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Archived News

News posted on the main page is archived here.

Most recent news goes on top.

July 9th, 2010

  • The Clan in UD is no longer working. The numbers have dropped down to almost zero and those still in the city have gone independent. 3 years this group worked - and the last months weren't pleasant.

--Waak 19:57, 9 July 2010 (BST)

April 5th, '10

  • Yesterday, the leading figures in the Clan were unusually busy, but not with run-of-the-mill chores. Oh no, yesterday our work was posting party invitations all over Havercroft & some of the rest of our domain. Yes, if you've already worked it out, yesterday was the Clan's 3rd birthday. 3 long years, the Clan has been working away in Malton, helping to rid the town of its plague, the zombies. But it's not all work - as mentioned earlier, yesterday we had a grand old party held in Club Wistow, Havercroft, to celebrate the anniversary. Unfortunately, the invitations were sent out rather late, with members of the Clan circulating the area spreading the word, using radios, graffiti & anything else that came to hand, on the very day of the party. Still, noone was too tired to enjoy the celebrations & despite the disappointing turn-out, a good time was had by all. All that can remember it, anyway. And through the chaos & the club atmosphere, a lesson was learnt - always send out your invitations well before time. Next year, we'll remember this & send them out days in advance, but we'd better book a bigger club! --Jsrbrunty 22:51, 5 April 2010 (BST)

January 21st, '10

  • Before anything else we must, belatedly, welcome Cyadora as our UD Commander (Waak has now taken on the role of overall forum leader). She was a popular choice. Foxtrot have recently completed a mission in the great North-East of Malton. It was a good deal of fun & success, as we followed in the MOB's wake, giving the locals handouts of food and shelter. We left the mission, leaving behind us an area of glowing prosperity. Returning to Havercroft, we found a dismal welcome awaiting us - a dozen or so zombies swaying in our Mall. Painstakingly, we gained ground, eventually securing it. Things are hanging in the balance, but what is good and right will emerge victorious. --Jsrbrunty 19:32, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

October 10th, '09

  • Foxtrot are now in the last few days of the afore-mentioned mission, known as Operation Talpidus Ridge, and information is now being released. It was to Molebank and the objectives were to repair & cade as many buildings as possible, leave the RP empty and generally aid the previously struggling locals. The mission has been very successful, with all the aims well within our range. Our new recruits also enjoyed their first official operation and have gained much useful experience in the process.

ErrorMaker still rules the Clan wisely, overcoming the hurdles placed in his path (don't tell him it was us who were trying to trip him up). Only very few days ago, there was an appalling spate of vandalism on the forums, in which an Admin's account was used to delete much of the forum and ban several members. It is not yet clear whether it was the Admin himself or whether someone else got access to his account. The incident is being investigated, however, and we hope to come to a satisfactory conclusion very soon. The forum has been repaired and the unpleasant event even managed to attract us some more publicity, leading to more members joining us - an eventuality I'm sure the said vandal hadn't anticipated! Anyway, it is time to sign off again, and remember please, if you're looking for a home away from home, where all is peaceful, calm and quiet... Don't come to us! Thanks and goodbye. --Jsrbrunty 22:44, 10 October 2009 (BST)

September 19th, '09

  • As Hyena resigns his successful post as commander, ErrorMaker is elected unanimously by the Leadership Team, who, due to the amount of unfinished leadership terms and elections recently, decided to vote only within the Team itself this time so as not to unsettle things again. May his reign be long and triumphant, may he not make any errors, and above all, may his famous harassment from the Typo Devil cease. Ackland Mall's resident groaning devils seem to be sleeping at present (please don't make any loud noises in the area) and the world-renowned shopping centre is safely barricaded and lit up. Foxtrot are currently resting there temporarily before setting out on another dangerous mission into unsettled territory. Information about the upcoming mission is guarded jealously, but sources say that it is likely to be towards one of the now few red suburbs on the map. Good luck to all involved, and please remember to be very quiet on the way out, as we don't want to wake the dead from their current slumber. --Jsrbrunty 22:56, 19 September 2009 (BST)

August 14th, '09

  • So far, Hyena has done a good job as deputy commander, in OJF's prolonged absence. He has just begun a new campaign to promote increased activity on the forum, and is also making several fundamental changes to the forum and the way the Clan works. The changes that affect the UD side of things are as follows:
  • Foxtrot & Novo are being merged. The feeling is that the 2 squads can work much more effectively as 1 unit than separately, and so this is how they will work, in the future. The resulting squad (the 2 former squads merged)'s name has not been decided yet.
  • The squad will need to be active. We've had a rule stating this before now, but now we intend to strictly inforce it.
  • The Militia will be closed to recruitment, and so you must be in the Marines (Foxtrot) or you may not join our group. This is due to a problem we've found, in that new members default to militia membership and because they then have less reason to check the forum regularly, we never hear of them again! We call it the 'black hole effect'.

