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The Batwing Brigade are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 06:24, 31 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

The Batwing Brigade
Abbreviation: BatwingLogoSide.gif BWB
Group Numbers: Recruiting
Leadership: Penny Black
Goals: Mix a decent Snakebite, dance to Bauhaus, batsbatsbats
Recruitment Policy: Dressed in black, no PKers, no zergs, spikes optional. Talk to Penny.
Contact: Penny Black or this forum

General information

Zombies may be Smelly and Scary, but they are certainly not Spooky. This really is a zombie plague, with all zombies and no vampires.
Goths have always been outcasts, misunderstood and mocked by the uncaring masses. Long has it been our way to congregate in the outskirts of normality, seeking out the dark underbelly of society, finding strength in numbers. And besides, it's bloody impossible to get the DJ to play Siouxie and the Banshees unless you have your own club anyway.
The Batwing Brigade mostly focuses on touring Malton, rediscovering the old Goth clubs where we used to hang before the outbreak, and playing the music that we love and crave. Have you always wanted to be a DJ? Here's your chance!


Do you want to attend our shows, but don't know if you dare? Do your people skills leave others scarred to body and soul? Or have you taken the Death Rocker thing a bit too far for most other peoples comfort? Don't worry! While we have a strict no-PKing policy within the group, anyone, including Malton's undead, is welcome to our events! Provied they behave themselves, of course. That means: No killing / eating the other guests, no destroying the furniture or any of the electrical equipment immediately before, during or after the show.

Also, if you have a bounty on you because of your past adventures, it could be wise to let whatever groups active in the suburb know that you are there for our show, and not in any other capacity, to avoid getting reaped during the event. Refer any questions to Penny.

Before the outbreak, many Goth clubs enforced more or less strict dress codes. With the current state of affairs, however, most people look scary or spooky enough to be admitted. If you do dress up for us, it will be appreciated.



It has been made known to us that Ded Bob Sho is PKing people in Malton with the Batwing Brigade as his group affiliation. This is false. He is not a member, and if he had been his PKing would get him expelled. Give him over to the Rogues' Gallery from us, all right?
--Penny Black 08:58, 6 November 2007 (UTC)

Some would concider Imitation the most sincere form of flattery...If the RPM sees him, we'll blast him for ya. Spacer one RPM 01:20, 8 November 2007 (UTC)
I used to be the doorman for the Batwing Brigade gatherings. But the group was too boring and disorganized, so I left. I'm in Kempsterbank, SpacedOutOne, come get me! --Ded Bob Sho
Hm, I actually remember Ded Bob Sho now, he did indeed turn up a few times. But he wasn't registered as a member at the time of his PK:ing, and he should have removed his group affiliation from the character when he decided to leave the group. --Penny Black 15:13, 7 January 2008 (UTC)


The Batwing Brigade will be hosting a Halloween party at an as yet undisclosed location (stay tuned). It will be a Masquerade, and any type offancy costume will be appreciated and rewarded by free drinks at the bar!
--Penny Black 14:28, 26 October 2007 (BST)

  • notice* Since Penny was dead at the time of Halloween, we were unable to set up a proper show (it's difficult to spin discs with undead fingers).

--Penny Black 08:55, 6 November 2007 (UTC)

Goth Store reopened!

It has just come to my attention that the old Goth Store in Ackland Mall has been excavated from the rubble and reopened! I'll be going down there myself as soon as I can manage. --Penny Black 09:37, 10 September 2007 (BST)


Our next date has been established! Together with the Night Ravers and the Gingerbread Men we will rock Club Mold during the weekend beginning on August 24th. There is a scavenger hunt going on, participate! Come on, you know you want to...
--Penny Black 20:48, 10 August 2007 (BST)

I'm already on my way up there, having done some clothes shopping in Nichols Mall. Thanks for the message! --NTLA1 20:50, 10 August 2007 (BST)
Update: Playlists for the weekend:

--Penny Black 15:21, 28 August 2007 (BST)

