The Baboneau Arms

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The Baboneau Arms
the Baboneau Arms

Peddlesden Village [0,22]

Border Habgood Avenue Mattick Walk Fire Station
Border the Baboneau Arms Finlay Walk
Border Fitkin Auto Repair Rainey Grove

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.


Before the fall of Malton, the Baboneau Arms was an 'Olde English' style bar, and got good business every night of the week. After the rise of the dead it remained pretty much unused until February 2006, when young survivor scientist and musician Vincent Tokay decided to use it as his base of operations, partly inspired by the next door building, Fitkin Auto Repair, whos owner Otto Fitkin still tries to maintain a working business in the middle of the zombie infestation. On February 23 Vince became official proprietor of the arms and served his first pint to Otto. Currently Vince is collecting resources with associates MechaMorgan, brothermongoose and ESLEF, aiming to transform Peddlesden Village into a suburb of trade. Vince plans to keep the British feel to the pub, but also take it upmarket, allowing both the weary traveler to stop and sleep, and the arty student types to meet up over flirtinies. Vince has recently started a revive point outside the Arms, and is running a first-aid operation inside. All welcome!

  • Live acts every saturday
  • Quiz night tuesday
  • Thursday Night is Zombie Night!

Drop in anytime! All living are welcome, but we keep photos of PKers under the bar.

Barricade Policy

To be kept at VSB++, and please keep the lights on. No one likes a warm, unrefrigerated beer

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