Anyway, that's more or less it for now. Good luck and happy hunting! --Jsrbrunty 20:00, 14 August 2009 (BST)

August 7th, '09

  • Unfortunately, OJF's term as commander has not gotten off to a good start. Of all the times his internet could have chosen to stop working, it has chosen now. We do not blame OJF for this, and hope he will be back with us very soon, but have been forced to appoint a temporary commander for the duration of his absense. Hyena has been elected by the leadership team to take up the mantle - until OJF's net decides to work on a regular basis. The Clan's squads Foxtrot & Novo have recently been off on a mission called "Operation Colt Trooper", which started in Tollyton and moved on as Tollyton became safe.

July 22nd, '09

  • Due to reasons in his real life, Commander Legend has decided that it is necessary for him to step down from his newly-acquired post. Unfortunately, he feels he can no longer contribute a sufficient amount of time to the Clan to benefit the Clan. OJF has been promoted in his place. --Jsrbrunty 16:19, 22 July 2009 (BST)

July 12th, '09

  • Legend has now appointed a commander for each game (as we have now started playing other games as a group), and Jsrbrunty is now the UD commander. We have decided to let what will happen to Ackland happen for the moment, and we have set off across Malton to look for more action and excitement. Foxtrot and Novo are currently in the process of making a formerly red suburb liveable again, and are not wasting any time! In this type of environment, metagaming and so-called X:00 tactics are particularly important and the Clan has risen to the occasion. Clan numbers currently stand at about 20. --Jsrbrunty 16:26, 12 July 2009 (BST)

June 25th, '09

  • And yet another session of commander elections at the Crimson Clan is over. After a couple of rather unpleasant claims of cheating, Legend812 emerged with the title of clan commander, and has not hesitated since. He has decided to put the spotlight on recruitment, and has already brought many new people to our forums, to visit or to join. Either way, the forum is looking decidedly healthier than it was a week or so back. Keep up the good work, Legend! In other news, Ackland is undergoing bad times as zeds come knocking on the doors. --Jsrbrunty 22:30, 25 June 2009 (BST)

June 13th, '09

  • Clan commander elections are underway again. Nominations time is nearly finished, and voting should be starting soon. Ackland has been under attack, but has borne it all in good grace, with the help of many brave survivors. --Jsrbrunty 16:26, 13 June 2009 (BST)

May 1st, '09

  • Foxtrot LT, Deus257, has recently resigned his post, to be taken by Jsrbrunty. Foxtrot and Novo are currently away from home, and have been helping the DHPD reclaim their homeland in Dunell Hills. The campaign has been a complete success, and we'll soon be moving on. Back home, the Militia report that all is well, and Ackland appears to be secure for the moment. --Jsrbrunty 20:15, 1 May 2009 (BST)

March 17th '09

  • The Clan is now focusing on three MMORPGs - one of them still being Urban Dead. On behalf of UD, The Clan relinquished Boot Camp unit and Commander Waak merged Alpha and Delta units due to low members in both units. The LT of the new unit - called "Foxtrot XIII" (FXIII) - is the former Alpha LT Deus257, as Delta LT Jimbo3 resigned from his position earlier today. Ackland Mall is still holding and the zombie numbers haven't risen but break-ins are still common. --Waak 17:32, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

March 15th, '09

  • The elections have closed and the results are clear - after two years of service in The Crimson Clan Waak is now the Commander of the Clan for the next three months. Situation in Ackland is not getting better as now over 50 zombies are knocking on the doors and asking for brains.--Waak 00:06, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

March 10th, '09

  • Nominations have been collected, and the following people were nominated: Waak, Deus257 and Jimbo3. Unfortunately, Jimbo did not wish to stand in the elections, so it's down to Deus & Waak. The elections are well underway, and Waak appears to have taken a significant lead, but there is time yet for Deus to strike back. Best of luck to both of you! Clannies are currently at home, defending Ackland from a patient group of zombies, who wait (in vain, may I add) for our guard to drop. We hope to bore these rotten-brained personnel to death (or to some other mall elsewhere), and if this tactic fails then we may need to resort to the good old-fashioned shottie. Never been known to fail. --Jsrbrunty 21:59, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

