54)

So, turn out the lights with ol’ mister pistole or trusty fire axe, let ‘em fill you full of lead (wasting more AP’s and ammo that took them ages to locate), amble to the revive point, get jabbed, and repeat, each and every day.