The Bucknall Motel

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The Bucknall Motel
--Sister Katie (talk) 20:52, 16 February 2020 (UTC)
the Bucknall Motel

Chancelwood [66,8]

wasteland Bealey Boulevard School Cradock Row Fire Station
the Cheatle Motel the Bucknall Motel Roger Plaza
the Wester Building Hibberd Avenue Dunstan General Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Also known as hotels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Motels can be barricaded normally.

The Bucknall Motel


One of the many Motels in Chancelwood. Once used to house sports & music fans from Rodges Stadium, is now a place for survivors to catch their breath and hide from the zombies outside. The disgusting bedsheets, peeling wallpaper, and poor service is now almost a welcomed sight when comparred with the dangers outside and the horror of the recent past.

Currently trying to be kept under patrol by a small group of members from PEZ United. Everyone is welcome to stay. Just keep with the Barricade Policy (see Below):

Barricade Policy

The Bucknall Motel should be at VSB+2 at all times to accompany guests who do not have Free Running. It is too remain this way to work as an entry point as well. Those who wish for a slightly safer, slightly nicer, place to sleep and recover AP should head next door to The Cheatle Motel.

Current Status


For a small, quiet motel. It has been quite a base for the weiry traveled. If the stories of those who passed by for the night could be told. The heros...or at least potentials...many who may not have survived.