February 27th, '09

  • I (Jsrbrunty) have been commander now for about 2 weeks, and my term is coming to an end (remember, I was only finishing off Father_Alexander's term). On March 1st, election nominations start so if you think X would be a good commander, then don't forget to nominate him/her. At the moment, the Clan is in Ridleybank on a mission to recapture the suburb. We are doing very well, even if I do say so myself! There are few ruined buildings now in the area we're working on (the area around Blackmore), & we have rejoiced recently, as we captured Blackmore itself a couple of days ago and have so far held it. The RRF are, of course, mounting outside, but we hope to keep them outside for some time yet. Ackland is ruined at the moment, after yet another succession of sieges, so this trip to Ridleybank is a welcome break for many of us. Our group numbers are around the mid-30s at the moment. --Jsrbrunty 22:23, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

February 17th, '09

  • Our new forums are here: I am now commander, for the moment anyway, following Father Alexander's resignation. I aim to bring everything back under control & calm everyone down. Our current membership stats are at about 40 members, a high of several months; however Ackland Mall has just fallen again, and we've retreated to a more secure suburb, shortly to go on a li'l break to assist some allies. Good luck, fellow Clannies! --Jsrbrunty 16:01, 17 February 2009 (UTC)

Febuary 14th, '09

  • Following the schism caused by St Aden's attempted coup, the clan is now rebuilding, with membeship higher than it's been for several months. We hope that all the controversy is behind us now, and that we can carry on our pro-survival work. LK Oddjob 20:50, 14 February 2009 (UTC)
  • Why does a forgotten traveller return and find his home destroyed his clan divided and arguing? WHY? --Alex1guy 10:39, 14 Febuary 2009 (UTC)

January 26th, '09

  • The Clan is currently doing a tour of its domain, particularly the outer suburbs which we haven't visited in some time. For instance, Ketchelbank. In other news, nothing much thrilling going on. Ackland is still ruined, but the zeds are gradually going away. Once the tour of our territory has finished, the Clan hopes to retake it with minimum fuss, and hopefully hold it for a while. A few weeks ago, treasured Boot Camp Lieutenant, Jsrbrunty, stood down. The Clan had a day of national mourning. Well, not quite. lol I'm now chilling with Alpha (Home Guard). Clan numbers are presently rather up-and-down, generally between 30 and 40. A steady trickle of recruits are coming in, but not a huge number. Ex-Commander St Aden has also returned to the game, and is serving in Alpha. I'm sure everyone is very glad to see him back. --Jsrbrunty 17:39, 26 January 2009 (UTC)

January 5th, '09

  • Father_Alexander won the elections, and is now seated comfortably in the throne. His leadership so far has been very satisfactory, and Clan numbers are gone up rather than down, and he has come up with several new, interesting ideas. Ackland Mall is currently ruined, as of yesterday, but we hope to retake it in the near future. --Jsrbrunty 21:56, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

December 4th, '08

  • The voting for the next Commander is underway, with 3 very worthy candidates. Nomination time ended on the 31st of last month and voting started early on the 1st of December. If we feel that most people have voted by the 7th, then the vote will close then. If not, it will continue until the 14th, when Oddjob hands over his power to his successor. So far, Father_Alexander is in the lead, but Jimbo3 is rapidly working to close the gap, while Waak is in a very honourable third place. But it is not over yet. Anything could happen yet. Meanwhile, Ackland Mall has been recovered and is now secure in survivor hands. And a slight change has come about in the Clan: the 2 Deltas (Delta 1 and Delta 2) have been merged into one larger squad, christened very originally as Delta. Jimbo3 is LT of this squad, while Waak has taken the formerly vacant post of Intelligence Advisor. While all this could change yet again after the elections, we wish both Jimbo and Waak well in their new posts. --Jsrbrunty 18:52, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

November 27th, '08

  • The Bounty Hunter competition is now over, with Jimbo3 emerging victorious. He has now well earnt the title of "Crimson Assassin". Having returned to Havercroft, we are in the process of securing Ackland Mall but surprisingly, the zombies are not being very supportive. We hope to be safe and cosy in our HQ within days. On another matter, Oddjob's term in leadership is drawing to a close and nominations are currently being recieved for the next Commander. Just message Father_Alexander with your nomination, but hurry up - only 3 days left! The new leader will be handed the reins on December 14th, after a fortnight's voting. Good luck to all the nominees, and may the best man win! --Jsrbrunty 22:53, 27 November 2008 (UTC)

