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Breaking News

The Black Christmas Siege

This aritcal has been written by --Normal PhobicC 19:50, 23 December 2007 (UTC)

"... Havercroft is still active, over four hundred on the streets ... a horde of well over two hundred outside Ackland Mall ... a few buildings with lights on ... most of the buildings are ruined ... Ackland Mall is being held ." - External Military report, 19:37, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

The Seige

On December 10th, 2007, a large number of zombies flocked to the Havercroft, maybe during a bout of high zombie spirits to the fall of Caiger (To which I was a victim of). Many restless survivors had been waiting in Ackland for a while, eagerly awaiting another siege, as many survivors do now-a-days. On the days leading up to the 15th, people were adament in their stand that they could repell the incoming zombie hoard with ease. However, on the 15th, several survivors realised that most of their most important resource buildings were being taken by the ever growing mob of zombies. However, the spirit of the mall was still strong, and the radio was crammed full of rallying messeges of hope, and confidence.

December 17

Multiple break-ins occured. One incredibly serious one, with over 20 zombies inside, and later, a few minor chinks in the armour. The mall was not lost yet, however, as the survivors repelled ever growing mass of zombies. Some may say that the mall was lost right then, with the hoard's numbers at 1:3 of the survivors, but it is not so.

December 18

December 18th, 2007. This is when the fight was lost. The zombies had waited all night, and with their all their collective AP, they tore down the barricades, brandishing bananas and yelling various nouns in conjuction with "Gang-bang". The fight lasted all day and well into the night. The day, and the Mall, was lost. Zombies stood shoulder to shoulder, groaning, moaning, and making general sounds.

The famous five final surivors (Four have been identified: DoomGuy91, Leah McGroyne, Kale Black and Thumbs McSweeney) are rumoured to have been stirred into combat by a motivating speech by their leader ( "Fight on, Brothers!"). They were shortly eaten, and their entrails passed around.

The Aftermath

December 19

The revive points are backed up to hell. Many travel to other suburbs in the hopes of getting a revive rather than face the >400 zombies at either of the two Cemeteries or Leigh Way. Many zombies took advantage of this, and

December 21

The Mall is still ruined, and all resource buildings have fallen victim to the zombie hoard. An outbreak of inter-suburb aid has been offered to a fallen Havercroft, with such groups as the West Grayside Watch, and the Greatcoat Detective Agency offering to help the crippled husk of a suburb.

December 25

A few people, including me, have flocked to the ruins of Ackland mall to help them rebuild. I sat there watching them go about their work, the occasonal visitor walking through the mall. No generators on at all. Highlight photograph. I only helped bring the barricades up, leaving the rest of it to everyone else.

December 26

More people are coming in, and the barricades on all sides are amazingly strong. Generators have been set up in all corners, and the injured are getting treatment. Most of the suburb is ruined, and not many people are happy with the failure of the siege defenders. Highlight Photograph

December 27

The mall looked good, with many people watching the barricades, and people started to talk to each other. No Trenchcoaters had shown up yet, and things were peacefull. Breaks ins occured every 12 hours. Highlight Photograph

December 28

The mall is still strong, and this journalist is packing up his tripods ands lenses. I asked why people decided to come back to Ackland before the trenchoaters. Aznmonkeyass99 responded "i[sic] decided to co eback[sic] to ackland for the free cookies and donkey cream". Highlight Photograph.

Personal Thoughts

This reporter, as well as many others, believe that this whole crisis could have been averted had the survivors stopped spamming the Ackland radio channel (27.50 MHz) with pointless victory spam and actually worked together to reclaim not only the necrotech buildings, but also the hospitals and police departments. Atleast then the entire suburb wouldn't have fallen.

Now, I have decided to leave the suburb, and have made a journy to Club Cummings for the sake of the BBC. Await my next artical patiently.

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