The Bureau for the Annihilation, Conversion and Habilitation of Zombies

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The Bureau for the Annihilation, Conversion and Habilitation of Zombies
Abbreviation: B.A.C.H.Z.
Group Numbers: 8-17 usually active
Leadership: Shared Leadership
Goals: To eliminate hostile zombies and rehabilitate those who are ready to return to society
Recruitment Policy: Generally open
Contact: Mobile Phone on Kenny Matthews, Stanley Jones, Ashley Thompson, Dana Winslow, Joshua Carter or Cheese Knight; Radio contact at 27.07 mHz

The Bureau for the Annihilation, Conversion and Habilitation of Zombies is a small, not-for-profit group that takes upon itself the momentous task of scouring the streets of Malton for the undead and neutralizing them by any means necessary, while helping fellow survivors make the most of life in the city.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the B.A.C.H.Z. consists of four primary objectives as conveniently summarized in their crest:

  • The first-aid kit represents the dedication of the B.A.C.H.Z. to preserving the health and well-being of the inhabitants of Malton, whether they be fellow survivors or zombies who have accidentally contracted the undead affliction. The positioning of the kit at the summit of a mountain additionally emphasises the fact that the B.A.C.H.Z. considers survival to be of paramount importance.
  • The dove represents the concern the B.A.C.H.Z. has for maintaining peace in Malton by resolving conflicts through peaceful means wherever possible. As suggested by the syringe held in the dove’s beak, this most often consists of the conversion of zombies to humans through the use of revivification syringes (or, as the B.A.C.H.Z. terms it, "chemical warfare").
  • The gun represents the ability of the B.A.C.H.Z. to hold its own in violent confrontations, but only to annihilate zombies who are mutated to such a state that they are deemed unfit for return to society. Here, the presence of the book underneath the gun highlights the fact that rational objectives underscore every decisive action taken.
  • The flashlight represents the commitment of the B.A.C.H.Z. to returning Malton to its previous habitability. While (on a literal level) this does involve making lighting available through the maintenance of portable generators, the B.A.C.H.Z. is in truth striving to symbolically return civilisation and enlightenment to the beleaguered city.

Area of Influence

The B.A.C.H.Z. currently has forces present in the south-central regions of Malton, namely Kinch Heights and neighboring suburbs. A base of operations is set up within the area.

Stewardess Face.jpg "Welcome!"
This user or group and the rest of Kinch Heights would like to extend a warm welcome to you!

The B.A.C.H.Z. respects the Sacred Ground Policy and has additionally identified the carpark at [45,86] as a revive point.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Due to the recently inflated AP cost of using revivification syringes and the risks associated with random revivification, revivifications will no longer be performed on zombies who are not standing at the aforementioned locations.


In order to combat the threat that brain rotted zombies pose to efficient revivificaton, the B.A.C.H.Z. asks that zombies requesting revivification leave their player IDs on the B.A.C.H.Z. discussion page. Where is the B.A.C.H.Z. discussion page, you ask? Here, or alternatively, by clicking on the "discussion" tab beside the "article" tab at the top of this page.

As portable generators, fuel cans and radio transmitters have become increasingly useful while remaining prohibitively difficult to attain, the B.A.C.H.Z. now offers to deliver the above equipment to any players/groups who request them within the suburb of Kinch Heights. Please leave and timestamp the name of the player/group making the request, the item(s) requested, and the coordinates and name of the location to which the requested item(s) should be delivered on the B.A.C.H.Z. discussion page, found here, or again, by clicking on the "discussion" tab at the top of this page.

Note: With the introduction of toolboxes, some within the group have chosen to extend their duties to include repairs on buildings and equipment. Just follow the same request procedure outlined above!


