The Dadson Building

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The Dadson Building
EHB. Viewed from the outside. Seems quiet.
Mafiamanz (talk) 09:50, 20 April 2020 (UTC)
the Dadson Building

Foulkes Village [7, 81]

Capes Street Club Clement Chalker Park
Wimbridge Crescent the Dadson Building the Fone Arms
a factory the Dwyer Monument a junkyard

Basic Info:

The Dadson Fire - the building was gutted by the fire, but its occupants weren't.

The Dadson Building


A fire-damaged concrete building flanked by trees.

Barricade Policy

Barricades should be maintained at EHB in accordance with the FVBP. However, usually it is at VSB and used as an entry point.


Alfred Dadson Sr and Alfred Dadson Jr spent most of the early twentieth century making their reputations as captains of Foulkes Village's incipient industries.

Alfred Dadson Sr
Alfred Dadson Jr

When the First World War broke out, the Dadson Munitions & Ordnance Building (later known as D-MOB) hired thousands of formerly unemployed Irish machinists, and Dadson pere et fils were renowned for their fair and humane working practices - far ahead of their contemporaries. Workers were allowed at least one ten-minute break per twelve hour shift, during which they were given their choice of either a. 1 cigarette (Player's Rough Shag, untipped, high tar); b. a cup of tea (milk and sugar 2d extra); or c. a kick in the pants.

The Second World War filled both the Dadson Building with workers once more, and the Dadsons' coffers with money; the Dadsons used their capital to plant a landscaped grove of trees around the building, to further enhance the lives of their slum-dwelling workforce.

Alfred Dadson III; his mobile phone was found rammed as far up as his large intestine.

Alfred Dadson III inherited vast wealth from his forebears, but none of their kindness. Abandoning the outmoded heavy industries of the mid-20th century, he stripped out the machines and replaced them with a towering office complex, which was packed with cubicles and used as a call centre. Once again, cheap labour from the poorer estates of the Village was employed, but Dadson cut their perks, increased working hours, and fired anyone who dared arrive a minute late or so much as made a personal call during their shift.

Shortly before the outbreak, the building was engulfed in a fire. The nearest fire stations delayed responding as they bickered over who should put out the fire: the nearest station was Wyke Grove Fire Station in Ruddlebank, but they insisted that as a Foulkes Village fire it was the responsibility of Whittard Road Fire Station. As a result, the building burnt to the ground with no fire engines in attendance. Ironically, the near-total destruction of the Dadson Building created a stunning view across Chalker Park to the Delay Building in Nixbank.

Interestingly, everyone had called sick that morning; the only casualty of the fire was Dadson's huge collection of of motivational posters. A few weeks later, Alfred Dadson III was one of the first known casualties of the zombie apocalypse: mobbed by ex-call centre zombies while trying to leave Malton in his 7-series BMW, running over his former workers as he went, his death was mourned by no-one.

Current Status

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