The Brotherhood of Nod

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The Brotherhood of Nod
Abbreviation: NOD
Group Numbers: classified, but growing
Leadership: Kane, who guides our action, and speaks to us through his messengers.
Goals: The overthrow OF GDI (DEM, USAI, The Fortress, Any Organized Survivor Group)
Recruitment Policy: if you want to do your part in freeing Malton from the shackles of oppresion, visit our forum
Contact: NOD Forum


July 13th 2009 Nod's Malton Enclave is established. The proccess of building up the Nod presence in Malton begins on this glorious day.

July 16th 2009 The Inner Circle decides to move all Nod forces to Spicer Hills, a place infested with oppresors. It's decided that St. Mark's Cathedral will be the location of a Temple of Nod.

What Is The Brotherhood Of Nod? (In Character)

Our glorious leader Kane has dispatched our enclave to find the truth of the 'Zombie Plague' and reveal the truth that GDI has been trying to hide from the world. The people of Malton can rest at ease for The Brotherhood has come to right the past wrongs. The Brotherhood will stop at nothing in their quest to bring the lackeys of GDI to justice.

What Is The Brotherhood Of Nod? (Out of Character)

Nod is a faction from the popular RTS series Command and Conquer particularly the Tiberian series and possible the first game of the Red Alert series (Depending on if you believe Westwood's story, Red Alert is the prologue of the original Command and Conquer, or EA's story that they are completely unconnected, which doesn't quite make sense).

Of course we are not actually The Brotherhood of Nod but we try to act in character when we make kills, approach other groups and such.

Nod Doctrine

The Brotherhood of Nod operates under a single guiding motto: "Peace Through Power"

The only way that the world, and Malton, can ever be free, is by removing the shackles of oppresion, binding the people of the world, and Malton. By removing these shackles, mankind is thereby coming one step closer to the final acension.

Malton is no different from the rest of the world. Nod fights for the common people, the poor and sick, those on the bottom of society.

Wherever there's oppresion, Nod is there to fight it, whenever people hunger, Nod is there to feed them. And when the dead rises to feed on the living, Nod is there to fight them.

But the dead is not the only enemy of the people of Malton. The real enemy is the organizations and groups claiming to protect the people of Malton from the ravenous hordes. They are bickering and squabbeling in their safehouses, caring only for themselves and their members. They only wish for more power. They are the sickness of Malton, controlling and manipulating the people. And Nod is the blade that will cut away that sickness, allowing the people of Malton to unite under the ideology of Nod.

We will attack every so called "survivor" group, kill their members on sight and plan their destruction. We will do this until they disband or accept the fact that Peace through Power is the right way. We will, however, not attack any civilians. In fact, we will provide support to them and try to protect them against the hordes of flesh eaters.

Our Code

The Brotherhood will attack survivor groups, but we will never, ever cheat. We belive in fighting our opponents like gentlemen, using fair tactics and without using alts. While our enemies may use dirty tricks, the Brotherhood will show the whole of Malton why the followers of Kane need only their faith.

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