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A Crimson Clan recruit carrying three shotguns, two pistols, four shells, two clips, a flare gun, a fire axe, two knives, a basebal bat, five bottles of beer, a newspaper, three books, two golf clubs, a picture of his mom and dad, a fuel can, three spray cans, binoculars, a portable generator, and his flak jacket.

The Crimson Clan is one of the most powerful groups in Malton, based in and around the suburb of Havercroft in central Malton. The Clan has declared the area surrounding Ackland Mall its domain, and intend to make life difficult for the local zombies and PKers. Due to the varying numbers of prey in central Clan domain, some squads are occasionally seen far into hostile territory.

So why should you consider joining us?

  • Become a part of a great team, with a big goal.
  • If you're new to the game, we'll help you on your way to become a high-level player.
  • If you're already a veteran, you'll get to play Urban Dead in a new way, in cooperation with many other players.
  • Our numbers are constantly rising. Not long ago, we were only a small, non-influental group. Now, the Crimson Clan is one of the most powerful groups Malton.
  • We've made ourself a so-called taccon, a metagaming tool worth checking out.

Interested? Have a look at our wiki pages, or contact us by our forums.

Jsrbrunty 19:15, 22 February 2008 (UTC)

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