The Bendall Building

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The Bendall Building
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the Bendall Building

Quarlesbank [28, 3]

Gully Walk Stambury Plaza School Pulling Road
Kembry Boulevard Fire Station the Bendall Building the Norcliffe Building
the Willmott Motel Cornford Cinema a warehouse

Basic Info:

The Bendall Building


Often overlooked due to its apparent lack of any redeeming features, this is probably a good thing.

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The Bendall Corporation is the leader in all types of Bending Technology. The company started small in the late 60s, producing paper clips and pipe cleaners. By the time of the outbreaks, they were a multi-national corporation, leaders in the production of elbow joints, bendy straws, novelty Gumby bendable toys, and curiously in the bending of pork products. Rumor has it plans were already in the works for automated bending robots and suicide booths, some of which may have been prototyped in the (again rumored) secret underground labs below the Bendall Building. Sadly, zombies proved to be inflexible and the entire company went bust after the outbreak.


Long and without incident of any note whatsoever.

Barricade Policy

Generally EHB Although a strange quirk of this building seems to be that its much safer to hide in when it has no barricades or is in fact ruined!

Current Status

A kind of dull blue colour

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