November 15th, '08

  • The Crimson Clan have moved down to Marven Mall, South Blythville, in order to find some more fertile grounds over which to hold our annual Bounty Hunter competition, as our own Mall is currently in zombie hands. We hope to harass the local PKers over the next few weeks, hopefully having fun in the process. LK Oddjob 20:13, 15 November 2008 (UTC)

October 17th, '08

  • Oddjob has now quite settled in as our Commander and is full of new ideas and suggestions for improving the Clan's future. He values us, as Clan members and also takes everyone's opinions into account, providing a well-balanced, fair UD life. Since the last 'News' article, various changes have taken place regarding the Leadership Team. These include W J Higgins standing down from the position of Alpha (Home Guard) Ltn, being replaced by Loco, a fresh-faced leader, keen to cut his teeth. He has been a total success so far, and we wish him much luck in continuing his good work. Ackland Mall has recently been ruined, having been sieged by Feral Undead for approximately a month, and finished off by the visiting RRF. We hope to retake our HQ in the near future. Current Clan numbers show up on the Stats as about 62, up from last month. --Jsrbrunty 22:28, 17 October 2008 (BST)

September 20th, '08

  • Oddjob is now Commander of the Clan, and settling down nicely. He has served in the Clan for over a year and has worked as head of a marine squad for about 8 months. A truly dedicated Clannie. The only sort who could possibly be leader of a large and successful group such as ours. Ackland Mall is currently in survivor control though under a siege of sorts, with approximately 30 zombies standing outside. --Jsrbrunty 22:55, 20 September 2008 (BST)

August 25th, '08

  • As Cyadora prepares to stand down, having served for one golden 3-month term in the hotseat, issues in our home domain begin to look up too, as if in tribute to Cyadora's magical reign. Ackland Mall is in survivor hands once again, and much of the Inner Circle is also looking safer than it has been for a while. The Outer Circle is relatively safe, though the Clan's forces are focusing on locations slightly closer to our headquarters. The nomination period for Clan leader has started, and Commander hopefuls do their level best to make a last-minute impression on the troops. May the best man win! Or woman... --Jsrbrunty 22:57, 25 August 2008 (BST)

July 30th, '08

  • The Clan are currently facing hard times, with an ever-increasing horde (nearly 100 zombies so far) sieging Ackland, and not helped by PKers, Mostly Harmless, targeting us too. However, we are fighting back with a will and are far, far from being defeated! The Mall is still standing strong, with much assistance from AMS and other local groups and individuals. Crimson numbers are still rising gradually, the Stats page telling us we have about 65 active members. Even now, during a siege of our homeland, a steady stream of recruits are attracted our way. Whatever Fate brings our way, we shall fight back, learn and grow the same as ever, always coming out victorious in the end. --Jsrbrunty 20:21, 30 July 2008 (BST)

June 14th 08

  • Today St. Aden stands down as our leader and in his place rises Cyadora. May she lead us well and make this Clan greater than it already is. This is Alex1guy, Crimson News Athens.

May 17th, '08

  • Ackland is safe, along with all of our home territory - it is all either green or yellow. We are gaining recruits steadily so all is well! --Jsrbrunty 20:22, 17 May 2008 (BST)

May 3rd, '08

  • Ackland has fallen yet again, courtesy of The Dead, after a brief spell of relative safety. The Clan are currently touring around our domain and are trying to repair as much of it as possible. Except for the Mall, things are looking up. There have been minor celebrations today, as the survivor percentage is back where it should be: 50 / 50 again, at long last! A big WELL DONE! to all of our diligent Clan-members for all their hard work in helping us to repair and maintain our small corner of Malton, though the fight is not over yet! Not by any means! --Jsrbrunty 20:15, 3 May 2008 (BST)

April 4th, '08

  • Celebrations! Today is the Clan's birthday and we have now been serving the survivor cause for a whole year! A special edition of The Daily Crimson (comic) was issued today, which you can view here (the one titled INTERMETSO: HAPPY CRIMSON YEAR), and also our native 3D artist ErrorMaker, modeled a birthday cake for us all and made a video to show us! Jsrbrunty

