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This article has been written by--Normal PhobicC 11:52, 31 December 2007 (UTC)

The Second Big Bash vs Fort Creedy

Before we look at the current situation, we must first look back

Silent Night Slaughter

On Christmas Eve 2007, at 19:45:30 (Malton time), a cripling attack by the PKA and Red Rum hit Fort Creedy, leaving 124 dead. The fort soon recovered.

The Bash Starts

December 30

At 17:11, 30 December 2007, the Big Bash publicly announced that they would be rolling into Pitneybank to take on Fort Creedy, home of the well known Creedy Defense Force. I was not there to witness the first day, however, I arrived on the 31st.

December 31

My initial impression of the fort of was how it was like a coffin. The only entry point, the Gatehouse, was Extremly Heavily Barricaded. Inside, there was an incredible ammount of survivors. During the brief time I was there (A couple of hours, I had only just arrived), there had been one break in, and all the zombies were put down swiftly. Soldiers stood watch outside the the armoury, the infermary, and more or less everywhere. I hadn't found any fellow journalists, but I had requested 'back-up' so to speak. By 14:23:16 (Malton), a hoard of 125 zombies had amassed outside the gatehouse. Warning messeges were played over the loud speaker system, gruff sergeants yelled at their squads, and I was standing there in the middle of it as the sky grew steadily darker. The gatehouse had it's barricades torn down, and there was chaos. Will I be alive to update this tomorrow? We shall see... We shall see... 12 zombies in the fort. A retreat was ordered by Wilard. The doors where sealed shut within the hour, leaving the unit I was with locked outside. The number of zombies increased every 5 minutes.

January 1

At about 02:47, a massive hoard of zombies crashed through the gates, flooding the inside of the fort. People were killed before my eyes in the dozens before I was swiftly torn apart. I rose up 2 hours later and staggered out of the screaming wreck that is Fort creedy. A kind gentleman revived me as I staggered up to him and gestured to myself. At 20:12, the fort was alive with battle, zombie numbers at around 286. The surivor population was unknown, however, estimastes suggest 170. An Amature snap-shot by an unknown photographer summed up the emotion there

January 2

At 02:18, the armory, vehicle depot, and gatehouse were ruined. The doors to the infirmary were open for the maruading zombies. It was a grim sight as the final 20 survivors were given long slow painfull deaths.

The fort had fallen. But who expected otherwise?