The Bayley Family

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Also know as Baylie or Baylis.

History of Bayley family

The Bayley family was one of the founding families of the Rolt Clan. Little is know of the history of the family, predating the industrial age, but the family is said to have heavy Viking heritage in the past. Due to their hate for landowners and lords, from the lead of Johnnie Baylie, the family started migrating towards what is now Malton. Terrance Baylis was one of the founding member of the Industrial Workers Union Malton Division, and later the local section of the Communist Party.

The Bayley families saw civilization important, and Rolt Heights' "twin libraries" Bailey and Bullor, were built through large donation from the two families, both naming their patron library after their counterpart.

Roger Baylis was a construction contractor boss, whose efforts were vital for the building of Dentonside, got a building, The Baylis Bulding named after him. Bayley Lane was named out of a whim by a young city planning office employee, after his girlfriend, Jane Bayley.

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