The Bastable Family

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The Bastable Family was a minor crime family at the turn of the century. Through force of reference, the Bastable Families have given rise to a number of alleys named after them, where they were known to lie in wait for unsuspecting victims.


Some would say that the name Bastable is actually an outgrowth of the epithet "Bastard", which was often screamed at Brigham "Brigand" Bastable as he ran away from some misdeed. This has been proven historically incorrect. The Bastable family name traces itself to an abandoned baby, progenitor of the line, one Murray Baystable, who was abandoned by his mother at a stable near Middlesbrough on an estuary of the Tees in the early 18th century.

Brigham Bastable and his cousins, Theed "Theif" and Robert "Robber" maintained a reign of terror in Malton from 1890 to 1910, and since this time their "haunts" have carried their name.

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