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This is a parody group. Although it does come awfully close to the real thing.

Best of NWO
Abbreviation: uNWOnted
Group Numbers: Everyone but NWO
Leadership: Yes
Goals: Laughing at clowns
Recruitment Policy: *blanks page*
Contact: The third kind.

Children say the damndest things

Yes, these are all actual quotes from actual members of NWO. All emphasis was added by the editors of this page. I wouldn't be surprised if they blanked their talk pages as a result of seeing their own stupidity here. Feel free to add similar quotes here- the wiki is littered with their detritus. This page is owned by everyone who hates NWO AKA just everyone.


"its spelled both ways,freind and friend dumbshit....."
-Paynetrain on proper spelling Source

The [Krinks Power] Plant is currently only being occupied and run by the NWO. No other Groups have been seen in and around the area.
-Paynetrain on the current situation around Krinks

"I also don't care that you're partly retarded.If you were a real freind of cyber you would have supported NWO rather than create dumb groups against it and you would have stuck by him through thick and thin.And since you are not a recognised(wanting doesn't mean your a freind) freind of the knights or the Nwo,I can easily say stay the fuck off"
-Paynetrain on friendship

"Don't come here whining about my "insults" and how i hurt both your bitch feelings.You tried to show the fuck off and got smacked the fuck down.If you can't take the heat stick your head down a hole and yell ostrich."
-Paynetrain on eloquence

"In other words stay out of any affairs that involve the NWO because you're frankly annoying me and pissing me off too.If you do not,i promise you i will treat you no better than how i treat asswig and sexual fail,and i also promise i'll burn the shit out of you,i have been warning you about this countless times"
-Paynetrain on Anja's neutrality

"listen up asswig,the only reason i decided to skullfuck you and sexualfail was because both you bitch's tried to act tough on the wiki and show the fuck i repeat YOU FUCKING GOT WHAT WAS COMING TO YOU,YOU MOTHERFUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!!"
-Turns out Paynetrain is a Delta Marine Corps Navy SEAL elite sniper, too, and he will FUCK YOU UP! :)

"How much failure can you two bitches fucking throw at me??i mean,really?.....Tears?the only tears i need to clean up is your tears,along with my cumstains on your face after i was finished skullfucking you(in a NON-FILTHY way ;) )......and that post??bitch i was so overjoyed at the fact that you started whining,sobbing and complaining over my insults that i laughed my ass off and decided to throw in something cheesy and legendary like xD.If i was crying i would probably do something bitch like,maybe block you off my talk page and start saying things like"Oh my friggin God,harrison,did you like see that like totally filthy guy,Oh my god he insulted me like 7 times!!*gasp* and then i like totally lost my man purse and like blocked him from my talk page cause he was like being mean to me and like you know.....using bad sentence structures.....*gasp*IKR,OMG,Lots of love I'm a little confused on the template though....were you actually trying to prove that you're a motherfuckin son of a bitch or something OR were you fail-lowing in the footsteps of your fuckbuddy Vapor and just plain finding something absolutely uselless to do with your useless life??now,Sexual fail.....if you must know,i'm somewhere between PlaYsch00l and kinD3RG4rtEn as shown by the lines above.Also thank you for showing the world that i can get a revive,travel to the nearest auto repair,travel back,refuel the genny(for my teammates),hit you a few times with just a fire axe and still manage to find a hiding spot with just 17 AP or something.But please don't forget the morale of this story you still got your ass skewered just like you asked for(gay fantasy fulfilled,huh?)."
-Paynetrain on not being mad. Not mad at all.

"I am intrested in joining order of barhah assuming that they are a survivor group(please make it a little more clearer on the wiki page)"
-Paynetrain posting on the 404:Barhah Not Found forums, clearly having trouble telling between the MOB, Order of the Black Rose, and 404.


Payne has a talent for getting kicked off of talk pages.

"i do not allow seven-year-olds to post on my discussion page. boy, let me know when you see some fuzz appear on your face. until then, it looks like you have some growing up to do. i think i will do what your own guilt did."
-Anja Arnheim

"Paynetrain is not welcome on my talk page. If he wants to PM me something, he's gonna say it through you, because you're able to talk without shitting up the page with puerile vulgarities and kindergarten-caliber grammar."