Club Vagg vip status

The Batwing Brigade has recently been awarded VIP status at Club Vagg, Malton's most famous lesbian club! If you're a member, and female (or at least feminine), just show your membership tag in the door and walk right past that queue! If you identify yourself as male, however, you may want to stay away on monday nights... depending on personal taste and preference, of course.
--Penny Black 10:59, 7 August 2007 (BST)

Unhappy Anniversary

The Batwing Brigade proudly announces the Party Of the Year! Late monday July 3rd, we will rock the halls of St John's Cathedral, before watching the fireworks! Since the Cathedral is so large, we will offer more than one type of music for your entertainment. Requests will be taken at our talk page or at Brainstock.
--Penny Black 18:36, 29 June 2007 (BST)

Update: These are my playlists from July 3rd:

--Penny Black 07:57, 6 July 2007 (BST)

Next event, June 1:st

By suggestion from NTLA1, our next event will take place on June 1:st. We'll be rocking the Kilingback Cinema in Danversbank, and the theme for the evening will be Vampires, so pull your best translucent black cape back off the rack. Worth mentioning is that the Drama Club will be performing "Army of Darkness" at that very location only a few days earlier.
--10:15, 25 May 2007 (BST)


Playlist for June 1st
--Penny Black 15:48, 19 June 2007 (BST)

And now, something completely different

The Grand Opening has more or less ended, and while the initial turnout was a bit low, a large group of death rockers later arrived and joined us for a good slam dance. As soon as everybody has been revived again, we'll start planning for the next event. Suggestions, anybody?
--21:12, 1 May 2007 (BST)

Grand opening!

BatwingLogoSide.gif Batwing Brigade
This User/Group attended the Batwing Brigade's " Grand Opening" on April 30th 2007

On April 30th, we will hold a Grand opening and recruitment rally at Club Barling, in Pennville (82,81)! Admission is free for all members (and for everybody else, since we don't know how to operate the cash register)! Bring your own fuel cans. The Reformed Pennville Militia has kindly offered to bring the beer! We practice self serving at the bar.

There will be music on all dance floors, and we hope we'll get the smoke machine working in time.

If you're coming to the opening, do us all a favour and bring one piece of decoration with you! We are looking for the following:

  • Mouldering tapestry
  • Medieval tapestry
  • Dark tapestry
  • Headless statue sculpture
  • Skull
  • Monkey skeleton
  • Bird skeleton
  • Lizard skeleton
  • Antique mirror
  • Grecian Urn

--Penny Black 11:59, 5 April 2007 (BST)

To join

We are currently taking applications. Contact Penny Black here or at Brainstock, please sign your message. Don't forget to add your name with a link to your UD or wiki profile in the "Members" section below, and to add "The Batwing Brigade" to your UD profile group box.

"This faction makes me wish I still played Urban Dead, now put some Cure on" - Gothy, Queen of TSO

What we want

Are you feeling Goth today?

The group is open to all subcultures characterized by predominantly black clothing, including (but not limited to) Goths, GothIndustrials, GothMetalheads, Death Rockers (Death Rockers please note: at present you may not have Brain Rot if you want to join, we are a survivor group. We may revise this in the future, depending on popular demand), and even EmoKids (if for no other reason than that we can laugh at them better at close range).

Cities in Dust (or, which suburb are we holding?)

The purpose of the Batwing Brigade isn't to hold territory, destroy the undead horde, or otherwise go down in a blaze of G(l)ory. It's actually more of a social club (if it wasn't for the fact that social clubs are terribly uncool). We want to connect as many of the Darkfolks of Malton as possible, creating a vast Gallery of Shadows. Or at least a little picture book. This doesn't mean that we won't do ordinary survivor things like barricading, healing and reviving, we will just do it Spookily, Morosely and with an unerring sense of Style. And eyeliner.

That being said, there are a few locations that hold a special place in our darkened hearts, on account of them being particularly suited for us darkfolks in one way or another. This list will continue to expand as we rediscover them.

