The BattleRagers

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The BattleRagers
The Combat Wombat!
Abbreviation: BR
Group Numbers: Enough to fuck your mom! OH SNAP!
Leadership: TeFinete and Georgios
Goals: To defend lower Yagoton from the limitless zombie hordes.
Recruitment Policy: add The BattleRagers to your profile.

The BattleRagers

Who we are

A group of survivors who have settled in the lower Yagoton area, and are willing to help out other survivor groups in the area. We are here to protect those who live and work in Southern Yagoton, and to kill as many zombies as we can!

What we want to do

To kill zombies and rid all of Yagoton from this growing problem.

A Brief History

It started when TeFinete, who was wondering around Rolt Heights, heard rumors about a place call Caiger. Being bored with Rolt, he geared up and began his trek across Malton. The battles and fights he was involved in were inconsequential, though numerous; and after many weeks of fighting through Zombie hordes and hostile survivors, he made it to the promised land. Caiger. It was as glorious as the stories said it was.

TeFinete spent the next few months fighting Zeds in Chudleyton. While there, he met a fellow survivor named Georgios. Together they slew many Zeds and protected many survivors. It was a great time to be alive. Then it happened. The fall of Caiger. TeFinete and Georgios tried defending it, but in the end, the Zeds were too many. TeFinete, distraught and depressed, wondered aimlessly. He eventually wondered into Yagoton, where he once again met up with Georgios! They decided then and there that Yagoton is where they would start a new group. The BattleRagers were born.

  • Update!* After a very long absence, The BattleRagers are back! We are currently re-claiming our former territory and getting our HQ back up and running. We look forward once again to helping out our allies The Abandoned and The Yagoton Revivification Clinic.

How can I join?

If you wish to join our awesomeness, great! We need young, energetic warriors to fight alongside us. If you would like to join our ranks, meet us at the Rounsefell Library in South Eastern Yagoton. Also, place The BattleRagers in your character profile. Once that is done, kill as many zombies as you can!