"and if you don't learn to indent and be polite when you gloat you are not welcome on my page anymore. fail train."
-Sexualharrison (obviously payne didn't learn)

"Post by Paynetrain removed. Unless you are an authorised representative of the Philosophe Knights, do not be telling people where to go on our talk page."
-The Philosophe Knights

User:CyberOpposition/User:Happy 24 7

"Yeah, idk... I'll think about acting mature"

"NWO is the only group worth talking about in my eyes(You all shall pay, fuck you and I hate you all) Save the admirability bullshit too, don't care. Don't care about educating Malton either, just enslaving them. n'est-ce-fuk-u (:"

"nobody wants to deal with your bullshit. So if you want to call that "the heat" then yeah, I'd be out of my mind to want to deal with your shit. I'm surprised FoD deals with your bullshit."
-Repeating ourselves?


"Also, I'd like to point out the independence of every member in NWO as it's a division based group. (Trust me, not too easy to manage when everyone is doing their own thing anyway)"
-CO honestly evaluates his (lack of) control over the NWO

"oh yeah, sexual here can't seem to stand my comments on his talk page. I had to point a couple things out to him and he decided to delete my posts and twist his ending statements for his own favor. Goes to show you how cool he is. even if he is a good pker, nobody is going to give a shit if he's an ass about it. not worth the time anymore."
-CO, about a day before BLANKING HIS OWN TALK PAGE after Radical owned it.

"Do you still draw boobs with two circles then dot the middle?"
-CO makes an art request.

"yes, the stalked program was cancelled because there was no support from other groups."
-CO, summing up NWO's diplomacy in a nutshell

"But before I stop.... Fuck you kiddy infant hoe we don't need PKs support especially when you guys feel the right to determine who should leave a group and who shouldn't. Oh yeah that's right, I should just throw my hands up in da air and let you take command of my group, because then it'll be as successful and full up on assholes just like yours :D wheeeeeee"

"This page should be deleted and any that have been clearly made to defame and insult NWO."
-CO demonstrating an inability to withstand any form of insult

"Many users on the wiki are not what I would consider neutral, so the list is short."
-CO on how he's made so many enemies he's left with just two arbitrator candidates

"Just because some of us are human doesn't make them children throwing fits"
-CO right after throwing a wall of text tantrum over losing a case.

"I don't argue to be right."
-CO on why he lost Arbitration. Does this mean you argue to be wrong? Good job, you managed.

"What's 2+2=¿"
-CO the intellect

"If you had to go to the bathroom, where would you shit first?"
-CO is not afraid to ask for potty help.

"Anyways, I think it's pretty clear that people here will back the more favourable users over those who aren't seen as favourable."
-CO finally gets how pissing off people tends to turn out.

"But co bra [sic] has been... well, they've really only managed a big giant long list of kills."
-CO says it's nothing, nothing at all, just an asskicking NWO took.

"O, I don't care about being unpopular. I seriously don't care about it. I don't care if you like me or not. "
-CO rants about how he doesn't care at all. He doesn't care so much he has to say it three times, just to make sure we all understand how much he doesn't care.

User:Ayu Milady

"I don't need your so-called respect"
-Ayu to Anja Arnheim, after trying to save face towards Anja for a WHOLE PAGE.

"Instead of using this chance to try to better yourself, asking KN with the real intent to find out why she saw fit to educate you, or even shrugging off the incident after your threat above (a rather childish one, I must say), you give in to frustration and take this chance to hurl emotional accusations and demand replies, without truly considering a single thing we are saying."
-Foxlion to Ayu

"To recap: Ayu is rightfully educated by KN according to our code, and rather than dusting herself off, heading to a revive point and at the very least saying, "Well that's a part of life in Malton..." she risks the ire of now FIVE deadly and effective killers with years of combined experience in the city. Most days in Malton I wake up asking myself, "Who's worth killing today? I need something to do." Why on Earth would anyone make that answer so readily apparent with this kind of silly posturing? Who actually gets mad when they die in Malton?"


"would you look at that!!finally managed to shut him up.No more comebacks,no more fail templates,no more shit,just weirdly acting like a little girl after she gets raped???"

Courtesy of the wonderful, wonderful human being named Paynetrain.

Quotes About NWO

So many good ones, we're going to have to divide it into two sections!


