The Bissex Monument

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the Bissex Monument

Paynterton [92, 35]

Stanfield Road Tolly Grove Railway Station the Milligan Museum
Reakes Towers the Bissex Monument the Smither Building
Garret Park Sidney Row the Denning Museum

Basic Info:

  • A monument is a city block containing a statue or similar piece of public art, without a building in it. It is functionally equivalent to a street, except that players with the Tagging skill can gain 2 XP for writing graffiti on a monument.
  • This is, game-play wise, an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
  • After the July 3, 2009 update, some monuments became tall and can be seen from a distance with binoculars
Stret3.JPG Amusing Location
This location is on the list of Amusing Locations in Malton


"You are at the Bissex Monument, a metal statue of a soldier engraved with memorial dates."


The Bissex Monument is one of the many monuments dedicated to Malton's contributions to military history. The event that the Bissex Monument commemorates was the contribution that the Bissex Rifles made to a battle crucial to the success of allied forces in the Second World War. Malton's very own Bissex Rifles (so named because the majority of them came from the long-since vanished county of Bissex, which included Malton) held off a German Panzer regiment for nearly a week, suffering a near 80% casualty rate in the process. This allowed several key bridges and roads to be seized. The Malton Committee of Remembrance petitioned the Mayor of Malton for a memorial to commemorate the bravery of the Bissex Rifles, finally getting their wish in 1985. What the Committee of Remembrance did not count on, however was the near-weekly defacing of the Bissex monument, almost always taking the form of the crudely-painted letters -UAL, causing the sign to read The Bissexual Rifles - never to be forgotten.

The Great Fire of 1912 laid waste to much of the land upon which Paynterton now stands, leaving few suitable locations for the construction of the proposed factory that was to occupy the block as part of the booming industrial revolution that Malton was experiencing just after the turn of the century. Testament to this is the large area of wasteland and numerous junkyards in the suburb. It was for this reason that the Bissex Monument was erected here.

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