The Dafforn Building

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The Dafforn Building
This building is barricaded with zero zombies outside.
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the Dafforn Building

Roftwood [62, 57]

the Sage Building Mayo Row Police Department wasteland
Dunlap Way the Dafforn Building Gillman Lane
Templeton Boulevard Oatley Drive Lynham Bank

Basic Info:

The Dafforn Building


The large building has seen many of fires over its life. The walls of the many floors blackened and the whole place reeks of death and ancient flames. Behind the building some young trees have been planted and there are four graves, three of which graves have the name and age but the fourth stands away from the rest bearing no detail to who if anybody lies beneath it. All the graves have a single flower next to, that appear to never die.


The Dafforn Building got it's name, meaning scarred, due to the heavy amount of fires that it has witnessed over the years the first of which happening before the building was fully constructed. The building were the offices of a Scandinavian cable designing and manufacturer SnabDator that went bankrupt within the last three months before the Apocalypse. Many employees complained about the burning like smell but little did they know that it was a warning, as when anyone noticed the ghostly scent there would be ,a week later, a mysterious fire where the death count ranged from 10 and 50 people.

During the first days of the Apocalypse a survivor group took refuge here and like those that had entered the building before they too scented death around them but much much more strongly. After one and a half weeks the zombies attacked during the 10th night, lucky for (some) of the survivors the fire protected them and allowed them to escape down the building's strong infrastructure. Some of the survivors of that night remember seeing a face made of flames and the sounds of a woman's horrific wails. The fire was swift that night and was the last to ever break out inside the building. The group now known as the Dafforn night survivors (DNS) can be seen placing flowers on the 14th of February every year. They and others have wrote books about their experiences with the building that about the dark atmosphere and human-like mumbling in the dark; some claim in these records to have seen a woman's ghost pacing the floors, some recon that she is a demon or a fire elemental whilst others think that she was a which that was burnt at the steak on the ground where the building now stands. The few of the books on this building can be read at the Quartly Library in Roftwood.

Barricade Policy

Please keep EHB at all times

Controlling Faction(s)

Roftwood Coordination Center and its affiliates.