  • Club Barling in Pennville, for no other reason than that it is one of the few clubs in Malton with the word "Goth" in the description... Club Barling is currently used as an entry point to other buildings of more strategic importance, so the barricades are, and will stay, at VS+2. Please respect this. No sleeping on the dance floor! This was the site for our Grand Opening of April 30th.
  • Kilingback Cinema in Danversbank. It is a unique cinema, in that it is the only cinema showing vampire films, particularly the old 1930s version of "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi.
  • Club Mold in Dulston, being another Goth nightclub of note. At the time of writing this, Club Mold has not seen use by the Batwing Brigade since the outbreak, although we hope to remedy this in time.
  • Club Vagg in Eastonwood. This is not actually a Goth club, but since the Batwing Brigade has been awarded VIP status by the new administration, how can we not put it on our list? Besides, the people frequenting its BDSM nights on mondays have a really great fashion sense...

Modus Operandi (or, how we do it)

what not to do

  • NO PKers! No member of the group is allowed to kill other survivors, unless in self defence and then only after submitting a screenshot to the Rogues' Gallery as evidence.

People think that the Columbine Killers were goth. Lets prove them wrong by not killing them, even when they deserve it! Leaving them to wallow in their own misery is a much worse punishment anyway...

  • No Zerging! You are unique, and your black clothing, spikes and eyeliner tears are a mark of this uniquity, just like on all the other goths you hang out with. Do not spoil this effect by zerging.

what to do

  • Staying alive. There was a time when us goths would romanticize suicide, almost in absurdum. In a city where death is at worst a temporary inconvenience, this has had to change. Precipitating yourself from a tall building seems pointless when chances are you will just get right back up again, with only a smudged make-up for your effort. Instead, learn how to make your continued existence as comfortable as possible.

  • Interior decoration. Pleasant surroundings are vital to get that spooky mood going. Whenever you are staying for more than a few days in any given location, don't hesitate to gather spooky and / or stylish decorations to enhance living conditions for yourself and any others who may be using your safehouse. See our talk page for a list of useful items.

  • Another use for poetry. It has been suggested that, instead of reacting violently to PKers, we should get our revenge by stalking those who do us wrong and quoting morose poetry at them. While this may provoke others to violence, it is still a far less hostile behaviour than PKing them right back, and may actually provide sufficient psychological warfare that the PKers abandon their evil ways... or at least the current suburb.


A common stereotype is that goths are creative and artistic, a prejudice that has created an enormous pressure on us to belt out crappy goth poetry and half-arsed pen drawings by the score. In an attempt to adapt this characteristic to the circumstances offered by Malton, here is a gallery of the graffiti tags spraypainted by the members of the Batwing Brigade. If you want to participate, please remember not to spray over important information from other groups, like barricading info or ads for revive points. We don't want to give people more reason to shoot at us.

Text Location Artist
"a bat-winged ankh" Various locations Penny Black
Batwing Brigade party- Kilingback Cinema, June 1st
this is exactly 50 characters
populous locations NTLA1
text location artist

Other advertising:
To put the BWB banner (BatwingLogoSide.gif The Batwing Brigade) on something, just add this little piece of code:

[[Image:BatwingLogoSide.gif|25px]] [[The Batwing Brigade]]

I was bored so a made a few templates for you guys...One of them is for the "Grand opening" at Club Barling, and the other is...well, this:
BatwingLogoSide.gif Batwing Brigade
username Is A Member of :

The Batwing Brigade


External links

Possible future subgroups:

  • r1v3tHe4dZ (This would be our hardcore assault team. If you like music that goes "OONTZ! OONTZ!", and just can't suppress that Trenchcoater nerve, this is the subgroup for you!)
  • Gothe Bykers (If you like the fifties, Gothabilly and beer, or if you just think that those rubber pants look really great on Lux Interior, this is the subgroup for you. Baseball bat optional)
  • Death Rockers (Mixed zombie / survivor group: Revivification is optional)
  • EmoCore (Will act as decoys and draw fire away from the rest of us)

None of these subgroups are actually created yet, but are categorized "Possible Future Projects".


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