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The Crimson Wolves
Abbreviation: TCW
Group Numbers: Unknown ATM
Leadership: Specialist290
Goals: Kill zombies, take and hold buildings, have fun!
Recruitment Policy: See below
Contact: New Malton Colossus forums (check the Ghetto Cow subforum)
Symbol3.png The Crimson Wolves
This page is maintained by The Crimson Wolves, a survivor group dedicated to slaughtering slightly undead people whose only sin is their addiction to devouring other people alive.

The Crimson Wolves just recently abandoned the sinking ship "Ghetto Cow", and is declaring itself a fully fledged group. As our group dictates, we are a band of hardened humans dedicated to the defense of humanity in the chaotic city of Malton.


Wolves are intelligent animals who travel in packs. Whenever a wolf encounters prey that is more than a match for itself, it summons its fellow packmates, who then work together to subdue their quarry. Our goals are to apply this principle to the streets of Malton--to serve as a survivor strike team, dedicated to securing the city one building at a time through preplanned, tightly-coordinated assaults.

Recruitment Policy

As this group is intended as a hard core strike team, membership requirements are a little stricter than for most groups. Prospective members must meet the following requirements ATM (may be changed in the future):

  • The ability to be online on a semi-regular basis at or around 6:00 PM US Eastern (currently 22:00 GMT due to Daylight Savings Time; members will be notified of any time changeovers beforehand)
  • A level of at least 8, including the following skills:
  • All Pistol-related skills (Basic Firearms Training, Pistol Training, Advanced Pistol Training)
  • Free Running
  • Construction
  • 3 additional skills of the player's choice
  • A GMail account, as our strike coordination will utilize its chat features

Once membership has been accepted, all Crimson Wolves must add to their profile something to the effect of wearing a "Crimson Wolves Armband." Examples:

  • a red armband with a picture of a wolf on it
  • a red armband w/ a wolf symbol
  • a red armband w/ a green wolf emblem

The War On Sheep

Bsfa98.JPG War On Sheep
This user or group is sick of survivors acting like lame sheep. Zombies are supposed to be the herd creatures, not the living!

Sheep are dumb, lazy animals that tend to gather together into large herds. They tend to copy one another without much thought--if you line up several sheep and herd them in a particular direction over an obstacle such as a bucket, which is then removed, the sheep at the back of the line will continue to leap over the spot despite the fact that there is no longer an obstacle there. As sheep possess few means of self-defense, they are usually the first to get slaughtered.

This also rather accurately describes a fairly large percentage of Malton's population.

As wolves are the natural enemy of sheep, it is entirely fitting for us to support our parent group's War On Sheep. However, this war is not a war to be fought with guns, but with knowledge. If we are to eradicate sheepiness from the face of Malton, then we must provide them with the basic information necessary to make them productive members of our society. Therefore, in addition to serving as a deadly anti-zombie strike team, we will also fulfill an additional role to spread Information on how to best survive a zombie invasion to survivors everywhere.

In order to properly spread the word, we will use:

  • Spraypainted messages
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Ingame word-of-mouth communication
  • Metagame communication via forums and Wikis

A list of links to useful resources will be placed on this page in the near future... Maybe.


Our group now has its own template that our allies and affiliates can display w/ pride in their Wiki pages:

Symbol3.png The Crimson Wolves
This user or group is affiliated or allied with The Crimson Wolves, a survivor group dedicated to slaughtering slightly undead people whose only sin is their addiction to devouring other people alive.

(Credit goes to Ron Burgundy for making the original template on which this one is based; thanks Ron!)

Ancient History of TCW that no one cares about

The German Mafia Splinter Cell of the Psuedo Irish Republican Army of the Cedar Park Communist Party of NonComformists, or GMSCRIRACPCNC (now known as the Crimson Wolves), was founded on the Gamer's Haven by Private Someone and Bluemofia, and dedicated themselves to the defense of Lukinswood. Since Private Someone was already stocked up on ammunition, he decided to go to Lukinswood to prepare for the defense, while Bluemofia was loading up on ammunition and First Aid Kits, and getting in a bit of last minute training. Unfortunately, Bluemofia was assassinated in his sleep, so Private Someone had to hold off on his own. Then, Lukinswood was overrun by zombies, and their HQ was destroyed.

