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The Clerics Of Malton are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 11:07, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

The Clerics of Malton
Abbreviation: CoM
Group Numbers: 12 memebers
Goals: 1. Find and protect survivors

2. Kill zeds

3. Revert zeds back to humans!!!

Recruitment Policy: We need anyone and everyone


Welcome new members. Make sure that you are on our mailing list by e-mailing our group contact. See our group box above.


Please write the date submitted, your name, and the time when you submit a newsflash.

Alface - May Fifth, Have not really been involved in UD for a long time now, not since September back when I was playing it once or so a month. Leadership is up for grabs, as I don't know who is active and who is not anymore. Looks like Taran and Dr. V are, if they can choose between each other or share it that would be cool. So I officially step down as of the moment as leader of CoM. Hope the group can grow and prosper under its new leadership.

Taran - 2-1-07. Well, I'm back. I need a revive and yeah. I'm at (83, 40) also let me know where you guys are at so I can join you. Taran out.

Wow, I have not updated the main page in a while. Mostly because everyone is doing a good job, as far as I can tell. So, what did everyone think of that fog. I liked it, mostly because I am currently dead... and got to bang on quite a few barricades. So anyways, this is an update just to say keep at it guys. And remember to tag sprays everywhere, and join a few UD forums. Have fun until the next update... by me.

Greetings from the Zone Defenders, I'm on a mission to bring in new groups to help in the fight for the SSZ. To learn more about us and our goals look us u on the Wiki. -Meatloafe(04/02/07)


1. REINFORCE SURVIVORS IN NEED - After the Clerics have set up a permanent HQ we will begin helping anyone in need in the surrounding neighborhood. That means once we get word from the major forums and communication areas about up to date zombie assaults we will quietly dispatch to that location and give a hand repelling the assault. The Clerics of Malton is the new wave of hope for this city. The CoM is bent on keeping the zombies from gaining any ground in their quest of taking complete control over the city. Those that have banded with the Clerics have sworn to do whatever it takes, in life and death, to keep Malton from spiraling into the lowest depths of hell. The CoM is about keeping and maintaining humanity and we will not let these zombie bastards push us around anymore.

2. REVIVAL RESPONSIBILITIES - Members of the Clerics will NEED to acquire any and all NecroTech skills. The reason for this is because our group's MAIN GOAL is to help survivors that have been zombified to be reverted back into normal humans. Members that have NecroTech skills will be held in high regard, protected at all times, and they will be healed when they are extremely hurt. But they also have a lot of responsibilities. They must be stocked with syringes at all times, and keep an eye on revive locations for zombies that want to be revived. But, they also get to have a lot of fun too. When these members are stocked with more than 2 syringes, 2 should always be kept to revive CoM members or survivors at revive locations.

3. HEAL SURVIVORS - It is your responsibilty to keep survivors alive. In large sieges or even when doing routine work such as going into a safe house you are to heal as many survivors as possible. This is a good way to gain experience, as well as a good way to help keep survivor numbers going strong. This may stay as a secondary responsibilty to Cleric members or it may become a more prominent goal in the following months. Who knows what the future will bring? But one thing is for sure right now, and that is that people always need healing.

Organization Rules

1. After the disaster in Pimbank (and Penny Heights), we should never have more than half of us in any one location at a single time.

2. Never post location of safehouses on the wiki page. From now on this will be done through e-mail.

3. Always have at least one syringe handy.

4. Have an emergency backup safehouse, possibly outside of the suburb.

5. Stay out of high-profile buildings, unless there are a lot of people inside, and few zombies outside.

6. Whenever possible spread word of revive points, and spray over zombie propaganda.

All I can think of for now, if you have any ideas, or do not like them feel free to e-mail me (alface) I am happy to help.


Alpha - A highly active squad and meant for those who can keep up. (Jelze)

Lone wolf - This squad is for people that cant really work as a team but can at least report back to the pack.


Members of the CoM are asked to keep their profiles updated as much as possible. In this section, we ask you to put the suburb your character is in, if he is alive or a zombie, the amount of life points your character has (and your max hp), and if your character has a phone. We also ask that you connect your character's name with its UD profile. Connecting your profile to your name will give us an easy way for us to see what level and skills your character has. This is also a quick way for all of us to put each other on our contact lists.

To link to your character's profile - [(your character's profile web address) (your character's name)]

Fireteams must have their current mission and where they are operating.

FOUNDER - CHIASM: Pimbank dead,

Retired Leader - Alface: Alive

Second in Command - Cloister: - Alive, Lumber Mall, HP60/60, Phone and Radio.


Alpha - Defending Giddings Mall

Jelze: Alive 60 (Max 60), Peppardville area Phone: Yes. Radio: Yes, tuned to 26.30

Taran256 - alive, Phone: Yes. Radio: Yes, tuned to 26.30 at Giddings Mall

Lone Wolf - Reporting to tripple P burbs

Kelly 087: Alive 60 (Max 60), Caiger Mall Area Phone: Yes, Radio: Yes (26.30)

Undesignated Members

Peter Griffen: - Dead, Penny Heights getting a revive Has a radio

Watnip - Alive, Lumber Mall, HP 60/60, have phone & radio, Double Hard!!!