November 29th, 2008: The B.A.C.H.Z. officially welcomes the Malton Medical Staff to Kinch Heights. Also, just another roster update. The increased danger level of the suburb has roused a few people back into activity.--Cheese Knight 05:19, 30 November 2008 (UTC)

October 15th, 2008: Update? What's an update?--Cheese Knight 05:52, 16 October 2008 (BST)

June 1st, 2008: Major changes made to the roster, with the merging in of Honorary Members and creation of an MIA Long Term section. The group itself has lately engaged in the research of a club just over the border in Tapton, which had fallen into decaying ruins. Fun with newspapers is now being had as well.--Cheese Knight 06:58, 1 June 2008 (BST)

March 18th, 2008: We're still around with most members active. For better or for worse.--Cheese Knight 22:46, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

January 16th, 2008: A new radio frequency (27.07) has been selected for the group as the previous frequency (27.58) was taken by a different group. Lately, group members have been faced with a pesky overbarricading problem in the central area of Kinch Heights.--Cheese Knight 00:44, 17 January 2008 (UTC)

November 19th, 2007: Post-Bash cleanup is set to begin. Certain buildings have been targeted for recapturing from anything unpleasant that still lingers. On a separate note, this news section is not for non-members to document their misadventures in. Use the discussion page!--Cheese Knight 19:38, 19 November 2007 (UTC)

November 7th, 2007: Fall has settled in, and after an ironically quiet summer in Kinch Heights (in terms of the suburb being completely trashed), the colder weather heralds the coming of a threat collectively known as the Second Big Bash. Already we're sparing no effort to restore/maintain security in the suburb, even with our limited numbers. Minor changes have been made to this page as well.--Cheese Knight 04:12, 8 November 2007 (UTC)

July 17th, 2007: In light of the (somewhat) dwindling crowd (less than 30! WOO WOO) in front of "Kinch's Important 'n Central Hub" (a.k.a. "KInCH"), and the M.O.B. presence in Buttonville (Again, WOO WOO), some members of B.A.C.H.Z. have decided to assist in the reclaiming of Buckley Mall, and to make an attempt at being helpful to our inter-suburb friends for once. This may end in tears and/or disaster. --Ashley Thompson 07:10, 17 July 2007 (BST)

May 29th, 2007: Although it is not a formal alliance, the Grayside Demons have been listed as an ally. They have been kind enough to provide shelter to members who happen to be in the West Greyside area. --Cheese Knight 09:03, 30 May 2007 (BST)

May 13, 2007: Die Angriff-Maschine has been listed as an ally. Their help and dedication to the safety of Kinch Heights residents has been invaluable since the group's formation. --Cheese Knight 01:46, 14 May 2007 (BST)

March 15, 2007: The B.A.C.H.Z. welcomes Reeno Mcoa into the group as a member. --Kenny Matthews W! 23:48, 15 March 2007 (UTC)

March 14, 2007: The B.A.C.H.Z. welcomes Ah Cha as its newest honourary member. --Kenny Matthews W! 19:32, 14 March 2007 (UTC)

March 6, 2007: The B.A.C.H.Z. is doing its best to address the current situation in Kinch Heights. Survivors are encouraged to pitch in any way they can. --Kenny Matthews W! 04:55, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

August 15, 2006: The B.A.C.H.Z. welcomes Cheese Knight as our newest honourary member. The admirable knight selflessly offered his services despite facing a long trek from Yagoton. --Kenny Matthews W! 05:33, 15 August 2006 (BST)

July 22, 2006: The B.A.C.H.Z. formally lists the Button Brigade as an ally. Survivors in Kinch Heights would be well advised to keep in mind that our friendly neighbours to the south are also rallying against the hordes. --Kenny Matthews W! 03:15, 25 July 2006 (BST)

April 25, 2006 : The B.A.C.H.Z. has temporarily relocated within Kinch Heights in order to better defend the suburb, but is not in any way contemplating defeat. Survivors would be well advised to hide in low-profile buildings and take advantage of their mobile phones while the service is still active. --Kenny Matthews 16:48, 25 April 2006 (BST)

April 23, 2006 : The B.A.C.H.Z. urges all survivors NOT to flee the suburb. Milverton Place Police Department [45,84], St. Hubertus's Hospital [43,87] and Kebby Way School [44,85] are currently confirmed to be safe. THe B.A.C.H.Z. will continue to monitor the situation and any assistance would be much appreciated. --Kenny Matthews 06:20, 23 April 2006 (BST)

Origins & History

The B.A.C.H.Z. was initially formed at Milverton Place Police Dept ([45,84], Kinch Heights) as an unofficial association between five friends who had miraculously managed to locate each other even as the chaos that gripped all of Malton increased in magnitude and intensity. At first, their only goal was self-preservation -- by strategically allocating duties to each individual as befit their unique occupational experiences, the five members of the B.A.C.H.Z. managed to survive in Malton relatively unscathed. Soon, they made the gradual, unconscious transition from helpless survivor to veteran zombie eliminator and took on the attitudes and demeanours associated therein.

