The Breay Building

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The Breay Building
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the Breay Building

Pegton [81, 58]

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Basic Info:

The Breay Building


Pegg Hall's ruins, in the grounds of the Breay.

One of the architectural wonders of Malton, the late medieval Breay Building incorporates the ancient ruins of Pegg Hall, ancestral home of the Peggs of Pegton.


The Breay stands on the ruins of the older fortifications.

From the ruins of Pegg Hall's pre-eminent location atop the heights of southwestern Pegton, the passer-by may survey the entire suburb, from the genteel southwest to the down-at-heel lowlands of the northwest, as far as the turrets of Parkhouse Towers and the escarpment above Lakey Way. This location not only offered delightfully fresh air and health-giving breezes, but allowed the occupants to defend themselves from invaders.

As far back as the 2nd century BCE, the Pegg clan occupied the area and gave their name to the modern suburb. The Peggs hailed from the blue-eyed, fair-haired Celts who had migrated from Scandinavia to Ireland and Britain. Wresting the area from the primitive tribesmen of the Dentonii, they successfully withstood the Roman invasion of 55BCE, capturing Roman general Cystus Eruptus and eliminating the LXIX Legion.

The Peggs were enlightened and tolerant overlords, and their powerful yet just rule allowed the area to flourish; the Romans kept a respectful distance, preferring to plant vineyards in bordering Vintonia than provoke the Peggs again. The Peggs' distinctive Norse-Hiberno-Scots accent also left its influence on the locals.

The last official portrait of the 113th Earl Pegg.

The original Peggfort was fairly decrepit by the 16th century, and was replaced by the magnificent Breay Building, itself a formidable defensive bastion, but with a far more comfortable interior. The name derived from the braying noise created by the large herds of mules kept by the Peggs: indeed, a mule rampant argent on a field gules was their coat of arms. As a medieval local historian wrote, "Ye breayinge of yonder mulys does sore afflict mine eres, as if I too were an donkey-ered villein."

The line of Peggs remained unbroken for centuries, and they retained their status as honoured and much-loved patriarchs even after the Federal Council of Pegton was founded. They commanded loyalty from both sides of the tragic Pegton Wall, although they no longer took an active role in local power politics.

Everything changed with the advent of the Malton Outbreak, as unkempt, uncultured zombies were no respecters of history or tradition. The 113th Earl Pegg, Lord Shaun, proved to be the last. As he defended his home from the ravages of a zombie horde with nothing more than a cricket bat, his loyal butler, Edward, tried to protect his noble master but only managed to notify him that his clothing had been dirtied by the brain-eating fiends: "You appear to have red on you, sir."

Barricade Policy

Entry Point. Keep at VSB++!

Current Status

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