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Broadbents were one of the smaller families of the Rolt Clan. There are two notable characters in the family tree, Steven Broadbent, the late 19th. Century railroad engineer, and Leo Ernesto Broadbent, aka Trufbedn, a political rapper.

Steven Broadbent

Steven broadbent was born in Rolt Heights, and from a young age was interested in bridges and other structures. It just so happened that his became his job, as he became an engineer that would design many important bridges. He died during WW I due to a heart attack. The Broadbent Plaza Railway Station was named after him, and Broadbent Alley in Williamsville was named after him due to campaigning by engineering students who were appealed by his visions of metal structures.

Leo Ernesto Broadbent

Son of the radical Erica Broadbent and an Angolan guerilla she met when on a humanitarian mission to Angola, named after Leon Trotsky and Ernesto Guevara (who is rumored to be related to one of the Irish-based families of the Rolt Clan), he became politically active after his mother died of AIDS, which she had contracted in Africa. Became a rapper, with some chart success, but even larger cult following in radical Left Wing circles, especially in Europe. Was in a festival in Germany during the outbreak, and therefore was spared.

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