March 18th, '08

  • Ackland has fallen once again, just as survivors were beginning to return, this time to The Dead, the biggest group in UD. Clan-members are retreating to Caiger Mall. --Jsrbrunty 13:42, 18 March 2008

March 13th, '08

  • Ackland is now safely (we hope) in survivor hands. All corners are barrciaded to EHB and are powered, and there are about 15 survivors in each corner and rising.--Jsrbrunty 19:55, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

March 11th, '08

  • With only a matter of about 10 zeds in Ackland, action is beginning to retake it. The NE corner is repaired and barricaded and we hope the other corners will soon follow suit. --Jsrbrunty 18:54, 11 March 2008 (UTC)

Feb 29th, '08

  • The Militant Order of Barhah are still attacking, and have at last broken in big time. The NW corner has no cades & 91 zombies inside, along with about 30 survivors, and about 200 more zombies outside. No other corners have any zeds in at all and many more harmans, but there are no generators either. We have held the Mall for a week against ~300 zeds, so we haven't done very badly. More details can be found at the War of the North West Frontier page. All Clan members have been ordered to retreat from Ackland. Jsrbrunty

Feb 22nd, '08

Jan 14th, '08

  • Well, things are looking pretty good in and around the Mall. All zones are quite safe, though some need tags repainting. There are very few zombies around Havercroft but a few more in some of the surrounding area. Jsrbrunty 17:10, 14 Jan 08

Jan 1st, '08

  • Happy new year to everyone! I've just broadcasted the official release of the taccon, and I hope it will help us rebuilding the Clan domain. Much of the area is already back in a good shape, but there's still much work to do.
Kris Eikehaug Talk | The Clan 16:26, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

Dec 30th, '07

  • Most of the RRF are gone from the Clan domain, though there are some still causing a few problems - occasional break-ins in the Mall, and the surrounding areas. Jsrbrunty 15:18, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

Dec 6th, '07

  • The RRF has come full bore into Havercroft now, members from all of their subgroups can be seen throughout the Clan domain. The AMS, The Hard Corps, and the 82nd Airborne Division are all present in the Ackland Mall, and we hope this increase in survivor strength will speed the killing of the RRF. We also hope this boost in support will allow the Clan more time and space to assist local survivors with the rebuilding of the surrounding suburbs. We have a serious player killer problem on our hands and many survivors are disregarding the sacred ground policy - killing any-and-all zombies at the local revive points. We are doing all that we can to warn people NOT to attack non-criminal zombies at RP's, and also trying very hard to get the locals to quit reviving the RRF at the same time. Ultimately, it is the survivors that are loosing this fight for us, by reviving the RRF, they allow them to PK us in our own safe-houses and over-barricade the mall entrances. (St Aden) 07:08, 7 December 2007 (UTC)

Nov 29th, '07

  • New intel suggests that the RRF's Gore Corps are leaving but their Wreckingball Crew are coming to Havercroft to attack a specific few targets, but not the mall. We'll have to see what becomes of this! (St Aden) 14:56, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

Nov 28th, '07

  • I have just heard that RRF are going to be leaving our domain. Apparently our mission was so effective that it bored the RRF into leaving. We are going to call this a victory even though Zone E was devastated. We did not give up and Zone E is almost completely rebuilt already, just hours after their departure. A small group was found hiding out in a warehouse in Zone N, perhaps resting before moving on. They were all zeds and unfortunately won't be resting inside today. We try to keep the zeds on the outside of our Zone buildings. RRF, you were a very challenging fight and we would not miss you if you stayed gone for quite a long time. (St Aden) 18:43, 28 November 2007 (UTC)

Nov 27th, '07

  • We have just learned that we are no-longer facing just the Gore Corps, but possibly the entire RRF has come to the aid of their special strike force. It's good to know that the Clan has garnered so much attention but lengthy battles such as these grow tiresome relatively fast. (St Aden) 22:34, 27 November 2007 (UTC)

Nov 25th, '07

  • Now all four Clan Zones have a Sergeant in-charge. Home Guard members will be sorted into their respective Platoons just as soon as our current mission is complete. (St Aden) 14:16, 25 November 2007 (UTC)
  • We have created a two-group Marine system. One for the internal Clan member's who raise through the ranks, and one for the groups that join the Clan but wish to remain independent from the Clan as-a-whole. These two Marine groups are called M-XW & M-TU. They are both very powerful in their own rights but equally different in their methods. (St Aden) 14:57, 25 November 2007 (UTC)
  • We are battling the RRF's Gore Corps and they are proving to be a fiesty bunch! They get revived quicker than we do, it's truly amazing that survivors are that lazy, that they will not even scan before administering revives and if they do, they don't look at the player's group tag. Maybe they do and they just don't care? The Clan is having a rough week and fighting multiple fronts but we are resilient. With this mission plan, we should prevail. (St Aden) 14:16, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