So, Private Someone did the next logical thing: Defend Caiger Mall from Mall Tour '06.

(Then we got tired of that and went back to Yagoton.)

(And a name change.)

(Among other things.)

And as follows, is the history of the great and wonderful GMSCPIRACPCPNC / Crimson Wolves, as said from the almighty and wise Private Someone:

When the group began, Bluemofia was somewhere in Yagotan, and Private Someone was somewhere near Tapton. I, Private Someone, was cowering in some random bar, hoping to escape the massive zombie horde that had been freakin chasing me since I first joined this game. Bluemofia was releasing his anger in a positive way, by slaughtering people who's only sin is their addiction to devouring other people alive. Then, while talking on the Gamer's Haven, we both realized that we were stuck in a zombie infested city, and decided to team up. Thus, the [Freakishly long acronym that I'm not gonna type] was born. After a while of discussing, we decided to meet in Lukinswood, after we were ready to make the long trek. While Bluemofia continued to slaughter poor, innocent zombies, I decided to take a brisk walk outside, only to find that the suburb I was in was suddenly under attack by a massive zombie horde. Again. So, I ran in random directions for a while, and somehow ended up in Lukinswood. Meanwhile, Bluemofia was being torn limb by limb by a bunch of angry, and slightly undead pedestrians. With Bluemofia dead, and me hiding in a police station that another group was using as a base, we had achieved half of our goal of reaching Lukinswood. This continued for a while, with Bluemofia killing zombies, but this time with his bare hands, and waiting for a revive, and me cowering in a police station. Then, like always, a horde attacked my safehouse. (I don't care if people keep saying that Lukinswood's free of zombies, I saw about a hundred out there, and not a single survivor in site.) So, I once again began my random runningness, and somehow found Caiger Mall. And cause it's the best building nearby to cower in, I decided to make it our HQ. And now that Bluemofia's been revived, and is now also on his way to Caiger, it looks like we might actually start doing something, other than cowering/eating other zombies. But after a while of barricading, Private Someone got bored, and went to Yagoton to regroup with Bluemofia. While defending the suburb, the GMSCPIRACPCPNC gained two new members, Spec290 and ASGs. Our numbers continued to grow, and we started making raids into nearby suburbs. Eventually, we realized that there was an increase in break in's at the Moorhouse Place PD. With a cry of "Not vone step backvards!" we went to save Moorhousegrad. Which we did, because we're awesome like that. During this time we changed our name to the Crimson Wolves. Then, we went back to Caiger just in time to claim some of the glory for defending it. But as we wandered around Caiger, an evil group called BoSs started killing us. So now we at war with dem. And we's gonna win, cause we's always wins. But now there's a truce, so no more fighting. With BoSs no longer killing us, we decided to go and do something about that whole zombie horde that had attacked Bale Mall. While the Mall did fall, the Channel 4 News Team arrived and got a counterattack (Which we were a part of), and then retook the mall. And for a short time, there was peace, happiness, and a lack of smelly cannabalistic people. This happyness continued, until the smelly cannabalistic people, jealous of our happyness, invaded. We beat them, which brought joys to the hearts of children throughout the suburb. With Yagoton secured, we decided to try and find someplace else to oppress the undead. Shearbank looked like a nasty red zit on the map, so we launched a glorious assualt. The only problem with the glorious assualt was that we had seven people versus a coupla hundred zombies. But ignoring that, we attacked anyways, and did some damage. A few buildings were secured, most of us avoided getting eaten, and the larger groups appeared to be making progress. And then the Big Bash came and killed us all. After finally getting revived, we learned that our Sacred Moorhousegrad was under attack. So we grabbed our Mosin Nagants and PPSh's, and with a cry of "For ze Motherland!" went off to fight the fascist zombie invaders.

Then after a while of defending Yagoton, TCW became stagnant due to the sheer repetition. Then Ghetto Cow came along, we assimilated into it, as part of their elite strike team. We have participated in many attacks, including the liberation of Molebank, the defense of Caiger Mall, the duels with the RRF at the battle of Blackmore, and some general suburb defense. In the summer heat associated with Global Warming, combined with the sudden crashing of the forum, TCW faced extinction once again. But things are looking up.

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