The Attle Building

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The Attle Building
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the Attle Building

Shackleville [56,67]

the Raymond Building Maybee Cinema the Duggan Building
Swaffield Plaza the Attle Building Nash Alley
the Charlesworth Hotel Raggett Plaza St Anselm's Church

Basic Info:


The Attle Building is a nondescript apartment complex housing a number of Necro Tech employees. The building's security features include a retinal scan at both the main and service entrances as well as security cameras located throughout the complex. The lower levels consist of smaller apartments for entry level employees graduating to larger and more spacious apartments for senior directors as well as visiting CEOs.


First built in 1950, the building originally housed a number of local government offices as well as a community outreach center. Designed with a nuclear war in mind, the building features an underground bomb shelter, reinforced walls, and a series of backup generators. In 2004, Necro Tech purchased the building and quickly began renovations, as it would serve as a housing complex for Necro Tech employees working at the Raymond building. As a secure housing facility, the goal was to protect employees from industrial espionage as well as provide easy access and control of the company's employees.

Barricade Policy

Very Strong

Current Status

Safe(20 of July of 2011)

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