The Chaos Ascension

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The Chaos Ascension
Abbreviation: TCA
Group Numbers: 13
Leadership: Silicar and Toto230
Goals: To spread chaos through the land and leave wreckage in our wake.
Recruitment Policy: Any who wish to work towards our goal is welcome to join.
Contact: Contact us at our forums.

What is The Chaos Ascension?

The Chaos Ascension is a small group of (human) anarchists devoted to the pursuit of destruction and death who aim to kill both survivors and zombies alike, depending on which of the two is most beneficial at the time. We are currently centered in Doone Towers in the suburb of Spicer Hills.


We decided to be... And then we took The Lathom Building, and all was good, and much cake was had. On Halloween night of 2008, Crowbank was raided and the majority of our members took refuge in Blesley Mall. After a few days, the mall fell and our ranks were scattered.

Kill on Sight

Our current list:

  • Pete the Axe: Over-barricaded St. Piran's Church (Crowbank) on several occasions, despite having received many warnings and being fully able to access the EHB base at The Lathom Building just one square away. After being escorted out of the building, he returned and killed one of our members. He was also possibly involved in a recent attack towards St. Piran's.

Current Location: Pete the Axe went inactive as far as we know.

  • Dormann: Killed both Aurora North and Twilit claiming they were on a "list" and left a message in Lathom telling us its time to leave Crowbank.

Current Location: Dead zombie outside The Spragge Building. Courtesy of the Saint.

  • Fiend 138: Typical PK'r douche. Killed Twilit while he was burricading Spragge.

Current Location: Dead outside Beer Place School

Current Plans of Action

We are currently trying to gather our members to Blesley Mall in Gulsonside.

Current Members and Ranks

Ranks are divided into two groups, each with two different classes: Gunners and Melee Fighters belong to the Combat group, Clerics and Technicians belong to the Support group. Each class is led by a Commandant, the single most experienced member in that particular field. The Commandants each select Rookies to precede them in rank.

Gunner: Gunners specialize in killing zombies. With guns. They're our primary offense, and they'll be dealing the most damage when it comes to head-on confrontations; they tend to stick to combat-only skills and won't be expected to dabble in other support roles. They'll be expected to protect the base between taking trips every so often to stock up on ammo at a nearby Police Department or Mall, as well as participate in raids or campaigns.

Melee: Melee fighters use fireaxes and knives to protect the base without having to take trips away to stock up on ammo. They back up gunners during head-on confrontations and tend to take on minor support roles on the side. They'll participate in raids and campaigns every so often, and occasionally be asked to fill the role of another support character who may be unavailable at the time. Note that the member who holds the title of "Braveheart" is required to fight to the death like a berserker, and is not permitted to flee ANY battle no matter how hopeless or suicidal. This means that you get to enjoy monumental bragging rights, because you're awesome (at the cost of being dead... a lot).

Cleric: As a cleric, the member specializes in healing the wounded and reviving fallen members. They will work mostly from behind the scenes when involved in raids and campaigns, holding the line and supporting the combat characters. They will (very) rarely take on minor combat roles, and often aid technicians with duties such as barricading. They are most often located at the base, waiting to heal any injured members, but sometimes take short trips to stock up on syringes or FAKs.

Technician: Similar to the cleric, technicians are predominantly non-combat characters and tend to refrain from appearing on the front lines. They keep everything running smoothly, from keeping the 'cades in check, to refueling the generator, to scouting for approaching hordes of zombies. They will sometimes carry melee weapons and defend the base, but rarely participate in raids or campaigns. Technicians are usually found in the base, ready to repair the barricades in-case of attack.

Rookie: Rookies are beginners who have not chosen a single clear-cut career yet, or aren't leveled high enough to be considered a full working member. With a bit of time and hard work, they will be admitted into the ranks of one of the four Commandants... Rookies generally have a path that they wish to follow, and are welcome to be tutored by the more experienced members (usually one of the four Commandants) in order to progress more rapidly to a promotion. The Commandants can select rookies to join their ranks at any time, although it is recommended that the rookies be at least Level 5.

Revivification Requests

You can request a revive in our forums and a cleric will attempt to assist you as quickly as possible. If you're not a member of The Chaos Ascension, it is likely that our members will take priority over you and you'll be required to wait longer for a revive.

Other Information

This group does not support stupidity.

Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.
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