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The Beck Family will forever be known as the saddest family in Malton. In the early 1600s, the family was sundered in a row that ended in bloodshed. Every year in July the residents of Greater Becktown gather to mourn the family.


Gregory Beck, born in 1556 in what is today West Becktown, was father of the great Beck Family. Lineage of the family does not go any earlier than him. His wife, Julia Beck, gave birth to seven sons and two daughters. Peter, Monty, Cap, Lawrence, Ezekiel, Luke, Abraham, Mary, and Rose. (In age order with the exception of Abraham and Mary being twins.)

When Gregory Beck died in 1613, he left his money to his weakest son, Lawrence. Weeks after Lawrence inherited his father's money he was found murdered in the middle of the street. Peter believed that Monty was responsible for his brother's death and confronted him about it. They quickly escalated to violence and in a fight Cap came to defend Peter. Monty accidentally stabbed Cap and out of rage for his dead brother, Peter killed Monty. Ezekiel and Abraham went to Mary asking for her to tell them where Peter was so that they can turn him in for the death of Monty. The stress of her family strife was too much and Mary killed herself.

Shortly after Luke murdered Abraham for pushing his twin, their sister, to the limit of her sanity. Rose tracked down Peter and attempted to murder him but before she could complete her dark task, Peter awoke. He was able to defend himself and disarm Rose, and she fled. Ezekiel, seeing the growing rift raised support of the people and took control of the eastern portion of his father's land.

Peter and Luke were later found walking in Ezekiel's land. Ezekiel confronted him, and in a fight, Ezekiel charged Peter but ran into Luke and both fell over the edge of the bridge and died instantly. Peter, the only Beck left and grieving the horrific end of his family, committed suicide by poison a few days later.

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