At that point, the small group realised their obligation apply their strength to the preservation of what remains of the city, especially those who are weaker and in need of assistance. Since then, the B.A.C.H.Z. have started a quasi-regular patrol of Kinch Heights and the neighbouring suburbs of Dartside, Buttonville, and to some extent, West Grayside and Greentown. Recently, a few members of the B.A.C.H.Z. briefly suffered existence on the other side of the not-dead/undead barrier. Though their experiences were uniformly physically and psychologically scarring, they have been instrumental in allowing the B.A.C.H.Z. to develop a heightened awareness of the undead affliction.


Note: Members who are MIA are denoted by struck-through names

The B.A.C.H.Z. consists of many members who are now wholly dedicated to assisting the disadvantaged of Malton in surviving the zombie plague. Originating from a core of close knit players who limited themselves to level 12, the group has since grown to include a wider range of skills and specialties. The current roster is as follows:

MIA Long Term

Members listed here have been missing for extended periods of time and are listed for posterity. Or just in case they come back.

Member Biographies

Kenny Matthews

Kenny Matthews is the older brother of Shannon Matthews and was classmates with Stanley Jones and Ashley Thompson during high school. He and Ashley shared an intimate, steady relationship through much of that time, but this crumbled without warning during their senior year. The exact circumstances surrounding this are unclear, but it is thought to have something to do with a series of freakish accidents at the high school which resulted in the death of the principal, the nurse, the janitor and a biology teacher.

Following his graduation, Kenny turned his attention from athletics to academics, apparently in an effort to impress Ashley and restore her faith in him. This latter goal he failed, but he did manage to secure a place at a prestigious European university (though this was probably brought about only through connections established by the more academically-adept Shannon). There, Kenny pursued an honours specialisation degree in pharmaceutical sciences despite concern that he would fail to graduate if he was too ambitious. He later became acquainted with Dana Winslow at a guest medical lecture given by a visiting expert on debilitating brainstem infections. It is said that the two became romantically involved, but there has been no sign of this during their time in Malton.

Kenny Matthews had been performing a triple-bypass surgery on a patient at Callistus General Hospital ([93,97], Miltown) when he first heard of the evacuation taking place. He boarded a military transport that was supposed to take him out of the city but was accidentally left behind at Herridge Way School ([85,98], Whittenside) -- miscommunication between cooperating military platoons has been blamed for this ruinous error.

As the first true doctor in the B.A.C.H.Z., Kenny is primarily responsible for the physical well-being of his comrades but takes great pains to look after the medical needs of other injured survivors as well. In addition, his recent entry into NecroTech employment affords him the ability to revive any persons who have (through some involuntary misfortune) succumbed to undeath.

Despite carrying the appearance of a stereotypical high school jock, Kenny is actually a licensed (though not particularly skilled) doctor. He is dressed in nothing more than pale green surgical scrubs and a light jacket he managed to grab before the evacuation. These meagre trappings he proudly wears, however, for they alone serve as physical reminders of a more innocent, hopeful time.

Ashley Thompson

After the sudden closure of her previous school, Ashley Thompson continued her high school education with Kenny Matthews, her then boyfriend, and several of her friends at a new school until the end of the term. However, her parents were now wary of the area and decided to relocate as they were concerned for their safety. Consequently, Ashley was unable to complete her final year with her friends.

Additionally, despite the renewed strength of their relationship due to the recent events, Kenny and Ashley soon had a falling out after her departure. Unable to cope with the new long-distance nature of their relationship, their romance quickly degenerated, and they broke up on poor terms. Because of the harsh nature of their separation, Ashley remained out of contact with most of her friends for many years.