"it's because you've sabotaged your own efforts, such as making your group undesirable to potential recruits by insulting them publicly. To draw a car analogy, it's like complaining that your seatbelts didn't work after you sliced all of the ones in your car."
-Aichon tells it like it is

"you stop acting like a child, rayne. it may not be what you want to hear, but at this time the best move you could make is to accept the fact that people are upset at you, and to move on." -Anja Arnheim

"So, if I'm to understand you correctly, you were only joking and didn't actually mean to give anyone the finger or make Payne look like an ass by swapping out the template he used on various people's pages with one that looks like it was written by a petulant child? Come on, that's just the lazy man's excuse for poor behavior. To quote from one of my favorite sources, "Anyone who would trick someone and then say, 'I was only joking' is like a fool who shoots flaming arrows into the air and accidentally kills someone.” "
-Assistant IV, in response to CO's usual excuses

"you're so clueless that, rather than stopping your tantrum, you started screaming even louder. Your lack of self-awareness is rather pitiable, and at the rate you're going, your group can't keep cleaning after you forever."
-Assistant IV

"But you're being rude because you can't handle seeing some words on a screen. "
-Radical Whig basically sums up NWO's existence.

"The people of Williamsville are lining up to join your corpses constantly protecting Malton's asphalt. ... Oh wait, that's right. You aren't even in Williamsville anymore. Sad. Most other groups, even TZH, can manage to stay within five blocks of their declared headquarters."
-Radical Whig

"if you go to the cobra trophy room which is open to everyone by the way. since august 9th I count 19 confirmed kills to your 2. which you have yet to prove. math don't lie you all suck at this game."
-sexualharrison (NWO never managed to respond with screenies of more than two kills)

"it really sends a bright, honking "HELL YEAH I AM A MORON AND PROUD OF IT" when you can't even properly handle a fucking space bar (let alone your group members)."
-Radical Whig on Paynetrain's peculiar spelling habits

"We have simply never liked your wiki shilling, and your attempt to spin-doctor your Fort-Perryn-Non-Campaign as event of the year was the final straw."
-Sally A Summers

"a group that has shown itself to be incompetent, sloth, and actively hindering zerg hunters and educators"

"happy, please stop thinking."
-Good advice from Anja to CyberOpp


"Don't blame DT for your own failure to do your due diligence. As DT said in his ruling, you forced his hand, particularly on the BNWO issue, by not providing any evidence on which he could act. This is on you." -Aichon in response to CyberOpp whining about losing an arbitration case in which he provided no evidence against me

"I don't think hitting with 3 or 4 people are embarrassing.. But if you still think it is".
"That's two people, genius."
-Radical Whig

"Category:Recruitment page looks much, much nicer now. Keep up the good work!"
-RadicalWhig about Paynetrain removing his wiki ad
(blanked the page)
-CO being a good sport. Oh wait.

"shitting up the wiki with non-events. Some grand scheme to retake Perryn/Blackmore/Dunell Hills happens every couple of months, and yours hasn't been any of the kind to write at home about." -Sally A Summers on glory-hounding

"Paynetrain tells someone to "shut the fuck and crawl in a hole and die" and then immediately goes to RadicalWhig's talk page and asks about copying our templates. Why are you surprised at all that one of would call him out? We also have it on good authority that your in-game actions are equally indescrete and deplorable. Radio spam, name-calling, shitty grafitti, pitful Blackmore sieging. If it walks like flotsam, and quacks like flotsam, it must be flotsam."

"I'm a survivor of the highest calibre, and I must ask. Why take the fort? It's nothing but a terrible way for survivors to spend AP. Next you'll want to repair the armoury."
-Rosslessness sees a flaw with NWO's otherwise sterling tactics

"lol these guys think the wiki is going to mean something one day.I really don't think it will."
"How do you think it looks to wiki users when you insult them out of one side of your mouth while asking them to join your group from the other? Hell of an attitude problem you have there, and you're only making things worse for yourself by combining a lousy attitude with a lack of evidence, since the lousy attitude alienates people, while the lack of evidence destroys credibility."

"Your generic appeal does little to pique my interest. Condolences."
-Rosslessness being as nice as possible in response to wiki-spam.
(Cyber posts a picture of a giant middle finger)
"The post above wasn't supposed to be used to fuel an argument. If you took that silly image personally ross, I'm sorry."
-CO showing the usual tact and grace.

