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The Cabell Familly is one of the Top Five Families of the Stanbury Village mafia. They ran their business from the Cabell Arms.

Victor Cabell

Victor Cabell was the leader of the Cabell crime family. He started the family with his three friends, Pat Clomanzi, Glen Annoli, and Stephen Tess. They became an honest family, they didn't take what didn't belong to them and were only interested in helping.

While their family grew in Southeast Stanbury Village a new family, the Lorenzo's made the local hospital their front for sneaking dead bodies into the Kersley Mansion. One day Valentine Sollatzi, associate of the Lorenzo's, met with Victor asking for financial support for their front at the hospital. Victor turned him down.

Shortly after turning Valentine Sollatzi down he was gunned down by assassins. Victor lived but was stuck in a hospital for many months.

Sydney Cabell

Sydney is Victor's oldest son. While Victor was in the hospital Sydney took over the family. He raged a war on every family out there. He was eventually ambushed and murdered.

Freddie Cabell

Victor's middle son, not as sharp as the others. Was usually given small tasks.

Mitch Cabell

Youngest son of the Cabell's, fought in WWII. Took over the family business after Sydney was killed. Waged a war against The Lorenzo Family and won. He planned to end the fighting in Stanbury Village on April First where he robbed the Lorenzo's. What he didn't expect was The Maddaford Family, The McCulloch, and The Johnstone Family showing up.

During the raid that killed 450 men at the warehouse Mitch escaped with most of his men. He was never arrested but went into hiding. Some accuse him of calling the hit on Michael Johnstone. Died in 1993 in Scotland.

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