The Damned

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The Damned
The Damned.JPG
Abbreviation: TD
Group Numbers: A few, but growing
Leadership: The Caz
Goals: See Wiki page
Recruitment Policy: Join forum or visit [14,98], both Zeds and survivors welcome.
Contact: Visit the forum
Or talk to The Caz on Windows Live Messenger -


We are a group of players who are dedicated to redeveloping Malton, one suburb at a time, by restoring buildings to occupational use, placing/repairing/refueling generators, repairing/building barricades, healing survivors, reviving zombies, and generally making Malton a better place for all.

What We Believe In

We believe that:

Malton must become a zombie-free city once more
Anyone who takes part in, or encourages the activities of killing of innocent survivors should not be allowed in Malton - these people are known as PKers to us.
Both people and zombies can work together to make Malton a better place. Zombies are people too! The Damned try to get people and zombies to help each other rather than kill each other. Our zombies don't kill survivors, and our survivors don't kill zombies. The only exception to this is PKers, or when other peoples lives are in danger. Killing will always be a last resort.
No one should have to sleep on the streets, prone to attack by zombies or PKers.
Only those zombies found hindering our efforts through destruction and murder should be killed. Loiterers should be revived, and have no qualms about it. IT IS BETTER TO REVIVE THAN KILL.
Certain people should die, and they are listed here

Members and Recruitment

The Caz
sketch of the dead
Super Trout
Mech Twitch

Recruitment is ongoing with our group, so if you wanna join us, just get yourself on the forum and put "The Damned" in your group box on your profile! If you want to join, but don't like using forums, that's fine. You don't have to sign up to the forum if you don't want. Visit our recruitment center in Old Arkham, The Edbrook Building, [14, 98]. There will be someone there you can talk to about joining. ((RECRUITMENT CENTER DOWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE))
We also have a zombie squad, with it's own separate HQ!. Like before, sign up to the forum, and add "The Damned" to your profile, and we'll tell you where your safehouse is!
If you do choose to sign up to our forum, when you first visit the page, you will not be able to see the forum. Guests must log in before having access to the board, for security reasons. Also, when you first sign up, you will see that there will only be one section, the newbie section. All you have to do is post an introduction thread, which includes your UD details, and a moderator will gladly activate your account, giving you access to the rest of the forum. It's all explained fully on the forum.

EOE.jpg Equal Opportunity Supporter
Come as you are.

The Damned on The Internet

Our group has its own forum - aren't we amazing?
You can also chat to our leader, The Caz, online by adding her on Messenger (Windows Live and Yahoo! only)


Naming the group goes to sketch of the dead
Creation of this Wiki page goes to Taraken
Creation of the forum goes to The Caz
Occupation of our first HQ (Brancker Bank, Miltown) goes to The Caz
Occupation of our second HQ goes to The Caz
Creation of our Zombie Squad HQ goes to The Caz