"while I find it admirable you are so willing to leap to the defense of your comrades, I encourage you to actually read before you write. In case you have not noticed, this case is about Ayu’s ACC alt, a group which has shown itself to be all the things I mentioned, and one that, frankly, has nothing to do with you. I know this may be confusing for you, but not every page on the Wiki is about NWO."
-Stranger FX

"What the fuck? I havnt been active in here in ages, as should be evidenced by my talk page. Get the fuck out, asshole.


GASNWO.jpg You're invited!
To stay the fuck out of my user page. Who gave you permission anyway?

-DeRathi responding to NWO wiki-spam. Holy shit, and I thought I was brutal to NWO.

"Goddamn, if that went any further over your head, we coulda strapped a satellite to it and got it into geosynchronous orbit for cheap...also, i find it amusing that you couldnt come up with anything better than copy/pasting my entry from your talk page. Kudos for figuring out how to ctrl+c, ctrl+v and then mash enter without fucking it up"
-DeRathi stomping even more ass shortly afterwards.

Redeeming Traits

But wait, they may have some redeeming traits!


Uh... yeah... oh wait, here's one.

"cybersock from the bottom of my boot, thanks for feeding the wiki drama lama. this would have been a boring summer if it was not for you and your team of half wit failures."

Pics or it didn't happen

Screenies of NWO in action

Fail. He didn't even run
Success, but it took four people, a genny, fuel and probably like 100 rounds of ammo
Success, but he *STILL* fucked up even after getting the kill!
NWO is still figuring out how to take cover in dark buildings
At least the last guy was even near a dark building when he got stuck outside. Fail!
Cobra lifts up a leg and marks Krinks, NWO's HQ, as Cobra territory
A NWO PKer politely saves Sally the trouble of genny + hunting. (for the second time, no less. See "Fail" above)
Krinks is obviously a trap! Yes, that will surely save NWO lives! Like this!

NWO recruitment ad

[1] (AKA abloobloo over no one joining the glee club)

NWO Cheevos

Nwoobloobloo.gif ABLOOBLOO World Order
Gasmaskkklogo.jpg The Wolfpac
Name your group after a pro wrestling stable
Meanie display image.jpg Say Whaaa?
Have at least one joke about your group name soar over your head
GASNWO.jpg Schizophrenic
Try to set up multiple play style factions within your group
Spam.jpg Canned Meat Award
Spam at least 10 people with recruitment templates
GASNWO.jpg Exercise in Futility
Make at least 5 game suggestions
Gasmaskkklogo.jpg Mr. Punctuality
Write at least two sentences using proper punctuation
Killer.jpg Foot in Mouth Disease
Incur the wrath of a large and dangerous PKing group
NWOLogo2222.jpg F Bomber
Tell at least 10 people to fuck off
GASNWO.jpg Landmine Bellyflop
Piss of as many people as possible in one week
SupportOps2.jpg Futile Questions
Try to expose "hypocrisy" in the PKing community
Abloobloobloo.gif Impotent Rage
Change the text of your recruitment templates to the equivalent of "Fuck You"
Gasmaskkklogo.jpg Failed Retaliation
Survive over 24 hours against the wrath of a large and dangerous PKing group
FOD-placeholder.jpg Gag Reel
Have the "Gagged aka STFU" forum mask applied on the FOD Forum
Meanie display image.jpg Avatard
Have the "Avatar of Shame" applied to your FOD Forum account
FOD-placeholder.jpg Common Flotsam
Get laughed at by FOD

The Closest NWO could get to Rebuttals

Nice try.

RadicalWhig-An_analysis -curb-stomped by wikizens, no longer available.
User:Ayu_Milady/Butthurt_Gallery - But mine is bigger than yours. And technically, it also includes yours.
User:Paynetrain/Noobsbane - The final word in epeen. Also this.
ARBY'S!- CyberOpp finally breaks down and tries to call down the wikicops on me.
UPDATE: I won too. I even exactly called all but one result a week ahead of time.

Other Sweet Links

Spiderzed's historical documentation of the NWO's activities: User:Spiderzed/A_Brief_History_of_the_NWO


"As for NWO being the laughingstock of the community, I'd like to say that NWO isn't even supposed to be taken as seriously as you're taking it. If someone gets a good chuckle out of our group then good!"

Damn straight.

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