The Bhore Monument

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The Bhore Monument
Suburb Location Coords Maintainer(s) Comments Timestamp

active slow inactive dangerous unknown
The Bhore Monument is a Revive Point

the Bhore Monument

Vinetown [83,66]

Waite Plaza wasteland a warehouse
the Tynte Building the Bhore Monument Corless Bank
Caunt Street Police Department Shaft Grove wasteland

Basic Info:

  • A monument is a city block containing a statue or similar piece of public art, without a building in it. It is functionally equivalent to a street, except that players with the Tagging skill can gain 2 XP for writing graffiti on a monument.
  • This is, game-play wise, an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
  • After the July 3, 2009 update, some monuments became tall and can be seen from a distance with binoculars

The Bhore Monument [83,66] is a monument in the suburb of Vinetown. It is one of four monuments in the suburb, and is notable as Vinetown's primary Revive Point.

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DescriptionDescription of the Bhore Monument

You are at the Bhore Monument, a granite statue of a man with a book surrounded by grass.

Located two blocks from the southwest corner of Mitchem Mall, the Bhore Monument currently serves as Vinetown's only revivification point.

Revive PointThe Bhore Monument is a Revive Point

Planned revivification is officially supported at this revive point by M.E.R.C.Y., although assistance in maintaining the location is always appreciated. Feel free to drop by, and "Thank you!"

Requests placed through the DEM's Revivication Request tool are fulfilled when resources permit. (View current queue.)

NewsThe Bhore Monuments News

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October 24th 2008' Zombies are waiting for revival are mixed in with zombies from the MOB who are using this revive point to stage attacks after resting. Watch out! --Bob

September 26th 2008' Zombies are waiting for revival. Be aware if your a zombie as sometimes people will just come by a kill which could impose your revival process. Outlaw2448

July 4th 2008 Currently occupied by 13 zombies. Be careful of other zombies in surrounding 3X3 area, unknown if they are friendly --Ninja187 19:10, 4 July 2008 (BST)

AlertsWarnings at the Bhore Monument

Warnings and other information with special considerations. Please use discretion when contributing to this section.

Rotters and other Dangerous Individuals

Assistance in suppressing these individuals is requested, not only from members of the military and local law enforcement agencies, and those individuals and survivor groups having interests in the neighborhood, but most particularly from those among the "Unwillingly Undead" who are waiting in the queue for revivification. Please assist by adding these individuals to your Contacts List, and if present at this location, "encourage" them to leave by any means necessary.

All individuals removed from this list should be moved to Talk:The Bhore Monument

Queue-Clogging Rotters:

Hostile Zombies

Murderous Survivors (Local PKers)

Power Disrupters (Local GKers)

History and SignificanceThe Bhore Monument's History and Significance

Placing a monument to this champion of Universal Health Care in a suburb as historically underprivileged as Vinetown is yet another testament of Malton's past indifference to the needs of this under-served community. That this previously minor point of interest has become a place where victims of the current zombie outbreak—the most denigrated of Malton's many socioeconomic classes—can seek treatment for their condition is an irony most likely lost upon the many suffering individuals who have received aid at this location.

Sir Joseph Bhore

The monument at this location was erected in honor of Chairperson Joseph Bhore to recognize his exemplary leadership of the Health Survey and Development Committee of 1943. A plaque mounted at its base is enscribed with the following quotation:

"If it were possible to evaluate the loss, which this country annually suffers through the avoidable waste of valuable human material and the lowering of human efficiency through malnutrition and preventable morbidity, we feel that the result would be so startling that the whole country would be aroused and would not rest until a radical change had been brought about." ~Sir Joseph Bhore