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The Brotherhood of Blood
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Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: The Hemakharst
Goals: Total Domination of Malton, Player Killing and Zombie Killing in the name of Cruor, the protection of the unholy sites of Cruor, additional goals vary by chapter.
Recruitment Policy: Post an application on our forums
Contact: TBOB Forums


The Brotherhood of Blood is a Player Killing and Zombie Killing group which is open to both Survivors and Zombies. The order, originating in lands far away, has recently begun operations in Malton. They worship the great force of Cruor, which is beleived caused the outbreak in order to punish Malton and it inhabitants for past offenses. They seek to enforce its will through ensuring the suffering of all inhabitants of Malton who do not follow the way of Cruor. They say, however, that all willing to stand loyal to the Brotherhood and its principles are invited to join the order.


You step through the ancient church doors. You hesitantly move through the church. It is cold, dimly lit, and you can sense the faint odor of blood. There are a few robed people sitting silently in the pews. You can’t seem to make out their faces. You begin to explore the pews and find blood stained books on the floor. They are in some foreign language you are unfamiliar with. You flip through the pages, but are startled by hiss of a man behind you.

“Welcome. Are you enjoying your time in our temple?”

You are frightened. You want to speak but can’t seem to form words.

“Please, sit. Listen. You will be enlightened.”

You are unsure what to do now. Part of you wants to turn and leave. Perhaps, due to boredom, maybe fear. And the other part is curious as to why these people are here, and what they are practicing. You find your legs bending, and you unwillingly sit down on the pew. The man smiles. Your mind is filled with questions, but you do as instructed. You listen.

Important OOC Information

The Brotherhood of Blood is a relatively new group originating in another game called NationStates, where it once operated under the same name as this group and still does under the name of Unknown. We decided to come here as we were looking for a new style of play, alongside nicer fellow players to be around and a less tense and antagonistic environment. We enjoy Player Killing due to its RP "illegal" status in the game, amongst other reasons. As Zombies, we prefer to ZK as to not hinder PK operations and also because it is the Zombie Equivalent to what we do as Survivors. We seek to blend the styles of Player Killing Groups, Pro-Survivor Groups (namely DEM) and Hordes together with our own touch. We generally play them game in a semi-rp state, mostly just having to do with Cruor. Members do not have to engage in our Role Playing Revolving around Cruor to be involved in our group, however, so if RPing or just our style is not to your liking, that's fine.
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