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Armed Mandate of Independent Suburbs

ERIS Symbol.PNG The Authority ERIS Symbol.PNG

The Guardians of the Populat

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Armed Mandate of Independent Suburbs
Abbreviation: The Authority/AMIS
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: The Autocrat.
Goals: True Liberty.
Recruitment Policy: Asserting our sovereign control over all Malton and cleansing its population of all mutated humans.
Contact: Join our forums.

The Armed Mandate of Independent Suburbs (AMIS), also known as The Authority, is the legal and official successor and effective continuation of The Exclave.

AMIS Radio - 26.54 MHz Short-wave Radio Info
The Authority has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.54 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: Any transmitter in Malton may be commandeered by AMIS Government Forces.

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