The Crabbe Arms

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The Crabbe Arms
Last updated July 2018
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The Crabbe Arms

Brooke Hills [46,23]

the Hellyer Building the Ledamun Monument Blann Avenue
a carpark The Crabbe Arms Prickett Road
Vigour Walk Davie Walk the Schalch Building

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.


Crabbe Arms not long before Outbreak

Crabbe Arms.JPG

The Crabbe Arms formerly white exterior is now pockmarked with bullet holes and the windows are destroyed. Inside, the bar is still maintained and alcohol is still easy to find, if you know where your looking.


Originally built in the 1950's, the Crabbe Arms traded hands a number of times, but never had a serious change. At the time of the outbreak, it had begun to be popular with the citizens of Brooke Hills. It's connection with the mysterious Crabbe Family is a mystery, as is most of the buildings history

For historical reference only.

This building was once where The Reavers, extermination squad of The Sun Organization, held their HQ. Many operations, defensive and offensive, were strategized here, ALL of which were declared successful. Since May, this building has only ever fallen once into the hands of Zombah' and on that occasion it was by complete chance as the Eastonwood Ferals were taking wild stabs in the dark in order to find the Reavers. Fortunately, the elite faction of TSO were one step ahead of the EF and had already abandoned the building, leaving only spray paint behind that said "Did you really think you'd catch us so easily?

Whilst The Reavers were residing inside the Crabbe Arms, they held a generous policy of All who sleep in here overnight will wake up with full Hp. This policy, of course, did not include PKers, but the many residents of Brooke Hills who stopped by were always grateful.

The building is kept at EHB and is maintained by The Sun Organization to act as a stronghold for all Survivors, yet The Sun Org themselves do not sleep there anymore...

In January 2008 zombie forces from Sanitarium and Lebende Tote, combined together and took a break from their film festival. While no films were screened here the Crabbe Arms was an integral point of refreshment for the shambling masses.


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