She graduated from high school with modest grades and was accepted into a local university where she studied classical history. During her studies, however, she discovered that academics no longer held her interest for any length of time. As a result, she joined many of the campus clubs, including several martial arts clubs and the firearms clubs, to satisfy her desire for adventure, and to a lesser extent, for violence. She graduated with her degree, but now found herself uninterested in her field. Instead, Ashley decided to enlist in the military until she found a more suitable vocation.

It was by chance that Ashley found herself re-acquainted with Shannon Matthews, who was now also in the military as a research specialist. They often found themselves working together due to the delicate nature of Shannon's research and both of their unique experience in the matter. Through Shannon, Ashley was able to reconnect with some of her old friends, but the bonds were often strained at best.

Ashley, among others, was dispatched to Malton to covertly collect samples for the military's confidential research with Shannon overlooking the operation. The two volunteered for this normally routine operation with the ulterior motive of rescuing their friends that were trapped in the city, but their plans went awry...

A former beauty club member turned soldier. Time changes people. Zombies moreso.

Dana Winslow

Dana Winslow was born to upper-middle-class parents in Brooksville in the city of Malton. When she became pregnant, Dana's mother gave up her career to take care of her child, while her husband, a successful businessman, went to great lengths to make sure that his wife and daughter lived comfortably.

After completing her A levels, Dana went on to study medicine at a prestigious university a short distance from home. She met Kenny Matthews in her first year and the two dated on and off, but it was not until the following year that their relationship began to take a more serious turn. Later that year, however, her father died in a mysterious car accident, and an unscrupulous uncle managed to secure a large portion of the family savings. Dana, finding herself unable to earn enough money to support her mother and fund her education, left school and joined the military. Even though her feelings for Kenny were still strong, their relationship could not survive the strain and quickly broke down. Having remained in touch and met up again in Malton, the pair are on good terms, though they rarely speak of their time together. The current status of their relationship is open to speculation.

Dana became acquainted with Kenny's best friend and sister while they were still dating, and met Ashley when she arrived in Malton at the outset of the zombie infestation. Though Dana and Ashley have exchanged a few jealous glares, the shared experiences and horrors of the past months have made them fast friends, or at least temporary allies.

With a dull green flak jacket over her white blouse, a small array of firearms around her belt, and an almost perpetually grim expression on her face, this petite blonde is ready to fight. In the face of many trials, most recently Malton's zombie outbreak, the spoiled "daddy's little girl" of yesteryear has retreated a good deal, but has not disappeared completely. She retains the perfectly coiffed, perfectly manicured look, and knows how to shop and dress in style - her friends have jokingly named her the "mall troll". Despite everything that has been happening lately, she doesn't seem to think it a frivolous waste of time for a woman to look her best.


The following is a list of survivors and zombies the B.A.C.H.Z. considers priority targets.

  • None active at this time

Names in bold text denote targets recently seen in Kinch Heights


The B.A.C.H.Z. has formed alliances with groups from Kinch Heights and the neighbouring suburbs. The following is a complete list of the allies of the B.A.C.H.Z.


Although not formal allies, the groups listed here have given the B.A.C.H.Z. at least some form of recognition, mainly through diplomacy in times of danger. Also listed are groups that members have worked with in operations elsewhere in Malton. Any sort of consistent cooperation in the future may warrant a move to the Allies list.


As a form of reverence for the recently-deceased, the members of the B.A.C.H.Z. are known to refer to zombies simply as them when filing reports of undead activity.

In addition, a core group of B.A.C.H.Z. members have agreed to limit their level to 12, thereby restricting their repertoires to the one dozen skills which are most consistent with their pre-apocalypse life experiences. This is done in order to ensure that each member is able to perform the tasks allotted to them as efficiently and professionally as possible.

However, this does not mean survivors who have passed up level 12 aren't accepted. Even if they don't appear to be specialized, some members above level 12 have found niches to fill within the group.

Join Us!

The zombie hordes are tightening their grip on Malton -- the question is: are you brave enough to fight against them? Show your support for the survivors (and, by extension, all mankind) by displaying this template on your group or profile page:

BACHZ Icon.png The B.A.C.H.Z. wants YOU!
This individual or group has pledged to join the B.A.C.H.Z. in combating the zombie apocalypse by the systematic annihilation, conversion and habilitation of zombies.

This may or may not involve the use of melodrama.