The Cosway Hotel

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The Cosway Hotel
EHB, unlit
Danger Updater MDUDC 22:51, 16 December 2020 (UTC)
The Cosway Hotel

Wyke Hills [58,90]

the Bailie Arms
(West Grayside)
Whetcombe Park
(West Grayside)
Bythesea Auto Repair
(West Grayside)
a wasteland The Cosway Hotel The Saffyn Museum
a wasteland Marston Auto Repair Bignal Drive

Basic Info:

  • Also known as motels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Hotels can be barricaded normally.


"You are standing outside the Cosway Hotel, a fire-damaged grey-stone building split by a large, diagonal crack" The Cosway Hotel was one of those places that, in the early days of the Outbreak, caught fire. It was saved from burning down, but repairs were never even begun, and so a goodly portion of the building has been lost to fire and smoke damage. It was quickly abandoned, and, as most buildings in Malton did, served for months as a waystation and a bridge to other buildings.


Early in 2006, it was found by a trio of tired travelers, who decided to set up there semi-permanently. One of their number soon left, but the others stayed, and soon gathered allies who helped to repair, defend and maintain the building. At one point they even had running water, so the Cosway's inhabitants briefly smelled much better than the rest of the building.

But a period of sudden, extremely heavy zombie activity drove all but one of the Cosway inhabitants from the building a few months later. The majority returned by the month of June, but much of their hard work had been destroyed during the zombies' period of dominance in the suburb. However, in the usual Maltonian life-cycle, this group of survivors regrouped and went about fixing their home back up to their old standard once again. By fall they were once again well-established in the area, and as winter began to descend upon the city, they dug in for a long winter stay.

Barricading Policy

The Cosway is to be kept as heavily barricaded as possible at all times. An entry point may be found 2 north at Creedy Way PD, when zombie activity isn't making it difficult to enter. Try also: Egbert General Hospital (2NW), Bythesia Auto Repair (1NE), or the Saffyn Museum (1E).