ColdIce: HeyTown, Zombie Dead Swaying Slightly Outside A Club (hasn't been updated in a long time. So ColdIce, if your still with us, please update)

Rick Wilcox: - Alive

Gurlgoinghost - unknown

blackaciddevil - Pitneybank (The Farmer Building/NecroTech Station)...alive & awaiting further orders, working on recon & gaining XP...


There needs to be a better way for all of us to be connected with each other without the waste of APs when using the phone in the game. There is a difference between "hey" outside the game and an up-to-the-minute "we need help, 30 zeds outside" comment by phone in the game. To give us all an easier way to talk i think we should exchange e-mails.

Chiasm -

Alface -

Peter Griffen -

ColdIce -

Cloister -

Rick Wilcox -

Taran256 -

Jamir -

blackaciddevil -

Gurlgoinghost -

Jelze -

Revive Points

Kettner Drive [96, 72] 23 Zs waiting for revives

Pitneybank - Harman Lane (83,40)


Stay active in the Triple P's, spray/tag propaganda, join a few forums for the purpose of metagaming,revive, repeat. Have fun. (Alface)


If you need to know anything about the group, the wiki page, or plans for the future, please just type your question and we will answer. Questions will be deleted after 7 days of inactivity (this means no new additons to the discussion, spam will be deleted on sight), to avoid cluttering up the page.


If you have any ideas about the shaping of the group feel free to post them here.

Character Backstories

Whats your story? You know your characters background and how they got to Malton. What is going on in their life right now? Think of this as your character's blog. I will add a section for each of our members to post in.


"Who him, the one in the courner looking at that old photo. thats Chiasm. some people say that the girl in the picture was his feiance. i happened to catch a peek at it once when i was talking to him once. pretty irish girl. think her name is lily. i hear him mumble stuff like "ill find you lily" and "i miss holding you close, lily" before he heads out. yeah, sad stuff. shit i dont know if he should hold on to that dream so much. all of us have lost loved ones and we have to accept the fact they are gone. but he believes he will find her and change her back. guess thats why he started the Clerics of Malton in the first place."


Back in december, Alface was dropping supplies into the city, that was what life was like, untill mechanical problem forced him to ditch his chopper in the middle of the city. One thought went through his head once he touched the ground "were the stories true?" turned out they were only partially true, they left out the part about the zeds.


Everyone she knew everyone she faced was either eaten or killed she was only a little girl taken and raised by night dwelling military soldier's they helped her until she was able to cope by herself grabbing out her pocket torch and 9mm Handgun,"Now is the time" grinning coldly?

Peter Griffen

After the zombies attacked Quahog, the Griffens moved to Malton bringing the zombies with them. After his family were turned into zombies, he took up the fire ax and syringe and set out to kill and revive all zombies.


A fireman transferred to Malton from Lovelyville FD. His wife said he should never have taken this job and in hindsight she was probably right.

Rick Wilcow

A young man With a large axe on his back and the memories of his lost wife and daughter forever in his heart. For them he moves on.


Taran has lived in Malton is whole life. When He turned 18, he became fireman. When the Zombies started showing up. He stayed behind to help keep the fires under control. He made his wife leave the city before it was too late. She got out right before the city was quarantine. He wishes now that he had gone with her.


A seemingly nondescript young NecroTech intern interviews for and actually gets highly sought after post with GeneCorp, one of the most advanced labs working on secret and state of the art projects for both the government and NecroTech. After almost a month on the job, he knows he's seen things he shouldn't... experiments on genetic mutation and biological agents used as chemical and genetic weapons... After too many sleepless nights, he resolves to alert the media, but before he gets that chance, the outbreak began. He doesn't know how, but he's pretty sure where it all started, and has resolved to do what he can to reverse the pandemic spread of this nightmare from reaching other cities...or die trying.

He is still wearing what's left of a filthy labcoat, but once neat and in pristine shape, is now covered in blood splatter and gore. His matted jet black hair, once closely cropped and cut short, is now long and unkept. He still wears his cracked glasses and is above average height, with a slim build.


G.G.G. has never really had a home. (go aww.) Or parents for that matter. She was basically born as you see her today. Created in a local lab as an experiment, she was ment to single -handedly wipe out the zombie invasion. S Something went wrong and she turned out to be not even close to parr. She would have been exterminated if the city hadn't been qurarantined. Normally she likes to keep a distance from other humans because of things that scientists did to her, poking and prodding, checking her unamplified abilities.


CHIASM - 6/0/4

ALFACE - 10/???/30

Peter Griffen - 10/6/5

COLDICE - 0/0/0

Rick Wilcow - 0/0/0

CHRISTOPHER441 - 0/0/0

Cloister - 4/0/0

Taran256 - 39/4/0

Gurlgoinghost - 15/30/20

Jelze - 3/?/33

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