Nov 21st, '07

  • The RRF's Gore Corps has decided to come to Zone E and make war with the Clan for unknown reasons. We have our theories but none have been confimed. They are PK'ing Clan members when ever they get a chance and we are finding that the local citizens are reviving them at an alarming rate. We have decided to search out these people and warn them, then if that doesn't convince them of their wrong-doing, kill them and add them to our DNR list. Helping PK'ers is like being a PK'er as far as we are concerned. At least doing it in our domain, that is!(St Aden) 21:43, 21 November 2007 (UTC)

Nov 13th, '07

  • The player killer problem that has been apparent the past few weeks has subsided. Waak has been made Acting Sergeant of Zone N and has taken half of the ZE HG with him to get that zone back up to Clan standards. (St Aden) 19:48, 13 November 2007 (UTC)

Oct 28th, '07

  • Due to the influx of spies, the Clan has made a few changes in its recruitment policies. We no-longer allow folks to move directly into either the Home Guard or the Marines. You now have to qualify for these positions. Someone who desires to be in the Marines now has to become an HG member along with a few other requirements before being allowed to apply to the Marines. All new recruits should read our updated information found on the wiki FAQ page. (St Aden) 17:21, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

Oct 25th, '07

  • Zone E is continuously getting hit by a conglomerated mass of zombies that works quite well together but the real threat is the constant targeting that is going on. We are being specifically attacked by zombies and player killers alike. We must remain wary of such attacks and add all the characters on our DNR list to our contacts so we can kill the wolves-in-sheep's-clothing (that PKers are) before they can do us harm. Zombie PKers are less trouble than survivor ones are. (St Aden) 16:27, 25 October 2007 (BST)

Oct 13th, '07

  • The HMDS merged with the Crimson Clan to become Platoon W, headed by their former leader scoutin nigga. We know him as Sgt Blood, or BloodClotT on the forum. Welcome to the Clan you guys! (St Aden) 16:30, 25 October 2007 (BST)

Oct 10th, '07

  • Zone E is once again under Clan control. Many new groups have moved into Barrville to help fight the BB2 horde. Zone S and Havercroft are now the primary target of the BB2 and we believe the mall will be hit in force with in the next few days.

Sept 27th, '07

  • More Ex-AMS members have applied for membership into the Clan! AMS Co-Leader, Nuerotoxic and operative Saria, have been accepted as Clan Militia Members. We welcome you both and hope you find the Clan to be enjoyable to work for!

Sept 26th, '07

  • Word has spread that the HMDS (Havercroft Mobile Defense Squad) may desire a merger with The Crimson Clan! This is excellent news, even being only a rumor at the moment. They have expressed concern over autonomy within the Clan and I am sure Kris will figure something out as he did with the DoL many months ago. Let us hope this union takes place because both groups will benefit greatly by it.
  • Ex-AMS member, Tarumigan Gistarai, has joined the Crimson Clan! He has been welcomed with open arms and we hope that he will enjoy his stay and eventually rise through the ranks and someday take a position as either a Captain or Sergeant in our forces. Welcome to the Clan Taru!

Sept 24th, '07

  • The Crimson Clan has formed a Non-Aggression Pact with the AR/M-BEK members, signed by both Kris of the Crimsons & Richard Leaper, representing AR. The Clan has been taken a neutral stance on the war between Leaper's AR/M-BEK & the AMS (Ackland Mall Security). This war is over the recent unfair treatment of Tarumigan Gistarai within the AMS and ultimate banishment placed upon him by the AMS leadership.

Sept 20th, '07

  • Zone E is safe. The Marines will be moving out soon to assist one of our Allies. The HG will continue to protect Zone E and is also set to make the Eastern side of Barrville safe as well.

Prior to Sept 20th, '07

  • Our Repair & Barricade mission was a fantastic success! We now have Zone E safe and under control. Revives are being handled with speed and help is everywhere. Barrville is enjoyable to live in once again. Great work, Clan!
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